Whittier College Awash in Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Assault and Sexual Assault, and Communicable Diseases


Alcohol, Drugs, Sex

Whittier College requires students to live in the dorms for at least their first few years at the school. Student life on campus looks ideal as presented by the College, but that false picture could not be further from the truth. This website previously published photos of the reality of residential life at Whittier College, so that you could see for yourselves what really goes on here.

Those photos showed students engaging in not only underage drinking, but glorification of binge-drinking on the way to alcoholism, drug use so open it's in reality advocacy for illegal drug use, and scantily-clad and less, compromising, shots, in the dorms, in rooms resembling bars and hookah bars more than student rooms, non-consensual disrobing of a student by a group of students, etc, etc., posted by the students themselves for public viewing on social networking websites. Those students and this website had complete confidence that their misconduct and crimes would not only be tolerated, but would be, more, protected by Whittier College, and we were right. (See 'Whittiergate Comments on Dean Ortiz Email to Students' on this site)

To whittiergate:

"...there was way too much drug use and binge drinking in [the dorm]......I decided to leave [Whittier College] ...when I saw a guy snort ecstasy off my roommate's chest, that just did it for me, I was through."

MySpace comments:

"a foo they got a pic of u blowin a blunt on whittiergate.com"

Female Whittier College student to Male Whittier College student: "...Katie and I kicked yer ass at Beer Pong..."

Same Male Whittier student to Male friend: "dude we need to play some pong...so i can get some more bitches."

From studentsreview.com:

At Whittier College, "Smelling marijuana on a daily basis is the norm."

To whittiergate:

"(Campus Safety officer) 'Mama Reese' went in (to a dorm room in which marijuana was being smoked), no one knows what she told them, but clearly nothing happened, and their bong didn't miss any attention the next day"

One Whittier College student's circle of classmates included "stoners...and one heroin addict."

"...just want to make sure it's understood that it's not only alcohol and marijuana on (the Whittier College) campus. There's also cocaine, amphetamines and even meth, (psilocybin) mushrooms, an array of prescription drugs, many different drugs. Alcohol and marijuana get the most notice - because alcohol's an emotional stimulant and causes motor impairment, and students throw up, and marijuana stinks the place up - but students can find whatever they want in the way of illegal and prescription drugs on campus, not only alcohol and marijuana."

A Whittier classmate "who lived down the hall...confessed to everyone her ...cocaine habit..."

"...some...kids...educated me on snorting stuff like Aderall."

"I hated...the...miserable faces my friends would have when they didn't have any drugs left."

Whittier College Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz has admitted students in the dorms have been violating Whittier College policies and both state and federal laws, confirming what everyone in the Whittier College community, including the Whittier College administration, Campus Safety, Et Al, as well as students and many others, know. The photos published on this website showing what really goes on in Whittier College dorms and on campus shocked no one but those unfamiliar with the reality behind the knowingly, purposefully, false portrayal of residential life at Whittier College by its PR hacks and recruiters.

The few open letters Quaker Campus has printed from students complaining that the dorms are completely out of control, too often making studying or sleep impossible, and presenting dangers for students uninvolved as well as involved in misconduct and crimes, are simply ignored, as were the fairly desperate authors' earlier complaints to powerless residence hall staffers and just plain dishonest administrators. Quaker Campus has even printed rebuttals to letters from serious students, as though there are two sides to this 'issue'. From Whittier College professors one learns that only a few of their students in each class demonstrate a keen interest in the subject, and this fact is reflected in the dorm residents' priorities.

MySpace comment:

Female Whittier College student to Male Whittier Student:
"hey hey
"party in your (dorm) room? drinking heavily? good music and a good time?
"when next?!"

To whittiergate:

"...it was a big culture shock for me to even see kids my own age smoking cigarettes. And when I expressed my disapproval of the party atmosphere I had to deal with a lot of shit from stupid people."

"Most parties...had 'wear the least clothing' themes."

"One [male Whittier student] had a (video) recording on his phone that I saw of a classmate getting her orifice stretched out by an athlete while other players watched in the same (dorm) room."

Another Whittier College dorm gangbang "occasion starred a different freshman girl, but with sophomore athletes, who were more than eager to boast about the event to us in the lounge right after she left."

"Even though the hallways would wreak (of marijuana), we only got caught once, there was a shitload of people in our room, but nothing happened. No write ups, nothing.

"It became obsessive, and everyone wanted to get high or drunk every damn day, and it was fun the first few months doing it nonstop but damn, there's much more to me and my life than that."

From studentsreview.com:

"[Whittier College] has been a complete waste of...time and money... All that I have encountered here... immature kids who are here because they could not get in anywhere (else) who are basically paying for grades, kids who don't know how to act once they escaped the control of their parents, and endless parties...save yourself and DO NOT attend [Whittier College]."

