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Despite the facts that this website is an exercise of protected speech, and that everything on this site is to the best of our knowledge factually accurate, we will nevertheless be sent a cease and desist letter threatening us for telling the truth about Whittier College. Some people never seem to learn.

When Whittier College finally learns that standing up for the truth is important, that hiding the truth is wrong, that trying to do the right things is preferable to trying to hide wrongdoing, then this site’s purpose will have been actualized. Until then, we suggest Whittier College cease and desist from the harmful unethical and criminal activities in which it engages.

Whittier College Attorney and Trustee Ernie Zachary Park has a history of involvement in shielding members of the Whittier College community who’ve engaged in misconduct and crimes, of threatening, libeling and defaming those who object to being victimized by such misconduct and crimes. Documents filed in the courts suggest that Mr. Park was the instigator of a false filing made and sustained by perjury with the objective of chilling protected speech and petition rights, and that Park obstructed justice in the same matter (Jagessar v. Brown, Superior Court VQ006413 / Court of Appeal B186366). All who take part in such a conspiracy are equally guilty of the whole. This website’s reading of the evidence in this regard is that litigation-granted subpoena power and/or investigation by the County of Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s office could very well result in the conviction of Park and others, and very likely unearth other matters of concern.

Mr. Park, who contributes to both Democrats and Republicans, appears to be a man without scruples. Ernie Park and Whittier College, having long ago abandoned the moral and ethical high ground, are not in a position of authority in reality, and reality is where any threats against this website will be addressed, not at Whittier College nor in Whittier.

This website invites Ernie Park, whose Dirty Tricks in the past have made this site necessary now, and the entire Whittier College community, to work with us to address the grievances of the growing number of victims of Whittier College’s notion of business as usual, and to make changes at Whittier College that ensure there are no further victims and result in Whittier College not falsely claiming to provide an ethical quality higher education to its students in a safe environment, but to actually, finally, honestly endeavor to do that in reality.

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