Whittier College Reacts to whittiergate Spotlighting

Despite Whittier College trying to ignore whittiergate.com - except those associated with the College who keep trying to sabotage whittiergate through what they know best, Dirty Tricks - we note the following impacts on Whittier College of whittiergate spotlighting:

Ethnic Enrollment Percentages, Hispanic-Serving Institutions program Fraud; Why Whittier College Now Looks Like Los Angeles, Not the United States; and Why White Students Are a Minority for the First Time in Whittier College's History

Hispanic enrollment has suddenly increased dramatically as Whittier College seeks to avoid being busted for defrauding the federal Hispanic-Serving Institutions program for over a decade. Asian-American and African-American enrollment percentages have also increased, to 11% and 7%, respectively. Latino enrollment is alleged to have risen from 26.9% to 32%, still short of the Latino enrollment high of over a decade ago, but clearly only accomplished by great effort. (We must note that the veracity of Whittier College's self-generated statistics have been questioned on several grounds.)

To meet the requirements for H-S I funds, Latino enrollment must not only meet a threshold of 25% of undergraduate enrollment, and fully one-half of those Latino student families must be living below the official poverty level, but the school must be in the process of becoming largely Hispanic, which means a Hispanic enrollment percentage of around 60%, the percentage at other Hispanic-Serving Institutions program schools recognized as largely Hispanic. Whittier College could only apply to the H-S I program when the threshold was lowered from 40% to 25% when this federal program's rules were modified to help more schools who were, unlike Whittier College, really becoming largely Hispanic, and even then Whittier had to be dishonest about its real intentions.

Whittier College never mentions all the requirements for a school to benefit by participation in the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program, only the 25% enrollment threshold, and even that detached from its context, from that threshold indicating that the recipient school is in the process of becoming largely Hispanic. Whittier College spokespersons addressing this issue speak as though they know what to say and what to be quiet about from a H-S I program scammer's point of view.

Consequently, for the first time, White students find themselves to be a minority at Whittier College. Caucasian students are now to be found in, not a White, not a Caucasian, but in the Other category. Every major ethnicity at Whittier College except Whites has their own named category. Caucasian enrollment is now less than 47% (the percentage of students in the Other category, which also includes students who decline to state their ethnicity and students who state that they're White when they aren't White - watching Mexican TV one would think most Mexicans have blonde hair and blue eyes - as well as students who are of extremely rare ethnicities ).

White enrollment would have to be reduced to less than 40% for Whittier College to even slightly surpass the school's Latino enrollment of more than a decade ago, and then be gradually further reduced to meet the requirement that the College be in the process of becoming largely Hispanic. White enrollment would have to be ultimately reduced to around 20% for the College to make room for a Latino enrollment of around 60%, and that's hardly allowing for any increases for Asian- and African-Americans, Native Americans, Et Al. Whittier College has painted itself into a corner by perpetrating its Hispanic-Serving Institutions scam.

Whittier College would be far better off returning the millions scammed from the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program than turning the College into a largely Hispanic institution. The College's new recruiting policy cannot meet the H-S I requirements without diminishing White enrollment to the point where it will become difficult to recruit any White students, and contributions will largely dry up, fundraising campaigns will fizzle.

No matter how much money the federal government prints, the state of the world makes it all too clear that federal programs like the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program are not going to be continued indefinitely, let alone remain open-ended, admit new school participants indefinitely. Federal programs to help largely Black and Native American colleges are already capped, there will be no more colleges accepted into those programs. As incredible as it may seem, it doesn't seem to have dawned on Whittier College administrators or trustees that it's promising Latino students most of all who don't want to go to a largely Latino college.

whittiergate conducted a survey of highly promising class of 2013 Latina students' college plans this past summer, and not a single one of the students surveyed either wanted or planned to attend a largely Latino college. Among the schools being attended by these Latina students are Stanford, UC Irvine, UCLA, USC, and MIT. The only small private liberal arts college to attract one of these students was Dartmouth, in the Ivy, not Bush, League. One student made the Yale waiting list, but is now at Stanford. Students from, for example, L. A. public schools with largely Latino enrollments have struggled just to move beyond a largely Latino school education.

The purpose of the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program has always been to help largely Hispanic colleges, overwhelmingly community colleges, offer a higher quality educational experience for Hispanics; largely Hispanic schools are often deficient in comparison with mainstream colleges. Whittier College has never been an appropriate Hispanic-Serving Institutions participant.

For Whittier College to continue its H-S I school masquerade that was born of desperation, by a guy who was on drugs and having sex with boys while married, while president of Whittier College, and who's now a convicted felon with significant indebtedness, makes one wonder who could possibly be making the policy decision to continue with an ex-con's scam, now...?

The H-S I scam was the brainstrom of outed gay ex-Whittier College President James Lee Ash, Jr., who had to cope with enrollment and income shortfalls in the long wake of the Watergate scandal and Whittier College alumnus Richard M. Nixon's resignation of the United States presidency - the only presidential resignation in our country's history. Dr. Ash, known best for major miscalculations, set a Hispanic enrollment percentage starting point at the beginning of the scam of 34%, which the College quickly backed down from to the 25% threshold percentage, taking a calculated risk that the College wouldn't be kicked out of the H-S I program and have to return funds for which it had not still hasn't qualified - and for which it will obviously never quality.