"Without alcohol and (controlled) substances, what the hell are we supposed to do?"

This website is readying a new dorm reality photo gallery, which is shaping up even worse than the first gallery presented. Whether or not the new gallery is published depends upon Whittier College's actions or continued studied inaction from this point in time. What is Whittier College doing about the condition of and conditions in its dorms, where students are required to reside? Stay tuned...

To whittiergate:

"...we would smoke out in alleys in Uptown...behind the Music building...on the steps in the middle of campus in front of Wardman Hall...by the fountain in front of the Library next to Nixon's memorial...in the Broadoaks preschool...in our rooms."

"We went to a house party, (and) saw guys dunk a girl in a keg..."

MySpace comment:

"Hey John, when are you gonna take another (Whittier College) cart? ;-) It was hilarious when we were at Campus Safety how seriously they were taking the "offense" "

To whittiergate:

"...guys...would light fireworks all the time, especially in the middle of the day in [dorm] hallways. Some would even light [the rockets] from (Whittier College) dorm windows and aim them on passing cars on the street."

"...Whittier [classmates] and I went to the beach and got drunk, and none of us were sober enough to drive back, but somehow we made it..."

"We'd often drive drunk. We loved to speed up this hill on Hadley (St.) and feel the car fly [through] the air. And we'd run red lights on Philadelphia (St.) to catch this dip in the road. So dangerous..."

"...weapons in the (Whittier College) dorms is pretty disturbing. I know of air guns, bb guns, knives, and I've heard about tasers and even handguns. ...there's lots of pepper spray. Some students improvise flamethrowers. These armed students, of course, are usually drunk and/or high on drugs... Campus Safety's pretty ineffective doing anything about this, or anything else..."

"We bought airsoft guns and then it got pretty scary when everyone else on the floor had them. We had paintball guns, too, and we hit up walls and crap on campus..."

"...when [Campus Safety officers] were inside (the dorm), some [students] fucked their car up."

Just as self-destructive behaviors spill out of the dorms onto campus, so they spill out into the surrounding community. Coeds pass out dead drunk wherever they happen to be at that moment. Campus Safety 'escorts' such students back to their dorms, when they should perhaps stop by the campus counseling center on the way back to where such students began drinking in the first place. DUI incidents, involving drugs as well as alcohol, likewise result in nothing of consequence for offenders, no matter they've endangered others as well as themselves, as long as they're Whittier College students in Whittier.

These same self-destructive behaviors, tolerated and even protected, and so encouraged and further encouraged, would result in arrests if the offenders were not Whittier College students in the school's sphere of influence. Drug paraphernalia is simply confiscated from dorm rooms, cars, wherever it's found. Some education, some preparation for reality. If a townie were caught with drug paraphernalia, dope, evidence, would be found - by scraping that paraphernalia if necessary - a charge would be laid. In this way, Whittier College sets its students up for later very serious falls, promotes inequality and resentment in the community, and reveals itself as the morally bankrupt, unethical business it is behind its calculatedly dishonest oh so wonderful small private liberal arts college facade. (See 'The InFamous and Otherwise Unlucky of Whittier College' on this site.)

"Assistant Chief John Lewis on drugs: "Students don't bother to hide drugs. They make it easy on us." Why bother when nothing of consequence is going to happen for not bothering, and a nickel sacrificed saves the rest of the ounce or pound or whatever? Campus Safety marijuana confiscation actions are reported to have increased 100% under Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz, but still no one's arrested as a rule. In fact, drug-related arrests declined by 50%, from 2 (single incident) to 1, during this reefer grabbing campaign. Those extremely rare arrests are usually not of students, but of outside drug dealers who are confident they can conduct business in the dorms and society houses without concern, which is almost always true. Campus Safety reports these confiscations to Dean Ortiz, who may then refer the incident to a student conduct committee, who'll do nothing much about it. What does Campus Safety do with all the marijuana, and other drugs and alcohol and weapons, and who knows what else it confiscates? Don't you wonder, too?" - from Societies Endanger Students page on this site.

One of Quaker Campus' first articles on its new College Publishers online home, 'Campus Safety tackles possession of marijuana' by Neil Bernhardt, shows the Whittier College administration presuming it's above federal and state laws and can continue to dupe Q C staff. This time, Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis alleges the existence of yet another on-campus anti-marijuana campaign.

