Whittier College Campus Safety Scandals Revealed

How Campus Safety Got This Way

Previous Whittier College Campus Safety regimes have their share of horrors to disclose, notable among them the failure to warn Sierra Nevada College, Nevada's only private liberal arts college, about ex-Whittier College President Dr. James Lee Ash, Jr.. Ash, now also an ex-con (he was convicted multiple times and was finally imprisoned in Nevada for trafficking a controlled substance), and still subject to court orders restraining him from being alone with males as well as females under the age of 21, was, according to Nevada court transcripts, involved with illegal drugs and engaging in sexual relations with boys in L. A.. while still President of Whittier College.

Ash's criminal activities and the attendant bad P R destroyed Sierra Nevada College, a unique and promising school, as well as damaging the lives of an unknown number of boys. Like Campus Safety didn't know about Ash's criminal conduct. Why do you think Ash resigned from the Whittier College presidency without giving any reason for doing so? whittiergate has been informed by multiple sources that Jim Ash was providing drugs to and engaging in sex with boys, including Whittier College students, in Wardman House, the Whittier College president's residence. (Ask neighbors, including Whittier College Trustee Ruth Shannon, like they didn't know!)

And let's not forget Campus Safety's evident involvement in the bugging of the Quaker Campus editorial office and the cover up of that illegal electronic eavesdropping, a felony in California where there's an expectation of privacy. A private investigator looking into this crime concluded that Whittier College was at the top of the suspect list.

The Whittier P. D. detective who was assigned to this case previously worked for Campus Safety, and admitted his investigation of this felony led to a former Campus Safety Chief, but absurdly claimed he came to a dead end because that former Chief had moved out of town. As we've noted previously, evidently one can evade responsibility for crimes committed in Whittier by simply moving out of town!

But we must concern ourselves now with the immediate threats posed to students, to the entire community, by the current Campus Safety regime...

Campus Safety's current Chief, Bernard Alex, and Assistant Chief and spokeperson, John Lewis, both came to their positions at Whittier College from USC. The story told by multiple sources is that Campus Safety's Roy Cochran 'lost' the applications of other candidates for these positions. Former Reserve Officer Parra, involved in the unwarranted detainment of and assault on, and the sexual battery by his partner Sgt. Rick Thomas, now with the Antelope Valley College police department, on an Officer of the Superior Court properly making required legal service on student Nicola Jagessar through John Lewis at the Campus Safety office, followed Alex and Lewis from USC to Whittier College. We note that there is no statue of limitation on sexual crimes. Cochran and Bernard are both African-Americans. John Lewis, who is White and a Whittier College graduate, serves as the acceptable front man for this USC Cabal and racist Whittier College.

To whittiergate: "Rory Cochran, who's responsible for bringing Bernard Alex and John Lewis into Campus Safety, as you've pointed out, has an interesting history of his own. When at USC, Cochran had his permit to carry a firearm taken away from him for playing Quickdraw McGraw, and to this day is allowed to carry only a baton. Yet Whittier College still hired Cochran, and then let him bring in his partners in crime! Pray that Whittier College never allows Campus Safety personnel to carry firearms."

John Lewis is also a Sachsen Society member, indeed he persuaded then incoming President Sharon Herzberger to reinstate the Sachsens on campus. (See the new whittiergate 'Inside the Sachsen Society' page...) Despite denials of any involvement by Lewis with the Sachsens while they were banned from campus and he was already Campus Safety Assistant Chief, Lewis has been involved continuously with the Sachsens. Lewis, the number two man and spokesman for Whittier College Campus Safety, to this day continues his involvement with the Sachsen Society, as the Society's Advisor and as a Sachsen Society member, while the Sachsens continue to engage in criminal activities in an organized manner to destroy the moral fiber and ethical capacity of its brainwashed members.

To whittiergate: "I think John Lewis smokes pot."
To whittiergate: "I've seen John Lewis drink" (alcoholic beverages at society functions where minors were drinking alcoholic beverages).
To whittiergate: "There was a rumor going around the Sachsen Society that John Lewis owns one of the most impressive bongs around Whittier."


To whittiergate: Regarding John Lewis' "impressive" bong - "...I never saw it...but with all the bongs I lost to campus safety it might have originally been mine!"

Go to the Sachsen Society web site, you can link to it through the official Whittier College site. Yes, Whittier College promotes its undergraduates joining Societies, while knowing all about those Societies' misconduct and crimes, and most importantly the harm they do to individual students - because Society member students contribute more services and then as alumni more money to the College than do non-alumni students and graduates.

At the Sachsen Society site you'll see that the current Sachsen President is 'Whitney Co.Cane', a pun intended by her - Whitney Cocaine's MySpace profile is even more blatant - and evidently just fine with John Lewis, who is well aware of the illegal drug provision and use and other crimes committed by Sachsens. To go beyond the Sachsen Society site main page you'll need a Sachsen 'Mug Name'. Shall we look at some Sachsen Pledge Books and see how many times John Lewis' mug name is signed therein - while he was supposedly no longer involved with the Sachsens? Lewis' being a continuously active Sachsen poses an insoluble conflict of interest while he is employed by Campus Safety.