Dr. Ash went on to a Nevada state prison for drug trafficking (and is still subject to court orders prohibiting him from being alone with males or females under the age of 21, as well as the rules of his probationer status), while racking up considerable debts which he has simply ignored, and Whittier College simply went on defrauding the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program after Dr. Ash resigned the Whittier College Presidency. Even the desperate recruiting effort for the Whittier College Class of 2013 comes up short, failing even to just match the 1997 Hispanic student enrollment percentage of 34%, and, it should be clear by now, the Latino enrollment percentage has to keep increasing until the school is largely Hispanic (60%), or Whittier College will remain ineligible for H-S I funding.

Current Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger must not have done very well in her required statistics for the social sciences undergraduate course because there's simply no way to spin the numbers to make any appearance of sense in this regard. The numbers make clear the fact that Whittier College is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't, come clean and own up to its Hispanic-Serving Institutions program fraud. President Herzberger has been Whittier College's Great Helmsman for half a decade now, and lurching down this cul-de-sac is the best she can do?

Sharon, fess up, own up, answer this question: Is Whittier College going to become a largely Hispanic school, is White student enrollment going to be reduced to 20%, or is Whittier College going to face up to having defrauded the federal government, the taxpayers, and repay the millions of dollars Whittier College has wrongly taken from the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program?

Whittier College Recruiting Methods Revealed, Bode Ill for Quality of School's Education, Academic Reputation, Degree Values, and Economic Viability

Facing increasing difficulties recruiting new students, and this difficulty being complicated by the need to try to avoid being busted for defrauding the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program, Whittier College has focused its recruiting efforts on students who aren't prepared for and can't afford a quality private liberal arts education, high school students who participate in Upward Bound and AVID programs designed to help average students go on to college. And still Whittier College, whose Class of 2012 started out with 421 freshmen, saw the new Class of 2013 begin with only 359 frosh.

Raising further questions about what the heck is going on in terms of Whittier College's future, 46 transfer students from community colleges were enrolled at Whittier in 2008, but 94 community college transfers were enrolled in 2009. While this increase suggests an effort to improve the College's athletic teams' performances, it also further clarifies the school's recruiting strategy, luring mediocre students to Whittier College..

Housing Silver Lining

We note that while overall enrollment has declined, despite recruiters scraping the bottom of the college prospects barrel, Whittier College still managed somehow to even further overcrowd on campus housing, which therefore now includes previous storage, class, and lounge spaces hastily converted into student 'rooms'. These ad hoc student rooms already look more like an orphanage or military barrack than traditional liberal arts college student rooms. The silver lining of this negative achievement is that some students will now, unless refugee tents or toxic FEMA trailers are set up on campus, be spared a $10,000 + rip off, being required to live on campus when they can easily commute and save that significant amount of money.


Whittier College has announced that enrollment will be increased - to 1,500 students! without any plan to house those additional students, nor any plan to help students get into classes they need to graduate and want toward a genuine higher education. Where these additional students will be found hasn't been made clear. Can this College go any lower than Upward Bound and AVID programs and community colleges scraping up students as it's already doing?

"When I tried to register, all the classes I wanted were full and the waiting lists were endless." And "In the end I was forced to register for classes I did not even want to take just for the sake of being a full-time student." - Jackson Burris, 09-10 Whittier College Frosh quoted in Quaker Campus

Whittier College classes and waiting lists are first come, first served, which could seem fair only to a Whittier College administrator. Ask seniors how they feel about first come, first served waiting lists. Whittier College students are going to be lucky to graduate in 5 or even 6 years or more at the rate this school is maximizing income at the expense of everything else, if students can afford to or stand living in barracks that long.

* * *

whittiergate Societies Exposes Cause Whittier College to Give Lip Service to Societies Reform While Tightening Control of the Societies and Using Them As Liability Sops

Whittier College has declared new Societies standards and accountability reviews after whittiergate exposed Societies misconduct and crimes. Not surprisingly, the proposed changes don't address the criminality of the Societies, particularly the hazing of pledges, and upon inspection are seen to be not much more than part of the College's ongoing reorganization of its Societies for its own purposes.

Societies will from now on have to present an annual management plan at the beginning of each academic year, and an annual report at the end of each academic year. The management plan will help inform the administration of the societies' intentions, help the administration make sure that the societies put on enough events to save the College the expense of doing so, and insulate the College from liability for such events, and increase administration control of its Societies, in no small part with an eye to a range of possible liability issues. .

The annual report is supposed to be graded, which could lead to a Societies rating system, but this remains in the discussion stage. The only two instances of accountability that can now be addressed via the annual report are a Society's GPA and its community service record. A Society's GPA, averaged over its entire active membership, has been raised from 2.0 to 2.5. The new community service requirement is that each Society carry out at least one community service project per year and that the Society's membership community service hours average out to at least 5 hours per member.

Senior ISC Co-Chair Katy Foley told Quaker Campus' Leslie Tumulac that most societies already meet both the new GPA and community service requirements, revealing these supposed reforms as, on one hand, a means for the administration to further increase its control of its societies, and, on the other, as a red herring to distract attention from the Societies', and therefore the College's, Achilles Heel, hazing during pledging, harassment of depledges, and other criminal activities throughout the year.