"In addition to numerous possession violations, students with a more entrepreneurial spirit have been reportedly found dealing out of their dorm rooms or in possession of a scale," reports Bernhardt, who also points out that, despite Lewis' noise about consequences for marijuana possession on campus, busts therefore are down by half over the first two months of this year (7) compared with the first two months of last year (14), and Lewis admits a campus marijuana bust is not a real bust, but rather an "infraction" that does not lead to any arrest or formal charge, nor necessarily even a student discipline action of any consequence.
If you're a betting person, you'll do well taking the opposite of what Whittier College administrators claim as the truth. Drug possession and evidently possession with intent to sell or even sale by students on the Whittier College campus isn't even a crime! It's a mere infraction!! Now that is old news to Whittier College students, but it may be news to those student parents who've been misled to believe otherwise, and to federal and state law enforcement and other agencies...

Campus Safety's John Lewis is quoted in the article as saying, "Students are going to drink. Students are going to experiment and explore." If Campus Safety is only going to confiscate alcohol and drugs and paraphernalia, and maybe do a little paperwork, not have anyone arrested, then why is there a Campus Safety office at all? To reassure students' parents? What else does Campus Safety do, not counting frisking coeds in lingerie (at Erotic City, off campus)? That's reassuring? We'll spare you Lewis' childish pseudo-psychopharmacological rambling, doubtlessly derivative of some bureaucrat's guide or another, not so different from the local patrolman scaring elementary school children with whatever some bureaucrat's guide or another suggests. One can only hope other 'authorities' put forward by Whittier College are genuine authorities on whatever they hold forth.

If Whittier College is going to shield drug law violators, then the school needs to simultaneously act toward legalization or decriminalization of the drugs for which the school shields on campus use, or Whittier College is teaching students that they are above the law, which those students will later find is just another lie told to them by an archly hypocritical administration.


Assaults on the Whittier College campus are frighteningly common. Quaker Campus article leads - 'Weekend brings fights, ambulances', 'Student allegedly assaults two students with flamethrower', 'Shots allegedly fired at Johnson House window' - if anything understate the violence and mayhem on campus. The on campus Johnson House bedroom window through which shots were fired was that of the 10 year old child of former Whittier College Prof. Caroline Heldman, who had dared to complain about students terrorizing Prof. Anthony Barnstone in retaliation for his taking a stand against epidemic academic misconduct at Whittier College. The Heldman's are now refugees from violence on the Whittier College campus. (See 'Whittier College Professors and Child, 10, Terrorized by Students as Cheating Scandal Turns Violent' on this website)

The unimpeded flow of alcohol and drugs into the dorms and bodies of minor students fuels disorder making study impossible, encourages, facilitates sexual promiscuity, assaults and sexual assaults. The only response by Whittier College to this dangerously unacceptable ongoing situation in the dorms has been to tell students to hide their misconduct and crimes from the public, and to try to get this website offline by a variety of dirty tricks. (See 'Whittiergate Comments on Dean Ortiz Email to Students' and 'Dirty Tricks Log' on this website)

Whittier College's knee jerk denials and cover ups culture can no longer be tolerated - because the dirty tricks, the misconduct and crimes committed covering up earlier misconduct and crimes, are all harmful to students and the community, and work against the purported purpose of the college.

Deeply troubling is the fact that Whittier College Campus Safety officers assaulted an officer of the court properly making required legal service, through Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis in the Campus Safety office, on a Whittier College student who had, with Whittier College's direction and assistance, made a false filing - the order the student obtained by perjury was later reversed on appeal and that student has fled California. Whether this assault was ordered by John Lewis and was intended to terrorize the officer of the court and the prevailing respondent in that case, or was committed by out of control officers, it is not only a crime, but a crime enhanced by its being committed under color of authority.

The victim of this assault has expressed concern about Campus Safety officers assaulting other innocent individuals, and, since this assault was not only physical but also sexual, this concern needs to be heard. Where is a victim of an assault by Campus Safety officers going to get help? (See 'California Court of Appeal Reversal Exposes Whittier College Misconduct and Crimes to Chill Protected Speech' and 'Campus Safety Officers Assault Officer of the Court. Who's Next?' on this website)

Sexual Assault

"The problem of being sexually assaulted on the Whittier College campus, with a little over 1,000 students, is more than 25 times greater than at UCSB with its tens of thousands of students, and tens of thousands of visitors, and UCSB being consistently ranked among the top party schools in the country. UCSB is so dangerous that a website, thedarksideofucsb, is published online with the purpose of making UCSB a safer place, but according to crime statistics UCSB is and has been dramatically safer than Whittier College." - From 'Whittier College Professors and Child, 10, Terrorized by Students as Cheating Scandal Turns Violent on this website

Rape was among the threats made against Dr. Caroline Heldman, and underwear was left on her (keyed) car windshield to intensify the fear such threats thrust into the her life. The next logical step would be the consummation of the threats and symbolic foreshadowing, the actual rape. All the cheap talk about women's rights is revealed to be merely that when such not only unacceptable but outrageous acts can be committed without serious consequence, yet this is how students treated one of the most visible and popular professors on campus.

