Associated Students of Whittier College President Adam Steinbaugh has admitted violating Whittier College policies. Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz has publicly stated that Whittier College students shown on this website to have violated Whittier College policies will be held to account therefore.

This website doubts that Whittier College will hold any student or employee to account in any meaningful way for anything, except exercising free speech rights. Even though and just because Adam Steinbaugh is a highly visible campus role model, we doubt Whittier College will hold Steinbaugh to account, certainly not publicly, and the message to students will therefore be continue doing literally whatever you want to do, we'll cover for you, and we'll keep it quiet, encouraging continued contempt for and violation of Whittier College policies and federal and state laws by all students.

The following quotations are among documents content in the California Court of Appeal Case No. B186366, Nicola Jagessar v. Bart Brown, case file, an open, public record:

Exchange between Nicola Jagessar and Adam Steinbaugh:

Nicola Jagessar: "Go up on top the science building and drink a corona for old time's sake?! Coronas.......mmmmm"

Adam Steinbaugh: " haha. yeah, that was fun. i wanna do that again. except drunker."

Nicola Jagessar: "...I drink coronas and dance like a whore..."

Adam Steinbaugh: " Well, you know what they say: whatever happens on top of the science building STAYS on top of the science building. haha."

Not this time, Adam, not anymore.

Nicola Jagessar, again to Adam Steinbaugh: "one word, threesome. blame it on: katrina." And, "well hello there my sexual partner in orgy crime..."

"katrina" has been identified as Katrina Ryback. It appears that more than alcohol was consumed...

Nicola Jagessar to Katrina Ryback:

"hope you're still looking anorexic, being a lesbo lover, being naked with half your butt cheeks out and being a crack whore -- you know the lifestyle we led out in CA. your anorexic crack whore of a lover me."

"I'm waiting under the covers for ya naked lesbo style naturally. XOXO"

"My hot, anorexic, coke sharing, butt cheeks hanging, horse tapping, lover xo"

We'll spare you the gruesome details of this Jagessar-Ryback-Steinbaugh threesome, in which Steinbaugh played only a diminutive role.

Adam Steinbaugh, who has previously graced this site's pages in visual form - in alcohol consumption-glorifying photos in dorm rooms with younger students, and in what our Governor would doubtlessly refer to as a 'girly-man' photo on campus - obviously holds Whittier College policies and rules in contempt, obviously chronically violates them. Adam Steinbaugh literally laughs at Whittier College policies and rules, and Whittier College students elected Steinbaugh ASWC President. Mr. Steinbaugh, having been previously, to be generous and use his own words, "suspended for poor grades and a violation of the school's policies", is considerably older than his classmates and is not required to reside in a dorm on campus as they are.

Billing himself as Reverend Adam Steinbaugh, calling a disparate group of students the Poet Revolution Party, and putting forward a reactionary platform that consisted pretty much of calling for more eco-friendly, but of course unspecified, replacement cups for the alcohol the alleged PRP wants Whittier College to assume liability for serving on campus, Steinbaugh was just silly enough, while distracting student voters from his personal history, to get himself elected on a campus where elections are a joke. Unfortunately, for Rev. Steinbaugh, but fortunately for the rest of us, it's doubtful the Democratic Party will ever want its own dumbed down version of Dick Nixon. Whittier students really should take their local politics seriously enough to at least stop the practice of electing ASWC presidents who embarrass everyone associated with the College. (Question: Which so-called PRP members are, like Adam Steinbaugh, Society members?)

See coverage of Adam Steinbaugh's previous actions seeking to get this website offline in this site's Dirty Tricks Log. Any attempt to get this website offline by false representations will result in legal consequences for such party/parties, most certainly including Adam Steinbaugh.

Dean Ortiz, what are you going to do, now? We're all watching...and we hope we're not going to see drugged, drunken, disrobed students falling from the top of the science building, instead of Whittier College acting responsibly for a change to make certain such otherwise inevitable tragedies cannot happen on campus. Dean Ortiz?

Brent Tyler and Chelsey Tubleston were both 21 and had been University of South Carolina students...
Naked Couple Falls 50 Feet From Rooftop to Their Deaths:

And students smarter than any Whittier College threesome have fallen...
Freshman Injured in Fall From Rooftop / Fraternity president falls down building shaft:
and see
When Tech Runs Pictures of Students on Roofs:

Foreign students fall, too.
UBC student falls off rooftop, now in serious condition:

And then there are the jumpers...
Embattled lesbian diversity activist U C Santa Cruz Chancellor Jumps to Death:

If you still don't get it, ask any student's parents, or your insurance agent...


' USC frat board condemns photos apparently showing couple having sex atop campus hall [updated]', March 28, 2011

"...the fraternity member seen in the photos has been suspended "for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and gentleman.""

USC continues to show it has standards and enforces them, while Whittier College continues to appear to have no standards at all...