There is also a requirement that a series of topics be presented to Societies members that range from individual health to values - now that's chutzpah, Whittier College, which replaced its family doctor away from home student health care with an anonymous profit first health industry business model, after replacing its healthy, safe, and environment-friendly natural grass stadium field with a health and safety and environmental hazard artificial turf installation, teaching health and values - and the hypocritical Whittier College version of politically correct diversity. No doubt White students will want to know why Whittier has suddenly become a White minority campus, and no doubt Latino students will want to know why Whittier has suddenly become a White minority campus.

So Whittier College's reorganization of its Societies continues apace, the Societies yielding their autonomy step by step to an administration implementing its plan to control, rebrand and market the Societies to undergraduate students - because societies alumni contribute more to Whittier College than do non-Society grads, and because the societies can be made to underwrite and carry out community service projects that improve the College and the College's relations with the larger community, and be induced to plan, promote, and stage social events for which the College can take credit while limiting it costs and liability therefore.

So, Dean Andre Coleman, President Herzberger's Societies Czar, hear this: No one is fooled by these so-called reforms. We continue to be acutely aware of the fact that the College's Societies are committing crimes against their pledges from the very beginning, Societies that are controlled by this College, which is, no matter what you say, liable for these Societies' criminal acts and their consequences.

Meanwhile, non-Society-affiliated students, the overwhelming majority of students, are subjected to a bare social calendar featuring an occasional event or party that's inevitably devoid of imagination or decency, and worse still demeaning to and dangerous for females, which also makes less of male students.. All students pay a fee that all together underwrite campus events. Why on Earth should the Societies be allowed, more be helped, to get away with the lion's share of the money, contributed by all students, to stage second rate events and parties for students?! Imagine, on the edge of Los Angeles and this is the best the Socieites can do?!

Whittier College dormitories constitute the equivalent of a Native American reservation, and Whittier's Societies come out of an outdated and ultimately disastrous play book... The minority Sunni were set up as straw bosses over the majority Shiites in Iraq, the minority Alawites were set up to run Muslim majority Syria, the freed American slaves were set up to dominate the majority indigenous Africans in Liberia, the minority Tutsi by imperial design held sway over the majority Hutu in Central Africa. At Whittier College, a distinct minority of students are offered a deal, "perks" as Andre Coleman calls them, and obligations, that set them up to determine the tone of campus politics, the social scene, and even the arts that will constitute the Whittier College experience for all students. With the College administration determining the academic and sports experiences, what does that leave the overwhelming majority of non-Society-affiliated students to determine about their college experience? Only through unity can students prevail over an administration and their chosen straw bosses, the Societies members.

Elect non-Society student government representatives and officers, have your representatives tell the Societies to find their own funds for their own events and parties, and start putting on some fresh events and parties with some class for all students. You know, a change will do you good. Bring rising musicians and comedians to campus; bring some forward looking, provocative, and some respected traditionalist speakers to campus. You are on the edge of Los Angeles, the richest nation in history's number two market and the entertainment capitol of America and the World, not on the edge of Nowhere. When Whittier College raises the minimum societies GPA to Dean's List or better, then you might trust them with your entertainment or social life, or trust in their pollitical sense or artistic sensibility, but until then that wouldn't be a very bright idea, would it?

Whittier College Societies: Stop Misrepresenting Membership Benefits ! Stop violating anti-hazing law ! and Stop harassing depledges !


Whittier College has, thanks to whittiergate spotlighting, finally started and will hopefully sustain providing transportation to and from off campus events sponsored by student groups. Roxy Smith, writing for 'Quaker Campus', shows why this is so important for student safety: "Several students were taken to the hospital upon their arrival at Philadelphia House before they (had) even boarded the shuttle (to the Athenian Society's off campus Blackout event) due to alcohol-related reasons." To the hospital before the party?! And Sharon Herzberger promotes the Amethyst Initiative, seeking to let colleges off the hook for the consequences of college drinking, instead of instituting an effective alcohol education program.

whittiergate, in the interest of great consensual sex as well as abstinence, suggests an anti-drinking , rather than a responsible drinking, program - because no one should make the decision to engage in sexual acts while experiencing any degree of diminished capacity, and a lack of motor coordination is completely at odds with a great sexual experience.

To whittiergate: "I know that Eric Lizer the old Lancer is an alleged rapist (he gets freshman girls drunk and has sex with them when they pass out)." Lizer was finally compelled to leave the Whittier area due to whittiergate spotlighting, his threats against this site failing to deter us from calling out Societies' perps, including him when he was nearing 30 and Whittier College was facilitating his predations by employing him in the campus bookstore. Speaking of the Lancer Society...

* Lancers and Mets Suspended for "sexual harassment, hazing, and alcohol" *

Thanks to relentless whittiergate spotlighting, Whittier College's Societies organizer and apologist Dean Andre Coleman was compelled to suspend the Mets (the female Metaphonian Society) and the (male) Lancers for "sexual harassment, hazing, and alcohol" during their pledging processes. Even though sex crimes were committed along with anti-hazing law violations, and alcohol was not only provided but forced on minors, not a single individual Lancer or Met was arrested. And whittiergate notes that both the Mets and Lancers will be back on campus soon. While a slap on the wrist is better than letting criminals get away Scot free, it's not much better, and Andre Coleman and Whittier College are still guilty of shielding students guilty of serious crimes and of continuing to not only allow but more sustain these secret societies and their secret pledging processes, these gangs and their jumping in crimes.