This website has been told stories of female RA's being threatened with deadly force, one incident involving a knife-wielding student, and has published a photo showing a female RA being controlled by two evidently very drunk male students. RA's are laughed at, or felt sorry for, by students. The Whittier College dorms are not secure places for anyone.

College sexual assaults are strikingly underreported. The unusually high incidence of sexual assault reported at Whittier College, especially when such reports appear to be discouraged, suggests the true and unique dimensions of the problem on this campus. When professors are openly threatened with rape, when staff members are intimidated, how are much more vulnerable female students treated at Whittier College? (See 'Whittier College Crime Statistics Shock!' and 'Whittier College Societies Endanger Students: Big Brothers or Predators?' on this site)

To whittiergate:

"...if you were raped...Lord help you. I know of a few incidences where girls claimed they were attacked and didn't get any help."

"...she...got molested (in her dorm room) by some pervert she met online... The bitches on her floor just giggled...they knew what was going on. I saw the Campus Safety officer smirk as he listened to her story."

"she...invited him over thinking he just wanted to sit and talk and he ended up molesting her... I called Campus Safety right away and they were complete assholes about it. By the time [Campus Safety] showed up, the guy fled. The girl was severely traumatized and hurt...and...no one offered her counseling...all they want is her money"

Conflicts of Interest

This website has found instances of female Whittier College students evidently being discouraged from making sexual assault complaints, including one in which the would be complainant appeared to very possibly be a classic date rape drug victim. College crime statistics reports are mandated by law. There are only two ways to improve a school's crime statistics: Improve campus social education and policing policies and their implementation, or simply ignore as much crime as possible and reclassify criminal acts that can't be ignored as misconduct rather than crime.

Things get murky when Campus Safety and the Whittier P. D. are pretty much one and the same, and some of these law officers are also members of Whittier College Societies, which seem to take turns as the one whose house coeds must be especially careful about visiting. Even when Whittier College Societies are banned, they eventually return, like the Sachsen Society, whose Advisor and a Sachsen himself is none other than Campus Safety Assistant Chief and spokesperson John Lewis, the College ultimately deciding that the business benefits of continuing the, unlike national fraternities and sororities, unaffiliated and largely unaccountable Societies is worth ethical breaches and any collateral damage to students.

Whittier College appears to be confused about conflicts of interest and convergence of interests. What's clear is that one does not want to be is an assault victim of a member of the Whittier College community, especially of Society members. Again, to whom does a Whittier College assault victim turn for help?

The most visible Sachsen on campus, Adam Steinbaugh, is older than his classmates - because he was previously banned from Whittier College - for an offense or offenses he has declined to describe for this website, our question put to him in this regard simply being ignored by him. When Steinbaugh ran for and won the ASWC presidency, was he forthcoming with student voters? Steinbaugh, like the Sachsen Society, has been reinstated at Whittier College, and students must have the right to know why students and organizations are banned, and why they are allowed to return.

Steinbaugh and Lewis have been instrumental in dirty tricks carried out against this website and friends of this site, in trying to keep you from seeing the truth about Whittier College, including the BMOC's, a number of them no longer students, who commit and involve minors in misconduct and crimes. (See 'Whittier College Societies Endanger Students: Big Brothers or Predators?' and 'See Adam try to hide his...' on this site)

Dick Nixon was elected president of the Whittier College student body. Being president doesn't mean one is beyond reproach or accountability. Candidates must be forthcoming, otherwise we could end up with a Dick Nixon, or even a Kurt Waldheim, just as easily as with a George Washington. With certainty, we can say, Adam Steinbaugh, you are no George Washington. Photos of Steinbaugh 'partying' with younger students in the dorms (the older Steinbaugh does not have to and does not live in a dorm) were part of the first dorm reality photo gallery published on this website.

Steinbaugh sought to have photos of non-students Eric Lizer and Rickey McDonald, nearing 30 years of age and leading Lancer Society members, whom this website and others believe unduly and criminally influence and take advantage of young students, as well as photos of Sachsens partying, taken down. The Lancer Society promotes, for example, an annual Erotic City event, which has succeeded in persuading young coeds that it's cool to wear nothing but lingerie, lipstick and high heels, get falling down drunk and travel in that condition from campus dorms to an Uptown Whittier venue to party some more, and then find their way back to their dorms as best they can in still worse condition in the middle of the night. Whittier College has been well-aware of this annual event for years, even helping stage it on campus some years.

Forget the dirty tricks, the smoke and mirrors, where is the transparency, the accountability, that we need to ensure that Whittier College conducts business ethically, that ensures student best interests, including security, are actually served, and served first and last? Whittier College, by taking the money, is bound to provide that for which it took the money, period.