"The too small step from refusing to enforce the law to committing crimes oneself has already been taken at Whittier College." - Bart Brown

Lewis makes, and must make because he is a member of a secret society engaging in immoral, unethical, and criminal activities, moral, ethical, and criminal mistakes as Assistant Chief of Campus Safety, not only by his participation in that Society's crimes but also through his official advisory role and his obscuring and covering up crimes committed by his fellow Society 'family' and Societies 'clan' members (all Whittier College's secret Societies try to supplant their pledges' real families and are linked together by a faux lineage as a clan), and his role in luring new, naive, pledges into the criminal gangs called Societies. John Lewis must go, this College can no longer tolerate the liabilities he embodies.

How John Lewis and Campus Safety can get away with stating that all Whittier College student rape victims (and we refer here to only those rapes that haven't been ignored or swept under the rug, more numerous than those admitted to by Campus Safety) over the past few years have "declined police involvement" is outrageous beyond words. Campus Safety is obviously influencing Whittier College students who've been raped to decline police involvement, instead of stopping the rapists! God help rape victims at Whittier College - because Campus Safety isn't going to help them! One can just hear Bernard Alex telling the victims, like the victims of burglaries and other invasive crimes committed against students on campus, that it's the victim's fault! And John Lewis can say this with a straight face? And then we learn that Campus Safety officers are committing sexual assaults on campus!

Sharon Herzberger already knows all this

Questions have been raised by multiple sources about Campus Safety budgets. New uniforms have been purchased only rarely, necessary equipment has not been replaced when it wears out, and allegations of kickbacks on Campus Safety auto repairs have been made. Campus Safety vehicles are deficient in several respects, making Campus Safety less effective and the College community less safe than Campus Safety and Whittier College would have us believe.

Campus Safety vehicles are not even worth the amount reportedly charged for repairs allegedly made on them. Officers have been ordered to take Campus Safety vehicles to out of the way car washes, wasting money as well as time, and together with the general sad state of Campus Safety equipment and the alleged auto repair kickback scheme, suggests a highly rationalized looting of the Campus Safety budget.

whittiergate is informed that Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger has received at least one communication detailing the Campus Safety auto repair kickback scam as well as an assault on a female Whittier College student by Campus Safety employee Demetra Kimble, who is alleged to have also assaulted a male Campus Safety Officer and sexually assaulted two male students. Kimble was then promoted!

There is no doubt that Sharon Herzberger knows every allegation whittiergate has published to be true, and knew about them in most cases before whittiergate learned of them. What kind of college president believes it's more important to keep wrongs quiet, therefore multiplying them - and their victims - than to protect students and the college itself from the inevitable consequences of wrongdoing?

* * *

Campus Safety Kickback Contest

Send whittiergate.com the name and address of the local Whittier auto repair shop from which it's alleged Campus Safety's Chief and it's believed others in the know receive kickbacks (and where repairs are allegedly not even made) and win a prize!

Note: Past and present Campus Safety employees and Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger are eligible to enter the Campus Safety Kickback Contest, but are ineligible to receive any prize - because they already know all about this kickback scam.

* * *

President Herzberger has simply stonewalled complaints about Campus Safety wrongdoing. Numerous complaints have reportedly also been lodged with Human Resources with no meaningful action ever being taken by H R either. Whittier College's modus operandi is to stonewall, and because students and even most faculty members and other College employees are ultimately transients; it's a relatively simple matter to ignore those who will be going on their way soon enough, and are, while still at the College, unable to break through the threats, character assassination, and censorship the College marshalls against them, and who are fearful of nearly certain further retaliation if they do manage to make themselves heard.

For President Herzberger to know and do nothing about Campus Safety policy violations and crimes is to condone past offenses and to facilitate further immoral, unethical, and criminal acts by Campus Safety employees. This is not leadership, this is not acceptable. Every unethical and criminal act committed, every individual harmed, by College employees not only reveals Herzberger's incompetence but also makes her culpable.

Multiple sources have expressed a concern already published by whittiergate regarding confiscated drugs and weapons, evidence that's stored in a Campus Safety closet secured by a simple padlock. When questioned about where the drugs and weapons are removed to periodically, Assistant Chief John Lewis has lamely tried to be amusingly coy, but has declined to answer the question. Let us ask, again: Where are the drugs and weapons confiscated by Campus Safety officers going?! Laws are being violated in this regard by Campus Safety, by Whittier College, and by John Lewis as a named individual.

Beware Crimes Under Color of Authority whittiergate has been specifically informed that now Sgt. Kimble has assaulted a male former Campus Safety Officer, assaulted a female student working for Campus Safety, and committed sexual battery against two male student athletes, at least one of whom also worked for Campus Safety - and we've no doubt that this is just the tip of the iceberg of Kimble's criminal acts under color of authority - and all this was known to Campus Safety leaders and many others, including Whittier College administrators, up to and including President Sharon Herzberger, before Kimble was again promoted!

Many sources unanimously decry Demetra Rena Kimble-Ross' general lack of professionalism, and believe that she benefits by a special relationship with Campus Safety's USC Cabal. Why are Alex and Lewis endangering their personal Whittier College ATM for this pathological clown "Mama Reese' AKA Demetra or Dede Kimble? The answer to this question must be interesting, and disgusting, indeed.

Demetra Kimble on duty or fat fox in the chicken coop?