One of these days victims of this College's Societies are going to stand up and Herzberger and Coleman, Et Al, are going to be looking for a better lawyer than Ernie Z. Park to defend them as named individuals and this College from criminal charges as well as civil lawsuits. This development is only a matter of time...

Four Cal State San Marcos S A E (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) fraternity brothers - Brendan Urias, Mike Naylor, Kyle McCarthy, and Morgan Lawler - are looking at six months in jail and probation with 80 hours of community service in a plea bargain over violation of a 'social host' ordinance that hold hosts responsible for the actions of partygoers. 19 year old Patrick Drown attended a S A E event and was left passed out on a sofa. Drown later left the S A E house and passed out again on the street outside, where he was struck and killed by a motorist. Only a matter of time... Cal State San Marcos administrators, not wanting to join the S A E brothers behind bars, suspended all CSUSM frat parties. Time out, let's rethink what we're doing...

Societies' sexual crimes range from "the Ionians (being coerced) to show their tits...during the Lancer Walk" to being coerced to perform fellatio on Big Brothers in front of other Big Brothers and Big Sisters and other pledges to God knows what else. These are felonies requiring sex offender registration for the rest of the criminals' lives after serving prison sentences in the 'real world', and these crimes are committed against the weakest members of this college community, girls who, at the times these crimes are committed against them, have been reduced to a state of diminished capacity by coerced hunger ("The Mets starve their pledges...") and sleep deprivation amplifying the effects of alcohol in toxic amounts, physical hazing, and other stressors, weakening these victims' capacities to refuse to do things they would never do, would vigorously resist, otherwise.

None of the male Societies have ceased or desisted from harming their pledges anymore than they've refrained from victimizing their weakest female classmates. "Lancer pledges have to put out a fire with their bare hands and feet." Franklin Society Big Brothers made their "pledges ride around in the back of a rented U-Haul truck blindfolded...smoking cigars until they became nauseous" and after enforced heavy exercising, "...sit in their underwear on a block of ice and turn on an industrial fan." Even when hazing results in broken legs and other serious injuries and/or illnesses, the hazing, like the sexual crimes, continues, and this is no surprise when this College administration's message is not to stop hazing, period, but rather don't get caught hazing.

All these Societies' victims are scarred for life, some continue as victims, some become perpetrators themselves. Whittier College's secret Societies have failed to rise above the level of criminal gangs when left to their own devices and when run by the College; it's past time that these Societies are permanently disbanded. For the moment, at least there is some minor, mostly cosmetic, public relations, improvement, thanks to whittiergate spotlighting, but this is not enough.

To whittiergate: "Whittier College, including ASWC, tried to get a web site, True Blab, shutdown, and failed, of course. I'm no fan of True Blab, but since this school tries to hide what's going on I just have to find out what's going on on my own. Here are two True Blab posts with comments whittiergate visitors may find amusing, in one case, and informative in the other:


Post: "the schools senate is trying to get [trueblab.com] shut down..." (First) Comment: "lol they can't do ANYTHING. remember how much they succeeded in shutting down whittiergate."


Post: "so why did the mets and lancers get expelled?" Comments: "The Mets had sex with each other and blew the football team. And I am sure the Lancers did some gay shit." "Totally." "ditto" "WHAT!!" Rated: 95% True

Whittier College: Disband your secret societies - before, and this is only a matter of time, a pledge is killed and students and administrators go to prison!

* * *

Erotic City AKA Adam & Eve Returns to Campus Under whittiergate Spotlight

The Erotic City event put on by the Lancer Society has finally come back to campus. The event is still demeaning for female students, it's a pity that their female President Herzberger, a supposed authority on abuse, has failed to put a clean end to the lingering Old Boys/Dirty Old Men 101 course alternating with cornball fluff substituting for a fresh, healthy, fun social life on campus, but female students are less, no pun intended, exposed to harm being on campus wearing too little while intoxicated than they are out on the streets, especially of Whittier with its unusually high concentration of registered sex offenders. Why any young female student would want to be in either situation in that condition is a sad commentary on the lack of self-esteem and self-worth in female students at Whittier College.

Erotic City AKA Adam & Eve violence has apparently receded with this event back on campus, although an athlete and Campus Safety officer are reported to have mixed it up at this year's on campus Adam & Eve event. The problem of those Old Boys/Dirty Old Men still hasn't been dealt with, as Prof. Chuck Hill (Penn Society Advisor) made clear by his presence at this event. There is the issue of older big brothers showing up into middle age that really highlights the creepy aspect of the Erotic City event, the objectification that precedes all sexual offenses, all made possible by girls lacking in self-esteem and any sense of their own worth. No stupid girls; no Erotic City. As one male Adam & Eve participant commented, "If they're here, they suck." Women have not sacrificed decade after decade for this, to be back where they started, do you think, girls?

If President Herzberger cared at all about women's issues, about the girls in her charge, a current Whittier College student photo ID card would be required for entrance into such an event, and if Sharon cared as much as she should care, this event wouldn't be on campus, or off campus, or off planet; it would be on the junk heap of Whittier College social history where it has belonged for a number of years.

Erotic City AKA Adam & Eve Note: This year there was no Lancer Society Erotic City AKA Adam & Eve event because the Lancers have been suspended. whittiergate has been joined by the majority of campus students, faculty, and staff, and the larger Whittier community, in actively opposing this event that denigrates and endangers young females, and if this event is started up again - under any name - we pledge that we will make sure it's ended once and for all.

