whittiergate has been online since mid-April 2007 and is augmenting content and reaching evermore visitors with the truth about Whittier College. The only reason Whittier College has not taken legal action against this site (there have been lots of dirty tricks from Whittier College trying to impede and get this site offline, but those are unethical and/or illegal actions) is that whittiergate.com content is verifiably factual. whittiergate.com doesn't lie, doesn't libel or defame, just presents facts, puts them together, tells the truth.

whittiergate has received numerous reports of Whittier College faculty members telling students that this site's content is lies. If you send us a faculty member's name and when and where he or she told students that whittiergate.com's content is lies, then this site will confirm your report and feature the reported prof in the Hall of Shame, the page on which this site features pathetic liars masquerading as honorable professors, and we'll learn and share with you why the posers are dishonoring themselves and their profession by lying to, betraying, their students.

Our experience is that if a teacher lies to his or her students about one thing, they're highly likely to be lying about other matters, too, and those other lies can be even more interesting than the lie that drew the liar to our attention initially, and we'll learn and share the stories behind those other lies as well - because a professor who lies can't call a student out for lying, or cheating, or anything else. Take an honest look at Whittier College: reporting academic misconduct brings threats and attacks, threats and attacks that are covered up by the College. As long as this continues, your degree is worth less and less.

When there are honorable professors being threatened and attacked for standing up for the truth, for academic integrity, for protected speech and petition rights, for their students' education, for the College's mission, for decency, the liars masquerading as honorable professors deserve neither respect nor any free passes. They do deserve a place in the Hall of Shame, and that's what their lies will get them.

For the money you're paying, you're entitled to assume professors are telling you the truth.

First DisHonorary Hall of Shame Inductee: Timm Browne

This Hall of Shame page is reserved for Whittier College professors who lie, but our first Hall of Shame inductee, new Campus Safety Chief Timm Browne, has been inducted on an honorary or dishonorary basis - because, if we gave the impression that Browne's a professor, then we'd be liars, like Timm Browne...

Timm Browne appears to be a pathological liar, not uncommon among con men.

"I was a professor at Cal State Long Beach..." stated Browne in a 'Quaker Campus' interview with Richard Pitones published on February 2, 2011. "...and I like the learning environment," continued Browne. It evidently didn't strike Whittier student and junior journalist Richard Pitones as odd that a professor would become a campus safety chief, nor those Whittier administrators who hired Browne that it was just as odd that he went into loss prevention for a supermarket chain after being a chief of police - yes, learning environments are easy pickings for con men, what's not to like? - but this struck whittiergate as highly unusual, so we've looked into this claim...

It turns out that Timm Browne taught for one year, before he lost his job at the Palos Verdes Estates P. D. for being more criminal than cop, courses offered through Cal State Long Beach's College of Continuing and Professional Education. Among the CSULB Continuing Education course offerings: Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business, Customer Service Fundamentals, Get Assertive!, Get Paid to Travel, you get the idea. There are no academic qualifications to teach such courses; work and life experience suffice. Browne taught 'Paraeducator training program and training seminar in occupational studies', and 'Attitude awareness in education and the workplace'. Timm Browne a professor? We think not. A con man? Obviously. Well, obviously enough to everyone but the lazy bumpkins at Whittier College.

Welcome to the Hall of Shame, Timm Browne. This Hall of Shame was created for professors who lie, but we just had to find a way to induct you, Timm. Lying about being a professor was just too outrageous to ignore. And let that be a lesson to all you lying professors: You could've saved a lot of time and expense by just saying you're a professor, but then you'd be in the whittiergate Hall of Shame.

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