Also worthy of note is the incidence of arson at Whittier College. To the best of our knowledge, despite numerous fires set, in the dorms, no arsonist has been apprehended, but if one had been, that felony would doubtlessly be reduced to a confidential student discipline matter. Why would we want to know some maniac might burn us to death as collateral damage to that individual getting off?

Student Crime and Student Discipline

Property damage as well as assaults and arson are too common at Whittier College, but these are just some of the crimes committed by students and Campus Safety officers, and we're not counting acts like students stealing motorized carts for joy riding, or the crashing of such vehicles into plate glass windows by Campus Safety employees. Caroline Heldman's car was, for example, 'keyed', one of three car keying incidents in the Barnstone, Heldman cheating scandal turned violent, in addition to the attacks on their residence, alone. Perhaps keying, costing thousands of dollars per incident to repair, and instilling fear in the victims, doesn't seem like a big deal at Whittier College where, for example, a gay staff member's car was said to have "spontaneously exploded" while in a campus parking lot during a surge of hate crimes against gays on campus.

Campus-adjacent streets and campus parking lots are inadequate and hazardous. Everyone who uses the College parking lots complains about their condition and not being able to find an open parking space. Reckless driving on such streets and on campus, driving under the influence of alcohol and of drugs, despite the fact that such drivers pose threats to others' as well as to their own well-being and even lives, and to property, is treated as a matter warranting only a warning, or possibly a student discipline referral, is not treated as a crime. Cars are vandalized, blown up, cars crash into other cars, into fences.

The parking lots are also the scene of thefts and assaults, and not only against students, faculty and staff members, but also, in at least one incident, a student was reported to have tried to "intimidate" a Campus Safety officer with a car. If that attempt to intimidate had been made against a law enforcement officer away from Whittier College, whether or not the offender was shot, he or she would be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon among the charges. Not surprisingly, Whittier College students regard corrupt Campus Safety officers with utter contempt.

It appears to be only a matter of time until tragedy strikes here, tragedy that can't be denied, can't be covered up...

Even in the rare event that a student has to deal with Whittier College's student discipline process, leniency is the rule, evidently no matter how serious the offense, and the student's discipline record is confidential - no matter the dangers posed to other students, or to other schools, other communities. The only beneficiary of this confidentiality is the school, financially. Confidentiality may appear to be a benefit to the student, but just the opposite is true, which the student him- or herself will prove at length when the misconduct or crime is repeated later beyond Whittier College's financial incentive or ability to cover up beyond its sphere of influence.

Whittier College in effect circumvents our legislators' intent regarding making campus crime statistics public, and in the course of usurping law enforcement and judicial authority, itself engages in misconduct and criminal acts shielding misconduct and criminal acts by members of the college community. In this respect, the only mandates respected by Whittier College are those related to confidentiality, and only that for a motivation quite different from that of the promulagators'. This is how mass murder was facilitated by Virginia Tech: the shooter's right to confidentiality trumped the dead and wounded students' right to know they were in danger.

The heartbreaking and outrageous incident at Eastern Michigan University, where a white coed was raped and murdered in her dorm room by a black student, and that crime was hidden from the victim's family and her fellow students by EMU, doesn't seem so far fetched a possibility at Whittier when one understands how Whittier College, unlike EMU a much more autonomous private school, operates. EMU, too, has skeletons in its closet, and these may have factored into the dorm rape-murder cover up.

A serial killer, John Norman Collins, who some decades ago killed at least seven young females, most of them EMU coeds, and was also a suspect in the murder of a young Claremont female while he was visiting California, was an EMU senior "studying elementary teaching." If the more recent rape-murder incident had occurred at a private college dominating a small town, instead of at a public university in a metropolis, would the fraud have succeeded? If it may have, might there have been precedents? Who knows what's in the overcrowded Whittier closet?

The shots fired through Caroline Heldman's child's bedroom window on campus were fired after students had been through the Whittier College student discipline process in the Barnstone, Heldman case. Quaker Campus quoted Prof. Heldman as saying what "doesn't shock me is that this happened after the sanctions."

Why exert the control student families are misled to believe Whittier College exerts to maintain a safe environment - physically, morally, ethically, socially - and a milieu conducive to student success, when the College can keep students out of jail and enrolled by simply ignoring or diverting offenders to a toothless confidential so-called student discipline process? A student would it appears have to be an exhibitionist serial killer or at least a complete idiot to be banned from Whittier College, be treated like any other citizen in Whittier. Shoot through a child's bedroom window on the Whittier College campus and you can't get so much as a speeding ticket. This is not educational; this is criminal. When the bottom line is what's important, not students or student success, this is how you do it.

Dormitory Conditions and Communicable Diseases

This website has received photos and comments regarding the antiquated, dilapidated, and overcrowded conditions at Whittier College. The next time it rains, Whittier College might just be, again, awash with water...