* * *

Homecoming King and Queen, Whittier Weekend Mr. and Ms. Whittier, are now just that, and Whittier College Students now have a Homecoming Dance

Homecoming King and Queen, Whittier Weekend Mr. and Ms. Whittier, are now elected in a manner more likely to result in a Mr. and Ms. Whittier representative of the student body, and minor students, the overwhelming majority of Whittier College students, are no longer kept out of their own Homecoming dance.

whittiergate is very pleased to have been part of some restoration of homecoming weekend tradition at Whittier College.


We spoke too soon... The 2012-13 academic year Whittier College 'leadership' has unilaterally terminated one of Whittier College's foundational traditions, Homecoming Weekend. There are no more elections for Homecoming King and Queen (or, as the nauseatingly P C decision-makers had previously come up with, Whittier Weekend and Mr. & Ms. Whittier), no Homecoming Dance, nada. Homecoming weekend has been converted whole cloth into a fundraising weekend shakedown of alumni. There's now a Casino Night (despite the fact that numerous Whittier alumni have seen their gambling problems exposed in the mass media) for alumni fundraising targets. Well, Whittier College rolled the dice on this one and time will prove everyone loses. How could this happen?

The beginning of the demise of Homecoming at Whittier College was the election of lesbian activist Alex Sheldon as Mr. Whittier. Since Whittier is strongly recruiting among the BGLAD high school community, the Herzberger administration has completely committed to the BGLAD activist version of political correctness, which is causing some compatibility issues vis-a-vis a traditional Homecoming weekend with a King and Queen. Whittier was ridiculed for its lesbian Mr. Whittier, and it was only a matter of time before a gay male would become Homecoming Queen, or Ms. Whittier. Whittier College, seeking to avoid the consequences of its recruiting policies and BLGAD activist agenda, instead of reexamining this policy - what happened to recruiting the best students and it's no one else's business what their sexual preferences are? - has chosen to destroy one of the few surviving traditions that characterize the small private liberal arts college milieu that Whittier College can now only falsely claim to offer students. (How dishonest can you Whittier recruiters be?!)

Now you'll find at Whittier College a gender ambiguous public bathroom, an anatomical male presenting himself as a female and demanding that a female, rather than male, Campus Safety officer frisk him -demanding sensitivity from others he's not willing to show to others himself - one bizarre decision or incident after another.

"I don't get it. Is this a magic show?" - Character Alan Garner played by Zach Galifianakis in 'Hangover II'.

Whittier College will regret throwing out (reasonably non-discriminatory, inclusive) traditions undergirding the small liberal arts college milieu that made Whittier special, and turning this campus into an unmoored freak show...

If Whittier College's future depends upon a sense of community in, rather than the narcissism of, its former students, Whittier would appear to have no future...

Whittier College, restore Homecoming Weekend !!

* * *


Whittier College yet again took advantage of the summer break to take an action the school didn't want discussed by the College community. The summer before last the College ripped out health, safety and environment friendly natural grass in the stadium and replaced it with health, safety, and environmental hazard artificial turf. This past summer Whittier College quietly dumped alumnus, benefactor, trustee, and crook, Alfred R. Villalobos - after whittiergate predicted Villalobos' role in the Pensiongate scandal would lead to legal action against him.

whittiergate's Villalobos Pensiongate scandal expose was read by California Attorney General's office attorneys, and has been cited by the Sacramento Bee and a number of blogs and clearly contributed to Villalobos being held accountable for his thievery by the State of California, and clearly caused Whittier College to renounce this infamous Whittier alumnus. But that's not enough: Whittier College must change the name of Villalobos Hall, but, first, some details of the Villalobos case...

The State of California is now seeking $70 mil from Villalobos in restitution for kickbacks he received for his role as an unregistered so-called placement agent funneling state, county, and city workers' pension funds to companies who paid him well to do just that, and $25 mil in fines therefore. Villalobos's 21 known bank accounts, 16 homes, and his luxury vehicle and art collections, were ordered frozen - at the California Attorney General's request - because Villalobos was alleged to be trying to hide his assets and because Alfred has a severe gambling problem.

Gambling debts played a role in Villalobos' first known bankruptcy filing, in the 90s, when he was dumped as a Deputy Mayor by the City of Los Angeles, and he currently claims, in a new bankruptcy filing, that he's in debt to seven different Nevada casinos to the tune of $4.6 mil, and already owes his attorneys $1.1 mil for defending him against the People of the State of California and for the new bankruptcy filing. And you thought Whittier College's Casino Night event was harmless?

While Villalobos is now hiding behind the new federal bankruptcy filing in Nevada - all pending lawsuits against Villalobos will be held in obeyance while this bankruptcy filing is adjudicated - he will eventually have to face the action the People of the State of California have filed against him.

Now, if Whittier College has any conscience, any integrity, at all, the name of Villalobos Hall will be changed to Pensioners Hall, or the money for its construction be repaid to CalPERS - because it's money from California's state, county, and city workers' pension funds, ill-gotten by Alfred Villalobos, that were used to underwrite the new hall on campus and glorify a crook, or in Whittier College's case another crook. When Whittier grads start exclaiming, "I am not a crook!", from Nixon to Villalobos, then you know they're crooks.