Kimble has already been exposed by whittiergate (on our 'Whittier College Student Memoir' page, where 'Mama Reese' is described) engaging in a questionable response to marijuana use in a dorm room complaint. What was on duty Campus Safety officer Demetra Kimble doing in that dorm room with undergraduate students smoking marijuana for so long? Not to mention the fact that nothing happened to those students smoking dope - their dope wasn't even confiscated! - on campus, pursuant to a complaint.

'Mama Reese' on duty or Dede Has a Big Ole Butt

Campus Safety Chief Bernard Alex needs to stop blaming students for allowing crime, like out of control drug addicts invading the campus, and start accepting responsibility for crimes committed on his watch, or just resign. Who's minding the store while Campus Safety officers who are supposed to be on patrol are instead partying or busy assaulting other officers, students, and legitimate campus visitors?

At the same time that Chief Alex and Assistant Chief Lewis turn blind eyes toward Demetra Kimble's unprofessional and alleged criminal actions, multiple sources inform whittiergate that the State of California is investigating complaints that false accusations of sexual and other misconduct have been used to push good officers out of Campus Safety. Multiple sources also report harassment of such ex-Campus Safety officers, which has made it difficult for these good officers to make a post-Whittier College living. The turnover of Campus Safety personnel, aside from the USC Cabal, their facilitator Roy Cochran, and the otherwise universally condemned Demetra Kimble, is unusually high. It seems that the rotten apples remain, to spoil or drive out any good apples brought in.

Campus Safety, spending so much time and so many resources on facilitating, ignoring, covering up, and committing crimes, evidently has none left for crime prevention. Campus Safety simply blames students for the crimes committed against them by other students and campus visitors and intruders. And Campus Safety leadership treats officers who are clean, who are not corrupt, who care about their work, protecting and serving students and College employees and visitors, as enemies, not the corrupt and corrupting bad apples - because the leaders are the rottenest of the bad apples in Campus Safety.

whittiergate has also previously reported an assault by former Reserve Officer Parra and former Sgt. Rick Thomas, and a sexual assault by Thomas, under color of authority (See this site's 'Whittier College Safety Officers Assault Officer of the Court. Who's Next?' page). There is no doubt that stonewalling crimes by Campus Safety personnel results in more crimes being committed, in more victims.

Justice is coming to Whittier College...

Meanwhile, whittiergate has received communications suggesting that the College will negotiate an out of court settlement with a wrongfully terminated Campus Safety officer's attorney that will result in a six figure pay out to avoid bad publicity. The results of an investigation by a State of California agency reportedly supports the complainant in this case. And this case is said to pale in comparison with a class action suit to be brought against Campus Safety and Whittier College. We call on Whittier College, on President Sharon Herzberger, to stop hiding the truth about the dangers to students, to the community, to Whittier College itself, posed by this criminally out of control Campus Safety regime, and to clean up this mess. .

Big Booty on Duty? (If you're not afraid of that big flashlight, you should be..

Campus Safety's Bernard Alex and John Lewis, and accomplices like Roy Cochran and Demetra Kimble, would do well to give some thought to the fact that they also pose a danger to themselves. For some Campus Safety employees the best move would be leaving this College of their own volition, now - because there will be more investigations, more media coverage, Campus Safety is going to be spotlighted like a thug under a police helicopter searchlight until the perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice.

What you can do

If you have been victimized by Campus Safety personnel, if you have not been served and protected by Campus Safety personnel when they were obligated to do so, if you know of instances of unprofessional conduct and/or wrongdoing by Campus Safety employees, contact us.

As things stand now, any student or student parent who would entertain for a second the notion of a student attending Whittier College, well, you can contact us for a counseling referral regarding that notion - because you need it; and, if a student does attend Whittier College, then you may very well need such a referral even more later.

Out of the Pan and Into the Fire: Bernard Alex Out, Timm Browne In

Bernard Alex was one of the worst Campus Safety chiefs in Whittier College history, and he should've not only been turned out, which Whittier College has finally done, if only under the relentless glare of whittiergate spotlighting, Alex should've been sued in civil court and prosecuted for crimes he committed - but Alex, knowing about a lot of skeletons in the Whittier closet, was accorded a face saving health issue cover story to explain his departure.

Still, African-American Bernard Alex is only a sacrifice made by Whittier College in the hope that increasingly vociferous critics will fall silent. Of that, however, there is not a chance. White Assistant Chief John Lewis, who was Campus Safety spokesman even when Bernard Alex was still Chief, and who is much more responsible for Campus Safety wrongdoing than was Alex, has not been fired, yet. Lewis knows about even more Whittier College closet skeletons than does Alex, so even as more and more of Lewis' misconduct and crimes are exposed, he still has the College administration and trustees over the proverbial barrel, but Whittier administrators and trustees put themselves over that barrel, and so we'd be better off without them as well as without John Lewis, certainly if they fail to clean out and reconstitute Campus Safety with leadership and officers who protect and serve and nothing else but protect and serve.

Whittier College has not only failed to terminate John Lewis' association with the school, it has made one of the most egregious hiring mistakes in its history by replacing Bernard Alex with Timm Browne, a man with a record, and an attitude, only Whittier's administration and trustees could find attractive. (While Dean Jeanne Ortiz gets the bad rap for this bad hire, Sharon Herzberger and the Trustees approved - and none of them engaged in due diligence in this hiring process.) Timm Browne has been characterized by authoritative sources as a con man, a bully, a criminal, and a racist. For the Old Guard of Whittier and Whittier College, who were comfortable enough when Latinos as well as Blacks couldn't even eat let alone live in Whittier, what's not to like? For the Latino-majority City of Whittier and Whittier College now with no race amounting to a majority on campus, Timm Browne is just not going to fly as Campus Safety chief or director.