Students express amazement, given the cost of attending Whittier College, that not only the dorm buildings but even their furnishings are old, including mattresses. Complaints are constant about bathrooms put off limits because of mold, recurrent old plumbing backups, and urine, excrement, and/or regurgitated matter from sick, inebriated, and drugged students preventing use of toilets and showers. Body waste and vomit are indeed found in dorm halls, lounges, those lounges that haven't been cannibalized for additional classroom space, and even in dorm rooms. Not surprisingly, when one knows the actual conditions of the dorms, persistent vermin infestation reports are not only credible but expected. Vandalism and arson are demoralizing, expensive, and frighteningly common in the dormitories. There is universal criticism of maintenance and repair allocations and response times. And what if it rains?

From studentsreview.com:

"I transferred out of [Whittier College] after the first semester... Every other week in [the dorm], an individual would break...windows and doors. [Whittier College] billed everyone..."

From Quaker Campus:

"Vandalism has always been a problem on the Whittier campus and I'm not sure why," said [Associate Dean and Director of Residential Life Delaphine Hudson]."

Della, you have to be kidding!

To whittiergate:

About Whittier College: "i hate this place"

"man it's about time someone started tearing this place up... i knew there was some shady business going on here at whittier college"

"I left whittier because the school and town were too boring, I didn't have a car so that was the worst in los angeles."

From MySpace:

Photo of a male Whittier College student holding a glass of beer in one hand, and a pitcher of beer in the other, with the caption: "this is wat gets me through fukn whittier college!"

Photo of another male Whittier College student, passed out on a dorm room floor, glass still in hand, with the caption: "I hate Whittier"

Photo of two female Whittier College students in their dorm room, drinking beer, with the caption: "Beers at 9:01....am!"

Photo of a female Whittier College student drinking beer in her dorm room, with the caption: "bonging a beer before going to class is essential!"

From studentsreview.com:

"The social life is horrible. If you want the true college experience, do not go to Whittier College."

Associate Dean and Director Hudson also notes that vandalism is increasing on the Whittier College campus.

From a Whittier College student blogger:

"...interrupted by some asshole boys coming through our (Whittier College dorm) hall knocking down Christmas decorations we had put up on Tues. and breaking the WINDOW at the end of the hall nearest my (room) door!!!! It has a huge crack with radiating smaller cracks! ...If they don't charge him with breaking the window...then the entire floor splits the cost! AHHHHH! I wish I had a plastic knife and him strapped to an operating table..."

More from studentsreview.com:

"A lot of the school's buildings are older and sort of falling apart. ...improvements slow in coming."

"...there is a high level of thefts."

To whittiergate:

"...when I arrived at Whittier I was completely horrified at the ugly dorms, hallways, and even uglier bathrooms."

"When my (Whittier College dorm) room got broken into..."

"women as old as our grandmothers are forced to clean up the puke... guys purposefully smear shit everywhere"

"I found a damn scorpion in my dorm room the first week, a damn scorpion!!!! and no one did shit... they were too pre-occupied with the bee problem upstairs"

"the internet is always down"

"food is the shittiest"

"hot water or pressure is always off"

Quaker Campus articles and editorials tell part of the story: 'Three's a crowd', 'Storms cause leaks, flooding', 'Facilities cleans up residence halls through continuing rain', 'Harris building to be re-roofed soon', 'Water, water everywhere', and 'Illnesses strike campus', among them. Not only older buildings on campus, but newer buildings, like the library, all leak when it rains. Crowding the dorms and failing to correct unhealthful conditions are just two more of the prevailing bottom line over student best interest decisions made by Whittier College. Getting away with making minor students reside with their parents or in the dorms has allowed Whittier College to get away with unacceptable dorm conditions.

Because so many Whittier College applicants seek acceptance only as a backup, in case they aren't accepted by the college they really want to go to, Whittier College has a lot of no shows, and has dealt with this problem, unfortunately but not unexpectedly, by lowering standards, being more permissive, and assigning far more students to the dorms than the dorms are designed to accommodate. A photo previously published by Quaker Campus and this website, showing three evident diversity students glumly awaiting delivery of a third bed for their dorm room, is indistinguishable from a photo of inmates in an overcrowded reformatory cell.

During the last El Nino winter, a Whittier College student had to go to the Los Angeles County Health Department to compel Whittier College to correct problems in the dorms, problems that included leaky roofs, cracked walls, gaping room ceiling cave-ins, dangerous mold found from bathrooms down to lobbies, and so on. Serious communicable as well as non-communicable disease hazards are posed to residents, staff and visitors in such conditions. The Health Department did cite Whittier College for violations, and set a deadline for their correction. Nevertheless, outbreaks of illness, some severe, have continued on campus, during drought years, too, and these plagues, involving hundreds of students, are invariably blamed on continuing substandard and overcrowded dorms, from which complaints about broken air conditioning units go unanswered.