And this College evidently needs to be reminded, again, about changing the Nixon Fountain and Nixon Fellowship to the Michael Heck Fountain and Heck Fellowship...

See an update of the Alfred Villalobos case complete with new legal information and new links on whittiergate's The InFamous and Otherwise Unlucky of Whittier College page...

Richard I. Gilchrist Out As Whittier Trustees Chair

After whittiergate spotlighting of the involvement of now former Whittier College Trustees Chair Richard Gilchrist being involved in deals with CALpers similar to those made by now disgraced and former co-Whittier Trustee Alfred Villalobos, Gilchrist is no longer Trustees Chair. Gilchrist, however, along with other suspects like David Mandarich, remains a Trustee.

See whittiergate's extended Whittier Law School page for more on Richard I. Gilchrist, David Mandarich, and Alfred Villalobos...and this site's The Infamous and Otherwise Unlucky page for more on Mandarich and Villalobos.

Also see the following pages from a blog from a real Ivy League school community. about what these high flying property developers and managers, including Leon Black, who figured prominently in the Villalobos scandal, are really up to and what it means for the schools they're ruining:

'College Whistleblowers Denounce Trustee Conflicts to Government'


'The Effects of Good and Bad Governance'

Compare Whittier College's endowment and its history with that of say Occidental College... Why won't Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger open this school's books, why is she refusing requests for budget transparency? Why doesn't Whittier want anyone to know what's going on here?

* * *

Out of the Pan and Into the Fire: With Campus Safety Under Fire, Whittier College Sacrifices African-American Chief Bernard Alex, Then Gets Conned by a New Chief, the Infamous Timm Browne

Bernard Alex became Campus Safety Chief by unethical if not illegal means, blamed students when they were victimized by criminals, shielded Campus Safety personnel when they committed crimes, gave bad recommendations to former officers who refused to go along with his crime spree, appears to have taken kickbacks for everything from uniforms to vehicle repairs, allowed anti-hazing laws to be violated, rapists to continue their sexual crimes elsewhere after being apprehended and then let go at Whittier, the list of the moral, ethical, and legal erratum committed by Alex is lengthy, certainly lengthy enough for Whittier College to at the very least terminate Alex's employment at the College, but the Whittier College administration knew about most of Alex's wrongdoing and thought he was nevertheless or therefore a pretty good fit with corrupt and corrupting Whittier College.

In the end, the administration, having finally to act thanks to whittiergate spotlighting of serious Campus Safety wrongdoing, realized that students haven't felt well-served by Alex, and that, with African-American students constituting only a single digit percentage of the student body, Alex was unlikely to be the beneficiary of any Save Alex protest, made and floated a health issue cover story to explain this termination decision. With what Bernard Alex knows about Whittier College, it would've been playing with fire for the College to sacrifice him without kid gloves. Now Alex, John Lewis, Rory Cochran, Demetra Kimble, Et Al, and Sharon Herzberger, will just have to wait and see whether they got away with their immoral, unethical, and criminal activities during Alex's run as Campus Safety Chief, or not...

Whittier College alumnus and Assistant Chief, John Lewis, the White spokesperson for Campus Safety even when Black Bernard Alex was Chief, who has an even worse record than does Alex, but who knows too much about the misconduct of members of the Whittier College community (Lewis has been around off and on since the 80s when he was a Whittier student and became a life-long Sachsen Society member - Lewis is singularly responsible for persuading incoming President Sharon Herzberger to reinstate the long-banned Sachsens on campus, and has since been their Advisor and protector, knows of this Society's crimes and shields these criminals), has not been fired, which is the biggest security mistake Whittier College could make - with the singular exception of hiring Timm Browne as the new Campus Safety Chief.

Authoritative sources describe new Whittier College Campus Safety Chief Timm Browne as a con man, a bully, a criminal, and a racist. Browne's first chief position was in Rialto, which municipality he left under fire. In Rialto Browne's reported to have referred to Blacks as "monkeys", displayed German war memorabilia in his office (they'll probably make this con man an honorary Sachsen Society member), threatened community members, and is alleged to have tried to set some residents up to be arrested, including at least one city councilman.

Browne's next stop was Palos Verdes Estates, which in short order hired, suspended, and finally ended Browne's crime spree under color of authority as PVE's police chief. Browne was accused while in PVE with continuing to threaten Rialto residents, threatening PVE residents, continuing to speak disparagingly about minorities, selling weapons confiscated by his department (reminds us of John Lewis periodically 'disappearing' contraband - mostly drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons - confiscated from Whittier College students stored in a Campus Safety office closet, secured by a simple padlock, that Lewis cleans out periodically), and alienated the surfing community, getting up to his usual modus operandi. Browne was investigated while at PVE by the FBI, the ATF, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

While Browne escaped prosecution (the ATF, for example, had limited resources and higher priority cases to prosecute), there appears to be no doubt on any source's part that Browne was guilty of all the allegations made against him. The Sheriff's investigative report on Timm Browne - # 404-00508-3420-151 - is the definitive report on Browne by a law enforcement agency. Once Browne was seen for who and what he is by PVE city officials, they refused to permit Timm Browne to carry a weapon (reminds us of Campus Safety's Rory Cochran losing his permit to carry a weapon after he played Quickdraw McGraw at USC, which is why he went on to Whittier College and has since been allowed to carry only a baton - where does Whittier College find these guys?!). Sharon Herzberger, knowing more about Campus Safety personnel than she lets on, says, "More harm could be done than good in arming campus police" at Whittier College.

