Whittier College Crime Statistics Shock !

Whittier College crime statistics, suspect due to their being self-reported by a Campus Safety office experiencing a crisis of confidence in its candidness as well as performance, are not only shockingly high in comparison with other colleges and universities, but in their presentation reveal more of the actual extent of crime on campus.

What’s happening on the Whittier College campus is that students are committing crimes and they’re being shielded from arrest for those crimes by two means: 1) crimes are simply ignored as such or offenders can’t be located, even if they’re known; and 2) law breakers are channeled to a so-called student discipline process instead of being arrested. Off campus, the Whittier P. D. is known to detain, rather than arrest, students committing crimes, turning them over to Campus Safety, sometimes for referral to student discipline.

This website has read and been told stories about RA’s being manipulated, having a knife held to throat by a student, of rapists being allowed back on campus, of mentally unstable students, of professors and a child being threatened and attacked on campus, of shots being fired, on and on, and knows the Whittier College dorms to be awash in underage alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, sex and sexual assault, and communicable diseases, and that society and athletic house parties pose special dangers, especially to younger students.

Many Whittier College dorm rooms are just what they look like: bars and hookah bars. Quaker Campus headlines tell some of the story: ‘Weekend brings fights, ambulances’, ‘Student allegedly assaults two students with flamethrower’, ‘Fire in Ball, unknown defecator’, ‘Shots allegedly fired at a Johnson House window’, on and on. The campus crime log published in the student paper provides a running insight into what actually happens to students engaged in or having been victimized by crime on campus: females passed out, day and night, on campus, are simply taken back to their dorms, and the same thing happens to those Campus Safety finds guilty of DUI, for example, excepting in cases where students are taken to hospital because of evident alcohol poisoning or injury.

A female reporting what appeared to be a case of drugging and sexual assault was dismissed by Campus Safety officers citing the haziness of the possible victim’s report. At least the reporting coed was taken to hospital. The crime reported by Campus Safety and the numbers to be gleaned from crime logs and protracted observation just don’t add up. Crime at Whittier College is dangerously underreported.

Even the student newspaper tends to pooh pooh crimes committed on campus. Letters are received from students complaining about the alcohol and drug abuse and pursuant violence and chaos in the dorms, from the small number of students who are focused on their education. Quaker Campus prints some of those letters, and then letters from students who defend misconduct and crimes, and the creation of an environment making study impossible. This isn’t objective journalism, presenting both sides. There aren’t two legitimate sides to misconduct or crime. There are perpetrators and victims.

The student paper is also in denial. For example: how does one get from seeing two holes in a professor’s 10 year old child’s on campus bedroom window, after the child’s parent, an assistant professor, has been threatened and subjected to previous attacks on a car and the same residence, and two projectiles being found lodged in the child’s bedroom wall, and headline the resulting article ‘Shots allegedly fired at a Johnson House window…”? Tolerance for misconduct and crime, serious misconduct and crime, not pranks, not anything but misconduct and crime, has for far too long time been woven into the fabric of Whittier College life.

From the Whittier College 'Crime Log', Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 12:37 a.m.: "A student was allegedly found in possession of marijuana, ecstasy, amphetamines, alcohol and a pellet gun in Harris Hall." We are not going to find any arrest record related to this bust, just like all the other such incidents on campus. Do any parents want their child, or does any even reasonably serious student want to be, around this so-called student, this armed pharmacist, who had to have been drawing so much attention to himself that Campus Safety couldn't ignore the situation, in the dorm, as it usually does? At Whittier College, you're kept in the dark about who anyone really is, and so you've no choice. As for mandated crime statistics compiled by Campus Safety? Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Whittier College, with its network of staff, video and audio surveillance, and Safety office, knows what’s going on on campus. Everyone on a campus with an enrollment of around 1,200 knows everything. And this is where Whittier College’s policy of harboring and shielding criminals becomes virulent: everyone at Whittier College learns that at Whittier College you can do the crime without doing the time. And when this knowledge is acted on by students and they commit unethical and criminal acts and the College aids and abets them in getting away with that misconduct or crime, then there are victims, including the perpetrators themselves.

Like a corrupt southern town, Whittier College and its sphere of influence begin to find closet space problems with so many skeletons to hide and so many more being produced by a system that can’t admit anything wrong has happened, which is the very first thing Whittier College needs to do to stop producing and trying to hide misconduct and crime. And, since hiding misconduct and crime often involves further misconduct and crimes, the Safety office, and to the extent that the Whittier P. D. corruptly interacts with Campus Safety, law enforcement at Whittier College and in its sphere of influence becomes hopelessly compromised, and the end result is that no one is safe in that place anymore. Recent allegations of assault by Whittier College Safety personnel and the Whittier P. D.’s disinterest in investigating a formal complaint made against Campus Safety officers strongly underscore this conclusion.


It seems clear that Whittier College "underreports and misreports campus crime seeking to protect the College's image." This is why the Eastern Michigan University President was fired, V-P and Safety Director resignations were accepted, and legal Counsel was sanctioned, and more heads are expected to roll; this is what happens when a school violates the Clery Act:

' EMU Cover-Up Broke The Law ', June 9, 2007, article ID: dfp0000439778, Detroit Free Press:
"An independent investigation found that several Eastern Michigan University officials deceived the public, withheld information and violated federal law to cover up the on-campus killing of a student. A report released Friday from Detroit law firm Butzel Long P. C., which conducted the investigation, said University officials quickly learned foul play was a possibility in the death of Laura Dickinson. Despite that information, the University issued a statement that..." The facts are that Laura Dickinson was found dead on her back on her dorm room floor, a pillow over her face, naked from the waist down, with sperm on her lower body. Yeah, it would seem "foul play was a possibility."

(The Detroit Free Press has also run a number of other articles about the death of Laura Dickinson, including details of her last day of life. Dickinson's parents run a coffee house in Hastings, Michigan, and Laura was evidently a good student, an athlete, and enjoyed the company of friends and a boyfriend, enjoyed a full life with a bright future, until all that was cut short by a horrible crime. Laura Dickinson, RIP.)

U. S. blasts school cover-ups of crime:
http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070704/NEWS06/707040327/0/NEWS04 Temporarily Unavailable

Search "Dickinson EMU" at: www.freep.com for current and archived Detroit Free Press articles covering various aspects of the Laura Dickinson murder at EMU and its fallout, including EMU firings and new hires, the fining and withholding of funding from EMU, EMU's changes to properly and fully report campus and adjacent community crime as required by the Clery Act, the EMU settlement with the Dickinson family, and the murder conviction of EMU student OrangeTaylor III.

Full Department of Education report:

President Sharon D. Herzberger, Trustee and Attorney Ernie Z. Park, Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis, all those involved in cover ups, and most of all the Whittier College Trustees, should take the Department of Education action against EMU as a shot over the even more dangerously out of line Whittier College bow...

See ' Whittier College Awash in Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Assault and Sexual Assault, and Communicable Diseases' on this site for more links to campus crime cover ups...

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