And now the newest building on campus, the Campus Center, leaks, too! And students wonder why there are no bathrooms in or adjacent to the Campus Inn. If you enter the C. I., and then have to go to the bathroom, well, you have a dilemna - because once you enter the C. I., that's it for that meal, you can't leave and come back into the C. I. Yet again, Whittier College seems designed on the cheap or for someone other than the students who have to use campus facilities every day.

And student complaints over vandalism and maintenance shortcomings, including the Hoover elevator not working, missing lounge tv remotes and missing tv control buttons, broken pool cues and missing ping pong paddles, etc., etc., continue unabated.

To whittiergate:

"a lot of people (in the Whittier dorms) are sick and i'm one of them..."

"...being sick and having midterms sucks."

"My girlfriend has come down with the same sickness I had but she's a lot worse than I was, and now I'm sick again."

From Whittier College student blogger:

"...it is very hot here (in my Whittier College dorm room). My roommate...and I have 5 fans and they are very good at blowing hot air around."

"...you thought it was hot yesterday try last night! We have 5 fans going and we can't seem to get rid of the sauna feeling. I dozed for a couple of hours then decided enough was enough. [My roommate] was having an even worse time."

Sexually-transmitted diseases infection information must be made available by individual colleges, and should be looked into by prospective student families, especially regarding campuses known to be permissive, which allow alcohol and drugs, and so unprepared casual sex, in their dormitories, more so when sexual assaults are known to occur on that campus.

To whittiergate:

"I sort of liked how liberal Whittier's view on sex was, with the sex expert coming and all, and receiving bags of candy and condoms from my R A."

"...My face turned pale when my [Whittier classmate] told me screaming that she had [a gonorrheal] wart in her mouth."

"...I caught crabs, and I got off lucky compared to close friends who got the big stds like chlamydia, the gonorrhea wart, hpv, and hepatitis."

Whittier College still refuses to provide even an on call health clinic worker on weekends, when the majority of sexual assaults are said to occur in the Whittier College community. If sexual assault victims are not examined within 12 hours of the assault, physical evidence is lost and traces of drugs used to render sexual assault victims pliant and forgetful can't be detected, and the unavailability of a campus health worker means counseling and support will be delayed. The only beneficiaries of this ungodly cheapness are those who commit sexual assaults and Whittier College's bottom line.

The sexual assault victim, meanwhile, is victimized three times over; by the perpetrator, by the College which claims it will protect and provide health and counseling care to students, and by the effective denial of justice. There's no reason to expect that someone with a history of getting away with sexual assault at Whittier College will stop that behavior there. The entire community suffers by the promotion of a sexual assault isn't really important culture. Assaults haunt victims for a lifetime, but victims are transients from Whittier College's ice cold point of view, sooner or later they'll go away. Next...

Surrounding Community

The safety of the location of Whittier College is discussed in the online City Data Forum. Excerpts:

"I...went to school in Whittier, and uh, it is not that great. [Whittier] is home to a couple of notorious gangs, one of which is the Whittier Barrio Locos. [Editor's Note: There have been fatal shootings involving young people in so-called Uptown Whittier. The Infamous gang leader Stanley 'Tookie' Williams began the murder spree resulting in his execution in Whittier.] Do some research. The surrounding cities aren't that great either, but usually better than the heart of Whittier." - CBaillo

A former Whittier P. D. Officer made the following among other comments: "The problem is that even east of uptown around the college is a really bad choice these days. VERY nice expensive homes and a quasi ivy league college just a 1/4 mile from fleabag drug houses and banger houses. Property crimes are very high and the city is a haven for the homeless in this area." [The Whittier P. D.] has "a tough job keeping "west from invading east."" "West side, better learn Spanish quick...and Whittier HS...well, avoid it at all costs. It could easily be the...setting for one of the gang movies with stabbings, near-campus shootings, drugs, etc. (I arrested a lot of Whittier's finest citizens in my day and I hear from old partners that it's only gotten worse.)" - Sage of Sagle

The Sage of Sagle doesn't get around to the marijuana dispensary and hookah bar adjacent to Whittier College (this website has plenty of photos of Whittier College students in hookah bars and provisional dorm room hookah bars, and tobacco has nothing to do with it...), in addition to the ubiquitous distributors and dispensers of alcohol.

The true position of Whittier College students is, as Gab Chabran (' 06) wrote in a letter to Quaker Campus, "When you choose Whittier College you are also choosing Uptown Whittier." Given Whittier College students' senses of entitlement and being above the law, it's little wonder that townies sometimes give students a bad time, rob and even hurt them.