After getting the boot from PVE, Timm Browne tried to get into the LAPD, but that department got wise to him early on and washed him out. That's when Browne went into loss prevention for a supermarket chain (well, he does know about loss), where he languished until he conned his way into the Whittier College Campus Safety chief position.

While the records of law enforcement officers are difficult to access, Whittier College either failed in its obligation of due diligence in the hiring process or finds this really bad person to be a good fit with Whittier College, the Home of Dirty Tricks, where the innocent young local Quaker boy Dick Nixon learned them.
As was said of another con man from Orange County by an organization insider there, I never met a con man I didn't like, and I really like this guy. Timm Browne is a great example of why due diligence is necessary.

Quaker Campus yet again failed to get the story, this time on Timm Brown. If Quaker Campus did the job students allocate funds for it to do, whittiergate would never have been necessary. If this student paper continues to choose being an administration mouthpiece rather than our student publication, then let ' Q C ' seek funding from the administration, not from the ASWC.

Until this hiring mistake is rectified by the College, the sooner the better, students, faculty, and staff are urged to exercise extreme caution regarding Timm Browne, and remember that the only way to deal with a con man is to hold onto your money, and with a bully to back him down. Pretty much anyone who has to take Timm Browne to court will win, and Whittier College will also be liable for any bullying or worse Browne engages in here.

Of great concern for the Whittier College community is the racism Browne has exhibited in all the positions he has held in law enforcement. Conning ditzy Dean Jeanne Ortiz was easy for Browne, and his racism doubtlessly makes the Whittier College Old Guard, who fondly recall the good old days, when Latinos as well as Blacks couldn't live in Whittier or even eat in restaurants here, comfortable, but this hiring decision (by Jeanne Ortiz - how long is the incompetent Ortiz going to be kept on here?! - but obviously approved by President Sharon Herzberger and the Whittier College Trustees) is going to end up playing to boos and we've little doubt corrective legal actions - unless this school administration finally engages in belated due diligence and expeditiously terminates Browne's employment here.

For much more information and links related to Timm Browne's checkered history, incredibly inept Quaker Campus coverage of Browne, and this con man's first Whittier College scam - talking ASWC out of $15,000 of student funds - see whittiergate's New Campus Safety Scandals Revealed page Update.

Also see more on Timm Browne on this site's Hall of Shamepage, a page reserved for dishonest Whittier College professors. Browne's induction into the Whittier College Hall of Shame is dishonorary - he falsely claims to have been a professor (and falsely claims to have "managed security issues at a previous college", ad infinitum, ad nauseum). It's only a matter of time before Timm Browne appears on this page following predecessor Bernard Alex out of Whittier - the sooner the better...

Timm Browne Note: Timm Browne has been cleansed from Whittier College's official web site. Browne no longer appears on either the site's Campus Safety Chief's or Staff pages, and a search for Timm Browne produces no result, while searches for Bernard Alex and John Lewis turn up pages of results. Are Whittier College administrators yet again showing their mastery of Stahlinist School of Historical Falsification techniques? (Soviet dictator Joseph Stahlin used to disappear those going out of favor not only bodily but also from photos and texts, from history, most humorously replacing one of the disappeared in a group photo with a shrub.)

Meanwhile, a Campus Safety spokesperson states that Timm Browne continues as (the new) chief, or as the College now prefers, director. We'll see... If you're going to be on the Whittier College campus or in Whittier, then you'll be wise to tell Whittier College's administration and trustees and City Council members how you feel about Timm Browne being on campus and in Whittier.

* * *


Whittier College Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis has, finally, resigned. The Whittier campus was noticed of Lewis' resignation through an email from Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz only days after the newest exposes of Lewis' misconduct and crimes were published by whittiergate. Lewis has declined to comment on his resignation.

This is the best thing that has happened to John Lewis since he graduated from Whittier College, and it's one of the best things that has happened to Whittier College since Lewis returned to campus.. It's past time for John Lewis to grow up, try to make something of himself out in the world. Everyone thinks Lewis has been taking drugs and paraphernalia from students on campus for his own purposes, so now he'll just have to go straight or get a prescription for medical marijuana like everyone else. Lewis has been involved directly or indirectly in most of Campus Safety's misconduct and crimes for many, too many, years.

If Whittier College allows John Lewis to continue in any capacity with the Sachsen Society, of which he's a member and official advisor, especially in view of recent revelations about Lewis' misconduct related to minor as well as adult Sachsens, that will be revealed to be as big a mistake as was bringing him back to campus in the first place...

* * *

Troubled WLS Update: Dean Neil Cogan Bails, Then New Dean Penelope Bryan Brings Whittier Law School Down

Speaking of out of the pan and into the fire, and discrimination and retaliation, if Whittier College's Orange County venture Whittier Law School survives new Dean Penelope Bryan's self-destructive as well as outrageous misconduct, well, that'll be pretty much miraculous...