Reported by Quaker Campus, November 23, 2010: An intoxicated Whittier College student fell and sustained a head injury in the campus amphitheater. Campus Safety officers followed the student's blood trail to Stauffer Hall where the male student was located and transported to hospital by paramedics. No further action was taken regarding this alcohol-related minor student injury incident.

Adam Steinbaugh stalking ? Follow the thread...


(You have to manually enter Kyle Baxter's newsvine page, but it is worth the effort. Read the entire thread to see Adam Steinbaugh stalking whittiergate online, his false denials exposed, and other revealing admissions...)

Adam Steinbaugh's response to

Whittiergate's comments on 'Adam Steinbaugh's response to'...

Adam Steinbaugh can't cite a single action taken against him by whittiergate, while he has repeatedly acted to try to get this site offline, to prevent you from having access to the information this site provides, not to look after your best interests. A couple of students asked (nicely it so happens) that a photo be taken down, and this site, of course, responded (nicely) and took the photo down. No one needed Mr. Steinbaugh to help them. (We hope students put conditions on Mr. Steinbaugh's control of their likenesses. Who knows what he'll do with them? What a joke.)

Adam Steinbaugh admits that he sent the complaint made against Friends of Whittiergate to his recent MySpace co-workers (how would Steinbaugh know he has never met and doesn't know the MySpace employee(s) who "handled" the complaint Steinbaugh admits he sent to them?), a complaint Steinbaugh further admits contained an allegation of "mass mailing", when the MySpace Friends of Whittiergate never sent any mass mailing, indeed only sent messages to individuals with an obvious interest in this site. (The Friends report that they did not send a message to Adam Steinbaugh - "Because he's a weenie.")

This website harbors no doubt that Adam Steinbaugh will remain, this time, "in good standing" with Whittier College - so long as Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis remains Steinbaugh's Advisor, even though it's difficult to see how either of them has done anything in relation to this exercise of free speech other than try to chill it by the usual dirty tricks, which is not what a College student association president or a campus safety No. 2 should be doing, now is it?

Adam Steinbaugh is the one who says it's "hilarious" that he appears to be a girly-man in a photo, that is, makes himself appear to think gays are laughable. Trying to suggest without suggesting, that is, suggesting this website is homophobic, doesn't get Steinbaugh off the hook for presenting stereotypes of gays and laughing about doing so.

There's more similarity than difference between putting on black face and striking a pose mocking African-Americans and presenting a photo stereotyping gays. The theme-costume parties put on at Whittier College seem to exude ignorance and prejudice, and the gall to exude loudly. Where has the ASWC President been for the BGLAD or any other minority community?

Where was Adam Steinbaugh's concern for the BGLAD minority when gay Area Coordinator Brian Reynolds' car was said to have "spontaneously exploded" in a residence hall parking lot? Or when in that same academic year gay students received harassing telephone calls in their dorm rooms? Then we believe now fairly relaxed situation at Whittier College for the BGLAD community owes absolutely nothing to Adam Steinbaugh.

"...inside joke..." Another joke. The last time we read the definition of 'threesome', there was not only nothing necessarily but nothing at all 'adult' about it. We do seem to recall something about golf in a definition, though. Readers interpret words for themselves. Adam Steinbaugh has told us what that term means to him in relation to Katrina Ryback and Nicola Jagessar. Honestly, we don't think about it, although Whittier College might. The parties' words speak for themselves.

Adam Steinbaugh has avoided the matter of his laughing about wanting to get even drunker with younger students and, uh, putter around, on top of the science building with them, again.

And Mr. Steinbaugh also avoided telling us the circumstances of, and which previous violation(s) by him of Whittier College policies, exactly caused the College to remove him from campus. Don't voters have the right to know a candidate they're asked to vote for at Whittier College? It's like the Brown Bag Comedian wins every election? Or Captain Morgan? (There's certainly more than enough brown nosing of the Whittier College administration in Adam Steinbaugh's response.)

Reading Mr. Steinbaugh's words as those of a college student association president, well, it just doesn't work for us. That the practically professional student Whittier College students elected has been acting like the guard dog of wrongdoers at Whittier College, and doing so in the Associated Students' and student body's names, without their consent, instead of honestly acting in the best interests of Whittier College students, has been and remains Adam Steinbaugh's decision, not whittiergate's, and shooting the messenger doesn't make this betrayal of student interests anything but just that. Have Adam Steinbaugh's words and actions, which he claims to have uttered and carried out in your name, made you proud, or embarrassed, to be a Poet?

Adam Steinbaugh, don't confuse your paranoia for playing fast and loose with the law trying to get whittiergate offline with whittiergate being out to get you. This site's out for the truth and the end of dirty tricks, and those who try to hide the truth make us curious, and those who throw dirty tricks at this site will be spotlighted.


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