Timm Browne emerged from Orange County law enforcement ranks to his first leadership position as Captain and then interim Chief of Police for Rialto in San Bernardino County. That didn't last long. Browne displayed German war memorabilia in his office, threatened residents, including a city councilman, is alleged to have tried to set a city councilman up for arrest, referred to African-Americans as "monkeys" and denigrated other minorities, the list of allegations is as disturbing as it is lengthy.


' Rialto police inquiry found misconduct ' by Courtney Challos for ' The Press-Enterprise '

Challos article note: The City of Rialto paid for the investigative report and got what it wanted, which was a whitewashing, insofar as was possible, of Timm Browne-inspired Rialto P. D. problems at that time. Two of the Rialto P. D. officers who went along with Browne's reign of terror in that municipality were later demoted. The officer who told the truth, Sgt. Robert Katelhut, was eventually fired. Then city councilman Ed Scott did file a lawsuit, which was settled, not dropped, and so the terms of that settlement are confidential. We do know, though, that while Timm Browne has gone on to further disgrace himself and his employers, Ed Scott has become Mayor Pro Tem of Rialto and significant reforms have been instituted at the Rialto P. D., which, like Whittier College's Campus Safety department, serves a racially diverse population.

Robert Katelhut Note: Then Rialto P D Sgt Robert Katelhut didn't just tell the truth about Timm Browne, although that's commendable in itself, Katelhut was a whistleblower who played a key role in stopping a conspiracy by Browne and some of his officers to arrest Rialto Councilman Ed Scott and to get the criminal conspirators out of the Rialto P D. When Katelhut was pressured to arrest Scott, Katelhut went to the FBI and was about to wear an FBI wire to expose the Scott arrest conspirators when a still unknown party leaked information about this investigation. At that point Katelhut and his wife began receiving death threats.

Timm Browne's actions in Rialto, including trying to have individuals he didn't like arrested (the White stepfather of a Black stepson), and reportedly threatening people's lives, was evidenced again later in Palos Verdes Estates, where Browne was regretfully hired next and from whence Browne tried to have Tommy Banas (a Jew) arrested, and again reportedly threatened lives. We see Rialto crimes prefiguring later PVE crimes, and Timm Browne's modus operandi revealed...

Bob Katelhut was recognized over his 9 years of Rialto P D service with 56 commendations, an officer of the year award, and promotion to sergeant. It's a shame that Katelhut was fired - for it was wrongly stated conducting an unauthorized investigation of a superior - before Rialto P D corruption was dealt with by the good guys in that community. A wrongdoer's dream: redefining whistleblowing as an unauthorized investigation of a superior. Rialto owes Robert Katelhut at the very least the highest recommendation.

Timm Browne made an early mistake in Rialto and revealed his racist agenda. Browne didn't do his homework regarding Ed Scott, who has a Black stepson, and referred to Blacks as "monkeys", as is Browne's unfortunate habit, in Scott's presence, which understandably didn't go over very well with the Councilman. Part of the subsequent intimidation of Scott included his teen son being pulled over and harassed by accomplices of Browne in the Rialto P. D.

The extent of what Rialto residents were subjected to by Timm Browne and his accomplices is noteworthy for anyone having to deal with Browne. Among allegations of Browne-engineered actions against a targeted Rialto resident were a false report that the individual had sexual relations with a stripper at a party, mystery cars parking outside the target's home, a local mortuary ad left as a sinister warning, threatening phone calls, the kinds of things that cause concern and even fear, really creepy stuff. Eventually Browne was forced out of the Rialto P. D. - because enough people told the truth, stood up to Browne.

Browne then went from Rialto to Palos Verdes Estates, where he was hired as that city's chief of police. PVE's Timm Browne experience was even worse than that of Rialto, and that's saying something. Browne continued to threaten residents in Rialto even after he was pushed out of the Rialto P. D.. Unfortunately for Browne, he threatened, on a PVE phone, an individual in Rialto who was working with the FBI on a corruption investigation in the Inland Empire and whose phone was therefore being tapped by the FBI.


'Police Chief Is Facing Removal' by Erin Ailworth for 'The Los Angeles Times'

"The police chief of Palos Verdes Estates is not expected to return from a forced absence..."

"...Browne left...Rialto...amidst tension between the department and the City Council."

"...Rialto City Councilman Ed Scott said Browne had a history of inappropriate behavior, including a conspiracy to arrest Scott and harassing phone calls."

Once Rialto residents had faced Browne down, he turned his attention fully to Palos Verdes Estates... Browne alienated the surfing community - surfers organized emergency meetings and Surfrider Foundation got involved - but that was only a warm up....


Wax On, Wax Off: 'Surfing Violence and You (Pt. 2)' by Bradley Beylik, Oct. 20, 2009

From the 2001 documentary 'The Swell Life' by director Darren E. McInerney and Surfrider Foundation founder Glen Hening: "then Palos Verdes Estates police chief Timm Browne goes so far as to defend the violent attitudes and life threatening crimes of local surfers, describing the rock throwing and beatings" by locals on PVE beaches as "incidents provoked by outsiders." Browne seems to suggest that "outsiders" should know the 'rules' and stay away - from public beaches!