Whittier Law School, placed and kept on probation by the American Bar Association, the overseer of U. S. law schools, for one of the longest periods of any law school ever under Neil Cogan's stewardship - the WLS graduates' bar exam pass rate has been abysmal, but WLS still refuses, like its mother Whittier College campus, to give up its federal Hispanic-Serving Institutions scam worth millions and still counting - finally saw Dean Cogan give up the ghost. Then in came Penelope Bryan. Unfortunately, Dean Bryan hasn't saved the day, but she has kicked this ill-conceived and ill-operated law school's last leg out from under this Whittier College expansion campus in Costa Mesa.

whittiergate had exposed Whittier College / Whittier Law School asking a federal district court to hide the fact that WLS had been placed on probation by the ABA from prospective WLS students, which request was denied by the court, and scooped all other publications in reporting the renewal of Whittier Law School's probation status, during Cogan's stewardship of WLS.

whittiergate explains on this site's page on Whittier Law School how WLS never was able to get out from under the American Bar Association-imposed probation status by its own efforts, that it was a national policy change related to increasing minorities in the law field that, finally, got WLS out from under probation. At that time, whittiergate warned that one of the related new policy changes, ending campus visits by ABA inspectors and relying henceforth on self-reporting by law schools, would likely prove problematic in Whittier Law School's case, and now, indeed, this site's concern has been proven by Dean Penelope Bryan's outrageous misconduct to be right on the money.

Penny Bryan has really outdone Neil Cogan. Bryan is alleged to have not only continued the Hispanic-Serving Institutions scam and at the same time discriminated against minority students, but also to have engaged in ethnic cleansing of WLS staff seeking to make the school appear more like Chapman, more White, and she is also alleged to have altered grades and misrepresented WLS grads' bar exam pass rates, and, finally, retaliated against African-American Registrar Wayne Van Ellis for refusing to carry out such instructions by demoting him.

Facing a likely lawsuit and public airing of this misconduct, Penelope Bryan and Whittier Law School / Whittier College, that's to say Sharon Herzberger and Trustees, agreed to confidential EEOC (federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) mediation and settled with complainant Van Ellis, who in self-defense detailed Bryan's misconduct, discrimination and retaliation. Unfortunately for Whittier Law School's new but same old Dirty Tricks leadership, who wrongly thought they had gotten away with all this by buying Van Ellis' silence, whittiergate has been looking into the inner workings of WLS since well before Penelope Bryan arrived on campus and has put this puzzle together without input from Wayne Van Ellis. Bryan's trying to bury her misconduct on behalf of the Whittier administration and trustees in a confidential EEOC mediation settlement has failed to hide the truth about these Nixonian characters and their misdeeds.

Now, it looks as though Whittier Law School is headed back to ABA probation status, if the school's lucky - WLS accreditation should, finally, simply be ended, along with this school's discriminatory practices, the rip offs of all its students, regardless of race, and of the federal government, taxpayers, and all those in need of legal representation who'd have found too late they'd hired unqualified WLS alumni. It also looks as though Penelope Bryan won't be able to be honest and get another law school administrative post, for which, sadly, she has proven she's morally and ethically unfit, and she should also rather obviously be disbarred. whittiergate publicly pleaded with Penelope Bryan to do the "right thing(s)" as the new Whittier Law School Dean. The soon to be former WLS Dean Penny Bryan should've listened to this Whittier College voice of conscience and indeed done the "right thing(s)". The next time Penelope Bryan appears on this page, it'll be to note her departure...

Update: Sarah Meyabadi v Whittier

Sarah Meyabadi, a former Whittier Law School student, has won her lawsuit against WLS. Meyabadi's WLS grades had been changed (lowered) so that she appeared to have failed to earn her J D when indeed and in fact she had satisfied the requirements for her law degree - because WLS didn't think this student could pass the California bar exam (and has lost its moral compass and all sense of ethics and law). It turns out Ms. Meyabadi knows fraud when she sees it, though...

The turning point in Meyabadi v Whittier came when Judge James Di Cesare ruled that former WLS registrar Wayne Van Ellis, the confidential EEOC settlement between Whittier and Van Ellis notwithstanding, could testify in Meyabadi v Whittier. Whittier immediately settled, yet again confidentially, this time Sarah Meyabadi being granted the J D she earned and receiving a significant amount of money for wrongs done her by Whittier. Evidently, WLS administrators and committee members are no judges of either competence or character, as Sarah Meyabadi, and Wayne Van Ellis, have, yet again, proven.

The Meyabadi settlement follows big pay outs to WLS professors Marcy Peek and Nelson Rose, and to former registrar Van Ellis, so now we've seen successful suits against Whittier issue from faculty, staff, and student body. See more regarding Whittier Law School on this site's extended Whittier Law School page...

See this site's Federal Court Denies Whittier's Requests for Relief and to Hide Probation Status from Public page Update for more information regarding Whittier Law School being pushed over the brink by its new leadership gone very, very wrong...


To whittiergate: "I was surprised to see no mention of Whittier College spending upwards of $50,000 on a cooling system (that doesn't really work) for the artificial turf installed in the stadium and for related P R costs. Those expenses were definitely a reaction to "Whittiergate Spotlighting". Keep pressuring the administration and trustees until we get natural grass back in our stadium!"

To whittiergate: "Something that hasn't been changed is that damned artificial turf stadium 'field'. The injuries to athletes using this artificial turf, that you all predicted, really are occuring and really do need to be looked into...just like the long-term illnesses, cancer and silicosis among them, that will be cropping up down the road. Don't let these corrupt creeps off the hook for putting a toxic stew, the as you put it health, safety, and environmental hazard artificial turf, where our field used to be! We need our natural grass field back!!"