New: Newsvine restores whittiergate - Adam Steinbaugh/John Lewis comments on Kyle Baxter's Quaker Campus page (See Adam Steinbaugh page on this site for Kyle's Newsvine Q C page address).

"...Newsvine has deemed the...comment[s] to be appropriate and within the guidelines of our policies." "This...is...resolved and is no longer open for discussion." There follows a warning that repetitively deleting comments will result in action taken against the offending weasel.

The comments that were deleted expose Adam Steinbaugh stalking and lying about whittiergate and other entities and events online, and Steinbaugh's and Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis' involvement with criminal hazing by the Sachsen Society and conflict of interest issues embodied by John Lewis, and we believe his misconduct and crimes. So, Adam, we wonder which lickspittle little weasel knowingly wrongly deleted those incriminating comments...

To whittiergate:

"did adam (steinbaugh) get your friends on myspace deleted?"

- whittiergate.com is informed that a former employee of MySpace, who is also at Whittier College and a member of the Sachsen Society, and a friend of older individuals of concern in Whittier College societies and other activities, may have influenced that company to wrongly delete a Friends of Whittiergate.com profile / account. whittiergate.com's investigating this report.

Update: Adam Steinbaugh has admitted that he made the complaint against the MySpace Friends of Whittiergate, and further that he alleged in his complaint a "mass mailing" violation by the Friends. Only messages to individuals with an obvious interest in this site were sent by the Friends. To see Steinbaugh's admissions and whittiergate's response... CLICK HERE

It has been confirmed that Whittier College Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis has been a Sachsen Society member since before the Society was disbanded by the College, where it continued to operate despite being disbanded - until recognition of a new Society, the Sachsens, for whom John Lewis acts as Advisor, was engineered about the time Sharon Herzberger became president of Whittier College.

This site is not singling out the Sachsens. The Sachsens rather have singled themselves out, but, as this site has pointed out previously, Whittier College Societies are all interrelated, that's the secret lineage, new family brainwashing that's supposed to turn pledges into Whittier College zombies unable to resist being complicit in all manner of wrongdoing and fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. This website has a higher opinion of those who earnestly want or will want to feel their collegiate experience was special, who don't want those who would spoil that experience to be enabled to continue doing so. Shooting the messenger really doesn't solve the problem, but really does make the problem more formidable.

See the hilariously misleading email sent out from John Lewis' Whittier College Campus Safety office below... The only language John Lewis seems to understand is instilling fear. Most reasonable finders of fact would conclude that it is John Lewis, not whittiergate.com, the man with the gun and the conflicts of interest, with things to hide exposed on this site, not those with a keyboard, who indeed poses a threat. What is it that needs to be hidden from us that could ever justify these unethical and criminal acts, under enhancing color of authority, to censor reality, to chill free speech and petition rights, without which we have merely privileges - which can be revoked by anyone who can make us fearful. Are you fearful of this website? Or are you fearful of Whittier College? Or of John Lewis and Campus Safety? Or of the campus bullies who enjoy the College's protection?

Notice: Those who sent messages to Friends of Whittiergate.com on MySpace will have to resend those messages to webmaster@whittiergate.com to enable a response to you. The Friends can't reply to you or forward anything to this site to answer from MySpace.

Do not use a whittier.edu email address when emailing us. Those who've emailed us using a whittier.edu address must resend your emails using an address outside the Whittier College server net to enable us to respond.

- Whittier College has put a block on all email from whittiergate.com to the Whittier College server, blocking this site from all Whittier College staff, faculty and student computers using the College server.

- Whittier College has disabled its alumni locator feature on its official website.

- The proper whittiergate.com entry on the public wikipedia Whittier College page has been wrongly removed.

- There have been multiple complaints made against whittiergate.com from Adam Steinbaugh, Whittier College, seeking to shutdown whittiergate.com. Steinbaugh and Whittier College have now been identified and all communications from same seeking to shutdown whittiergate.com have been and will continue to be flagged and logged.

- (Adam Steinbaugh's) Poet Revolution Party Facebook page discussion of whittiergate.com has been deleted

President Herzberger cannot be uninformed of statements made and actions undertaken by those under her, such as John Lewis. This situation is Sharon D. Herzberger's test as a leader of this or any college: either President Herzberger stands up for what's obviously right, finds the chilling of free speech and petition rights, not to mention unethical and criminal acts, at a college just plain unacceptable, and decisively rights the wrongs done in Whittier College's name, or she's overwhelmed by the dirty tricks old guard and signals the continuation of dirty tricks, of a mentality that's as criminal as it is unethical, reduces herself to nothing more than a hypocritical facade for business by dirty tricks as usual at Whittier College.

Sharon Herzberger is invited to make herself the most impressive president in Whittier College's history by realizing whittiergate.com offers her just that opportunity to make that of herself to the College's great benefit. The alternative would appear to be presiding over an opening up process that turns into an unraveling process - all because the College's administration couldn't even discern its own long-term best interests, let alone everyone's.

"Early this morning several members of the College Community began receiving emails from an outside source directing them to go to a website. Once at the site, the visitor sees a number of articles posted about the College, references to articles allegedly "submitted" to the site's webmaster, and photographs copied from students' MySpace pages. The site is neither authorized nor controlled by the College.

"Campus Safety and members of the administration are considering appropriate recourse and are in communication with the Whittier Police Department. If you receive any threatening communications from this source, please advise Campus Safety immediately..."

Recourse against proper free speech? And be sure to advise Campus Safety if you see threatening extraterrestrials outside your classrooms. The pen isn't mightier than the sword because it's a better weapon, but because it's, while evidently beyond Campus Safety's, or a guard dog's, understanding, a better way of resolving issues than, say, macing the innocent while the suspect gets away, or calling an author of a "threat" to report facilities workers allegedly using false social security and green cards to the authorities for investigation the "suspect", or pulling a student over for erratic driving, smelling burnt marijuana, and then confiscating the illegal substance and...that's it, the student's referred to Student Conduct, now that'll straighten the student out and protect us (when even Paris Hilton may figure this out before Campus Safety and Whittier College do, well, that's a sad commentary), or shielding older Society members from scrutiny, about a couple of whom one source, whom we happen to know wants to continue to believe Whittier College is or at least wants to be what it claims for itself, asks rhetorically, "...how anyone could find Eric _____ or Rickey ________ anything but creepy is beyond me." Well, it's evidently beyond a number of those mentioned hereinabove. It's common sense, it doesn't require a college education, to know that the good guys favor reasonably articulated exposure, and that the bad guys want to keep you from knowing what's really going on.

Free Speech and Petition Rights are Protected Rights because without them we have no recourse, and when the situation is that those who are supposed to be protecting us try to scare us away from accessing information about our situation, try to stop us from enabling ourselves to make the best decisions for ourselves, when the censor reigns, when our free speech and petition rights and so all our rights are stripped from us, then don't let it slide - because each day you let it slide, the more difficult it becomes to regain your rights. If you allow yourself to be stripped of your rights, then before you know it, you'll have been down so long it'll look like up to you.

Keep up on the Dirty Tricks from Whittier College against www.whittiergate.com and everyone else on this page...or Whittier College's Great Awakening. At Whittier College, hope springs, well, so far, just so long as you remember to keep your guard up.

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