Browne, himself a newcomer to Palos Verdes Estates, and not a PVE property owner, said, "People don't like outsiders here generally," and continued, "there's a sense of ownership that is really connected to their feeling about it." Browne's critics noted that "...we all know that nobody owns the surf. The idea that a cop would be dumb enough to circumvent the law like that is downright scary."

And going to the public beaches of Palos Verdes was scary under Browne. One of the most publicized of many cases of PVE beach violence was an incident begun by the local Dirty Underwear Gang, members of which attacked a man in his 50s, Timothy Banas, when he was walking down from a parking lot overlooking a PVE beach to surf with his son, who was following his father at some distance. The elder Banas was attacked and beaten so severely that he later had to undergo surgeries for a damaged knee and a broken tooth, and credits his then 19 year old son Tommy with saving his life. The Dirty Underwear Gang had a history of vandalism of visiting vehicles and of threatening and throwing stones at and beating visitors. Ironically enough, Tommy Banas had to throw a stone that struck one of the locals attacking his father to save him.

The PVE Police report stated that Timothy Banas and Tommy Banas were the perpetrators and then-PVE P. D. Chief Timm Brown threatened to arrest Tommy Banas. Although hero Tommy Banas was never arrested, neither were any of the local attackers of Timothy Banas. However, a court later awarded Timothy Banas $450,000, confirming the Banas father's and son's innocence and the guilt of the local perpetrators shielded by Timm Browne. Despite the falsified PVE P. D. incident report, which was, fortunately for the good guys, countered by a PVE Fire Department report that stated Timothy and Tommy Banas were the victims and that the locals were the perpetrators, including one who was injured, the court got it right.

Over 50 surfers held a public meeting in the wake of the Banas and other incidents resulting in unanimous condemnation of Timm Browne's "deliberate indifference" to violent crimes committed in his jurisdiction and his bullying of victims. This sort of criminal behavior under color of authority is already a problem at Whittier College, and should be a matter of even greater concern for everyone involved with the College now that Timm Browne is on campus.

Con man Timm Browne hammed it up posing for a July 1998 'Peninsula People Magazine' cover in a wet suit and holding a surf board, and was quoted claiming, "...we're serious about curtailing locals using violence to keep outsiders from PVE surf spots," but when asked how many arrests of violent local surfers had been made during his then three and one-half years as Palos Verdes Estates P. D. Chief, Browne had to admit not a single local perpetrator had been arrested.

See http://www.surfline.com/mag/pulse/2002/1/01_18_lunada.cfm

BAD INDICATOR: Hermosa's 'Easy Rider' blows whistle on Lunada Bay localism', excerpts from Kevin Cody's 'PVE chief plans arrest of surfer dad credits with saving life', Jan. 24, 2002, published in 'Easy Reader' and 'bestofthebeach'.

To whittiergate: "See http://www.hbneighborhood.org/My_Web/HBcrime2001.htm (scroll down to ''The Easy Reader' - February 14, 2002, 'D A gets Banas case while Banas plans PVE gang suit'; 'The Easy Reader' -February 7, 2002, 'HBPD resurrect surf shop case following visit from PVEPD'; and 'The Easy Reader' - February 7, 2002, 'Surfer in Indicator incident...' to see then PVE P D Chief Timm Browne going after Tommy Banas, trying to get a neighboring P D to press a charge only Timm Browne and the gang he was protecting wanted pressed.)

"As you know, Timothy Banas (40, not in hs 50s, at the time he was attacked at Indicator Beach, btw - otherwise you've gotten your facts right, good work) was awarded $450,000 and stand up Tommy Banas wasn't arrested. Timm Browne not only protected members of a violent gang, he went after a kid for saving his father from that gang. To say a lot of people along the coast were relieved and happy to see Timm Browne investigated and fired from the PVE P D would be a real understatement.

"WTF is wrong with Whittier College that they've hired Browne after all that's known about him, now?!"

But, again, Timm Browne's flamboyant misconduct and crimes related to surfers was only a warm up for his new reign of terror in Palos Verdes Estates. Posted in topix.com's Long Beach Forum by Topix member Lunda Bay Citizen (surf's up at Lunada Bay and surfers don't forget so quickly) on Feb. 27, 2009:

"How many of you truly know what goes on inside the PVE city hall? I have had the inside scoop from various sources over the years.

"Take for instance, the old chief of police, Timm Browne. Why did it take the ATF to get rid of him in an investigation that involved death threats to residents on his part, alleged sales of confiscated weapons, and other criminal activity?"

The ATF did indeed investigate Timm Browne for selling confiscated weapons. (Timm Browne and John Lewis look like a Batman and Robin team going bad...neither one seems able to resist getting his hands on confiscated contraband for his own purposes...). Authoritative sources confirm Browne's guilt; he only escaped prosecution because the ATF's operating with limited resources and there were more important cases that took priority over Browne's relatively minor (in comparison with shipments of assault weapons in exchange for wholesale volume drug shipments, for example) ATF jurisdiction crimes - but that doesn't mean Browne's not clearly guilty. The Long Beach ATF staff still remember Timm Browne, as does the local FBI field office staff, both of which produced damning investigative reports on Browne.