One wonders if Whittier P. D. officers wonder what it means when they turn a Whittier College student over to Campus Safety officers knowing that nothing is going to be done, that that student will believe he or she can get away with doing whatever he or she was detained for, then arrest a local youth for the same offense knowing he or she will face a criminal charge, and that local youth knowing Whittier College students are getting away free with doing the very same thing for which others have to pay. What's not realized, until it's too late, is that it's the Whittier College student who will end up paying far more later than does the local youth now. (See 'The InFamous and Otherwise Unlucky of Whittier College' on this site)

A continuing problem of residential life at Whittier College is breaking & entering and theft of student as well as College property, and there are inside jobs as well as non-student criminals victimizing the College community. As the Sage of Sagle could tell you, as Whittier College should tell you, the 1/4 mile separating the homes above Whittier College from "fleabag houses and banger houses" shrinks to nothing by the time you're down on campus, and, when a school self-reports accepting 80% of applicants, and Title V diversity funding rules require enrollment percentage minimums, not every student is going to be wonderful.

The City of Whittier, with a population of 83,680, has 159 resident sex offenders, a ratio of 532 to 1, which is still worse when that population's low probability targets are subtracted and high probability Whittier College coed targets are added. The recent 'disappearance' of college student Donna Haghighat, of Rancho Santa Margarita, has led to John Steven 'Sinjin' Burgess, a registered sex offender who persuaded the student, who did not know Burgess was a sex offender, to go out with him. Haghighat was last heard from when she called a friend from a house rented by Burgess, saying she had locked herself in a bathroom because "the guy she was with was freaking her out." Whittier-adjacent cities South Whittier, with a population of 55,193, and Hacienda Heights, with a population of 53,122, have 0 and 17 resident sex offenders, respectively. The Hacienda Heights' ratio is 3125 to 1. Clearly, there's something statistically significantly attractive in Whittier from the registered sex offender's point of view...

Students recently came out of the dorms to investigate a car crash on campus, only to be maced by Campus Safety officers for their trouble, while the wrongdoers made their getaway on foot. Felonies on campus just don't seem to get solved, from the electronic eavesdropping on Quaker Campus' editorial office to the "spontaneous explosion" of a car in a campus parking lot to the Johnson Master Faculty House shooting to the supplying of alcohol and drugs to minor dorm residents.

Where it all ends

From then-California Secretary of State Jerry Brown exposing Dick Nixon's filing of falsely notarized documents seeking a large undeserved tax break and the Watergate scandal, to the SEC investigation of the Apple options backdating scandal and sanctions against Fred Anderson, it's proven and proven again that corruption and dirty tricks are un-American, and end in disgrace (the nicknames tell the story, and they don't go away: Tricky Dick, ' Fredo), yet Whittier College persists in instilling this self-destructive dirty tricks life philosophy in generation after generation of students.

Whittier is not what it used to be, and the last thing we need now is the emerging Latino majority believing that misconduct and crimes, corruption, cover ups, dirty tricks, are the way to run a sphere of influence. What's left of what Whittier used to be needs to start role modeling an ethical way of doing business before the old guard find themselves being treated as badly as they've treated with the emerging local majority, and with Whittier College students and alumni.


'Heads Should Roll Over Eastern Michigan University's Cover-up of Coed's Murder' by John Gibson:

The Coed Murders:

City of Whittier Data:

Must reads:

'Drinking on Weeknights ... WHAT???' by Genevieve Roman, Quaker Campus Life Assistant Editor, Issue 4, Volume 91, OPINIONS, Staff Views, Page 3 (9-30-04). This is one of the most candid and sincere views of day-to-day Whittier College dorm life published. (Conditions have if anything worsened since this piece was published.)

'Unreported rape' by Allison Roth, Quaker Campus Co-Editor-in-Chief, Issue 15, Volume 91, Pages 8-9
(2-17-05). All prospective Whittier College coeds and their parents should read this article.

All ' Crime Log ' entries printed in Quaker Campus are more informative than intended.

The Quaker Campus online -http://web.whittier.edu/resources/StudentOrgs/QC/Homepage.asp - is about as user-friendly as its address, but you can presumably seek help locating a particular issue by contacting the newspaper staff at qc@whittier.edu .

New: Quaker Campus outgrows Whittier College official site. See the new Q C online at College Publisher Network <http:77www.quakercampus.org>. Will Quaker Campus outgrow being spoon-fed by the Whittier College administration, being unduly influenced by Big Brothers and Sisters, and a should be termed out Advisor, and finally stand up and be the advocate Whittier College students have long needed, for which they've paid, and have not gotten?

Newer: Quaker Campus can now be seen online at <the quakercampus.com>.

Asked and Answered -
See what happened when Quaker Campus published an Opinion questioning a Whittier College decision:
Quaker Campus Muzzled, Humiliated; No new online editions

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