The Open Letter A Cheating Student and Whittier College Don’t Want You To See

The following Open Letter, filed by the courts, was sent to the Quaker Campus student newspaper during spring semester 05, and the assignment presented verbatim was given during the fall semester 04. Quaker Campus received but did not publish this Open Letter. But Quaker Campus did subsequently publish a disinformation article that libeled and defamed the author of this Open Letter, and that contradicted facts known to Quaker Campus. A Quaker Campus editor declined to appear in Superior Court although that editor had been duly subpoenaed to appear there to testify to these facts.

This website has deleted this Open Letter author’s email address from the text in consideration of further possible retaliation against him for reporting academic misconduct and standing up to reported threats, harassment and violence, as well as defamation and libel, false filings, perjury and obstruction of justice, all to prevent his exercise of protected speech and petition rights, to prevent discussion of the academic integrity crisis, the first step in honestly dealing with it, and holding an individual chronic academic cheater responsible for that repeated misconduct and getting that student the counseling help obviously needed.

Although neither the cheating student’s name nor gender is revealed by the Open Letter author, court records make clear the cheating student is Nicola Jagessar. Filed court documents support the academic cheating reporter’s claims that Nicola Jagessar was a chronic academic cheater at her secondary school in Trinidad & Tobago, the Holy Name Convent girls school, as well as at Whittier College.

If you are the Whittier College instructor who gave the assignment printed hereinabove, or you are a student or faculty member who wants to stand up to academic cheating and bullies, stand up for an education and diploma, an association, that are worth something in reality, if you want to help a deeply troubled student, then this website will expect to hear from you through this site’s main page contact email. (Since the student has been identified, the semester has been pinpointed, the assignment is known verbatim, and looks a lot like a Whittier College Art History assignment, and a copy of the essay with the instructor’s comments between the paper’s paragraphs has been filed with the courts, we expect to receive the information requested very soon…)

If you want your identity to remain anonymous, please simply say so when you provide the information requested. Please include any comment you want to make in connection with the information provided. This website respects requests for anonymity, but will not print any anonymous comment or unconfirmed report as fact. Anonymous comments and information to be confirmed are welcome as investigative leads. While this website encourages standing up to bullies, this remains after all the only way to stop bullying, we also understand that retaliation is a legitimate concern for whistleblowers at Whittier College.

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