Maybe not 'Quaker Campus', but just about anyone could have accessed the truth about Timm Browne; this school's decision-makers, in this case Jeanne Ortiz and Sharon Herzberger, did not carry out this search and hiring process with due diligence, and there should be consequences for this potentially highly consequential negligence. Anyone who's this negligent and this inept at character judgment, or who feels comfortable in the company of such an individual, and who would pay him to wield authority over young people, is a danger to this community. Running some help wanted ads and meeting with a con man is not exercising due diligence. Anyone who doesn't know this is not any kind of educator or administrator worth paying.

The most comprehensive investigation of Timm Browne was carried out by the County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Palos Verdes Estates considered an outside investigation to be warranted (and Browne couldn't threaten that department and get away with it, as he has done vis-a-vis local government officials), and the Sheriff's Department not only agreed to conduct the six figure cost investigation but did so gratis. Authoritative sources consider this Sheriff's investigative report, # 404-00508-3420-151, to be the most comprehensive investigation of Timm Browne to date.

Palos Verdes Estates refused to permit Browne to carry a weapon and gave him the boot. As was the case in Rialto, Browne had no basis on which to sue Palos Verdes Estates, and was really lucky, again, to escape lawsuits and prosecutions for crimes he committed.

Multiple sources all agree that Browne continued to engage in the same bizarre and criminal behaviors, and continued his con man and racist bully routines, in Palos Verdes Estates that he had engaged in while in Rialto. Timm Browne's misconduct and crimes are repetitive, habitual. As the California State Bar Court said of a permanently disbarred Orange County attorney, this leopard is not going to change his spots.

Sources also inform whittiergate that after PVE gave Timm Browne the boot, he tried to get into the Los Angeles Police Department, but the LAPD got wise to Browne early on and washed him out. Browne finally ended up in loss prevention for a supermarket chain - until he conned his way into the Campus Safety chief job at Whittier College. Let's be honest: If Timm Browne was honest, he'd never get any job in law enforcement or any security work, nor likely any kind of work at all.

whittiergate predicts that Timm Browne's documented repetitive misconduct and crimes will be repeated at Whittier College, that there will be more victims of this con man, this racist bully, this criminal, and that the longer it takes Whittier College to admit its egregious error in hiring Browne the more victims there will be here. Victims haven't seemed to bother conscienceless Whittier College, but this College does care about money money money, and Timm Browne is going to cost this school a lot of money - because this school is as liable as its new Campus Safety chief for the wrongs he has already begun to repeat here.

UPDATE: Taking candy from babies - Con man Timm Browne cons Quaker Campus and ASWC

Timm Browne was quoted in his first 'Quaker Campus' interview ('New Campus Safety director outlines plans for Whittier', 2-17-11, by Richard Pitones) as saying, "I was a professor at Cal State Long Beach...and I like the learning environment." You bet he does; it's like taking candy from a baby.

If Pitones had bothered to look into Browne's claims, he'd have found them all to be misrepresentations at best. Browne was never a professor at CSULB, nor anywhere else. The Cal State system has an extension program that offers courses online. CSULB offers, through its Extended College of Continuing and Professional Education program, courses like 'Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business', 'Customer Service Fundamentals', 'Get Assertive!', 'Get Paid to Travel', you get the idea.

Timm Browne taught two distance learning courses through this program, 'Paraeducator Training Program and Training Program Seminar in Occupational Studies' and 'Attitude Awareness in Education and the Workplace'. (Don't cop an attitude if you still have no idea what these courses were supposed to cover.) What we've learned is that Timm Browne is no educator, unless one might credit this con man with teaching his victims some lessons through the school of hard knocks.

According to CSULB, Timm Browne was involved with their extension program for a little more than one year and his status was, as you might guess from the course offerings and their format, decidedly less than that of a professor, or assistant professor, or lecturer. There are in fact no academic qualifications to teach such courses; relevant life or work experience suffice. What's clear in this regard is the disdain with which Timm Browne, by, absurdly, claiming to have been a "professor", regards the teaching profession.

Likewise, Pitones quotes Browne as claiming that he "...managed security issues at a previous college..." In reality, not really, not remotely. Pitones writes that Browne was a "Public Informant" for the City of Orange P. D., but is clearly enough trying to tell us Browne was a public information officer for that police department. In that alleged capacity, Browne alleges to have interacted with Chapman College and presumably that school's Department of Public Safety. No doubt now Chapman University's Department of Public Safety would be very surprised to learn that Timm Browne was managing Chapman's "security issues".

One would think that with any public information officer experience at all Timm Browne would have done better with one of the first simple tasks for which he was responsible here, alerting the Whittier College community regarding a Whittier P. D. SWAT exercise to be conducted across Earlham Drive from campus. The SWAT team and supporting officers besieged a house on Earlham (realizing they needed some relevant training after a recent response to such an incident resulted in a siege no one inside a local home survived) and no one on campus knew anything about it, except Timm Browne, and he inexplicably kept that information to himself. Students, faculty, and staff were alarmed by to say the least by an apparently real SWAT siege across this narrow street from campus.

Q C's Matthew Grant Anson questioned Whittier P. D. officer Sergio Lopez at the scene about what was going on, and was told, "All I know is that I have to position myself behind that big house. I haven't really been briefed..." Great, the Whittier P. D. and Campus Safety, Dumb and Dumber, are on the job, that's reassuring. Timm Browne, responding to queries as to why he didn't send out an email alert until hours after the SWAT training exercise had been concluded, answered, "In retrospect I probably would've sent that email out sooner." When the chief sounds like an intern, well, that is just not reassuring. If Timm Browne wasn't so busy conning students out of their money, he'd have more time to do the job for which he's being paid.

Richard Pitones wrote that "The new director has a history acquiring funding for hybrid vehicles..." and "Not only has he been able to secure transportation, Browne has also been able to obtain many other ... resources." From whom? Kids? Cooper Smith, writing for 'Quaker Campus' ('Shuttle system to keep Poets off feet', 2-24-11), explains that "Head...of Campus Safety Timm Browne had the idea to adopt a "shuttle system"..." and that "Browne went to the (ASWC) Senate because he wanted students to be more actively involved and proposed his idea, which consists of appropriating money for more golf carts. The Senate voted and approved $15,000 to purchase carts."

Actually, Timm Browne's idea is a little more thought out than just that. In Browne's scheme, students pay for carts that will be under the exclusive control of Campus Safety, and which carts will be maintained by Campus Safety. Have Whittier students already forgotten outgoing Campus Safety Chief Bernard Alex's campus vehicle repair kickback scam?!

And, gee, we wonder where Timm's going to get those carts...? ASWC had better account for every penny of that deal, including any kickbacks, if they don't rescind the cart appropriation so incredibly foolishly voted for in the first place. And what about insurance for the carts? What about liability? Carts under Campus Safety control have a long history of being used for joy riding, being involved in accidents, being crashed into plate glass windows, etc. No one's going to lose any money betting that Timm Browne and John Lewis make out on this deal and that students don't, if the Senate doesn't wake up and rescind that vote.

Not only is this a scam, a rip off of student funds, and one that creates continuing legal and financial exposure for students, but it's also bad for student health. Weight gain and related health problems are serious issues for college students, so let's load the tubs of lard in the back of a golf cart, instead of their at least walking up and down a little hill. And no one from student health or our allegedly caring faculty says a word. Whittier students really are on their own. Can't you just hear Timm Browne rubbing his greedy hands together and repeating to himself, "I [really] like the learning environment"?!

Electric Carts Update

Timm Browne is now trying to blame students for his successful con job of ASWC and the complete failure of what he sold them on - hallmarks of Browne's con man modus operandi - the Browne-inspired electric cart campus shuttle fiasco, which wasn't even a new bad idea.

Q C's Katie Jenkins-Moses informs us that "...according to Browne, he did not initially approach former ASWC President...Tyler Zickel with the idea; instead Browne asked Zickel the status of the previous shuttle service..." Haha. Sure, Timm, you didn't have the whole scheme in mind when you approached Zickel as part of that scheme. This is the venerable and always pathetic distinction without a difference.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."
- Bill Clinton

So, Browne did approach Zickel, sold him on the bad shuttle idea, and then appeared before the Senate, which is obviously why he approached Zickel in the first place, twice, to pitch the bad idea. And if you want to know about a program moribund for a decade, likely and indeed as it turns out for good reason, you'd ask a student who wasn't even in high school yet at that time?

Without Campus Safety Chief Timm Browne's law enforcement resources, Q C's Jenkins-Moses located former Whittier Director of Student Activities and advisor to ASWC Barney Peake to learn what happened the first time someone came up with this bad idea. Peake recalls that a cart driver "took a corner in the amphitheater parking lot too fast, lost control of the cart and drove it between two cars. The damage was irreparable." Even before it's dramatic conclusion, ASWC had already concluded the shuttle service was a ridiculous idea. (No one seems to be able to recall a year in which there hasn't been at least one embarrassing cart accident or more on campus. So far this term a Campus Safety cart hit a delivery truck on campus.)

Timm Browne, going out of his way to claim Campus Safety paid more for their carts than did ASWC, thanks to him, just screams Kickback! in the backs of our minds...but somehow we don't think Campus Safety's going to investigate. Quaker Campus, if it was a good let alone great student paper, would be doing just that, though... The problem for Q C is that the staff's been lied to so much for so long by Whittier administrators that Q C staff just don't find it offensive enough to do, or are intimidated enough not to do, anything about it. Pity, that, the more so since Timm Browne still being on campus is one of the consequences.

Meanwhile, ASWC is trying to sell the two electric carts never used to transport a single Whittier College student, overweight or otherwise. At least the carts are as new.

Richard Pitones wrote that "Browne hopes to be able to apply all the experience he has to the Campus Safety program" (we hope not!), and that "Newly installed Director of Campus Safety Timm Browne is now here to protect and serve the Poets." Sure he is. Richard Pitones, you've so much to learn about life, kid. Timm Browne, like all con men, is like an intelligence test, and so far this community is looking really, really dumb, like an easy mark.

Bernard Madoff, the ponzi kingpin now in prison for the rest of his life, recently stated the obvious: his clients were greedy, and this made them easy marks for the con man. The marks didn't mind being partners in crime, they just didn't like being crime victims - even though they didn't care about other victims. Corrupt and corrupting Whittier College is full of would-be partners in crime, full of marks. Timm Browne got hired by Whittier College because he felt like a good fit to those making the hire or not decision, and the sad fact is that con men, bullies, and crooks feel like a good fit to Whittier College decision-makers.

For a fleeting moment it looked as though someone on campus was awake, but Uncle Timm put them right back to sleep. Q C's Jeff Wilson actually raised the issue of who Timm Browne really is ('Inquiry into Browne's past brings answers', March 3, 2011), but Wilson's effort didn't even manage to get skin deep. After marks like ASWC's Ben Seinfield defend Browne, whom they have no knowledge of beyond being charmed out of their constituents' money by the con artist, Wilson lets Browne have the closing comment, "I...encourage people to get to know me and make their own judgment." Spoken like a true con man. You know, forget research, facts, the truth, let me charm you one-on-one.

Well, Timm Browne, whittiergate's going to be as helpful as possible toward people getting to know who and what you are, we're making sure that people will have enough information to make their own judgment about you. Meanwhile, the Whittier College community is reminded that you deal with con men by holding onto your money, and with bullies by standing up to them.

To whittiergate: "The difference between Bernard Alex and Timm Brown? The difference between a benign and a malignant cancer. Out of the pan and into the fire indeed. Please keep blowing the whistle!"

To whittiergate: "Hey, ho, John Lewis and Timm Browne have got to go! And we don't want Rory Cochran or Demetra Kimble no mo! Get the foxes out of the chicken coop! We're tired of this school playing the dupe! Hey, ho, Sharon Herzberger and Sodexo have got to go! And we don't want Ernie Park or David Mandarich no mo! Get the foxes out of the chicken coop! We're tired of this school playing the dupe! Hey, ho, Sharon Herzberger and Penny Bryan have got to go!"

See DisHonorary Inductee Timm Browne on whittiergate's Hall of Shame page and more about Browne on this site's 'Whittier College Reacts to whittiergate Spotlighting' page.

Traffic Safety Grade: F

A student's mother was struck by a car while walking between the Admissions Office and Mendenhall during the mid-afternoon of December 7, 2010. The Whittier College society member's mother was taken first to Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, then removed to USC Medical Center where her condition was listed as serious and where she continued to be treated several days after being struck. It's concerning that the victim was first transported to PIH given that she then had to be transported again, the second time to USC.

Since Whittier College turned its formerly largely adequate health service over to PIH, health care on campus has progressively declined, while profits have increased. Was the decision to initially transport this victim to PIH medically- or financially-driven? Was this mother victimized by Whittier's traffic control failure alone, or also by the school's much criticized handing over of campus health care to PIH? As for traffic, Philadelphia Street and Painter Avenue is a dangerous intersection, but not the only one.

Quaker Campus editorialized that "...most of us have had a few close calls when crossing the Painter Avenue and Philadelphia Street intersection or driving up the hill on Earlham to Turner Hall. Driving on campus is...dangerous."
And walking on campus is even more dangerous.

Director of External Relations Dana Rakoczy says, "I myself have almost been hit twice."

There have been other and there will be more vehicle-pedestrian as well as vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-object incidents until Whittier College reviews and then better channels vehicular and pedestrian traffic on and adjacent to campus, and one would think Campus Safety would have done this long ago. While new Campus Safety Chief Timm Browne is busy persuading the ASWC to (mis-)use student funds to buy unneeded golf carts for Campus Safety, we're wondering who the next victims of this continuing failure to safely channel vehicular and foot traffic are going to be...?

We also wonder when this school's going to reach the point where it terminates the agreement with PIH, brought about by a board of trustees compromised too largely by unrecused trustees with conflicts of interest in this regard, and restore the old model of on-campus health care, which at least tried to balance student, staff, and visitor health with the bottom line. When Campus Safety fails to protect us and the on-campus health service fails to save us, we start to feel that at Whittier College we're paying and paying far too much to find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.


Other colleges and employers beware! Is Whittier College going to, yet again, provide knowingly false positive recommendations for criminals too hot to protect any longer squeezed out at Whittier? This is what was done when former Whittier College President James Lee Ash, Jr. was squeezed out because of his flagrant drug abuse and unsafe homosexual acts with boys in Whittier, and the result was that the only private liberal arts college in the State of Nevada was put out of business by bad publicity when Dr. Ash continued the same criminal activities in that state, when and where he was busted, convicted, and imprisoned there.

Whittier College chose to dishonestly keep its president's criminality quiet and another school paid the price. This must stop! How many boys were lured into illegal drug activities and high risk unprotected homosexual acts by Jim Ash in the official Whittier College president's residence, Wardman House, and at Hollywood parties, and how many boys were victimized in Nevada after Ash was squeezed out of Whittier College and southern California?

Is Whittier College now going to give good recommendations to criminals like former Campus Safety Chief Bernard Alex and soon to follow new Chief Timm Browne, and Assistant Chief John Lewis, and Officer Demetra Kimble? Future employers who hire any former Whittier College employee based in part on Whittier College's positive recommendation will have an excellent legal case against Whittier College and named individuals responsible for false good recommendations. So go ahead, make our day, give more false good recommendations and let's see how much Whittier College and the named individuals will have to pay out...

And shame on Whittier College for giving false bad recommendations to prospective employers of former Whittier College employees who refused involvement with corruption at this school. Only at Whittier College are recommendations to be seen as the opposite of what's stated in them.

UPDATE: Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis Resigns!

Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis has, finally, resigned!

Quaker Campus' Matthew Grant Anson writes in 'Lewis resigns...', published on April 28, 2011, that:

"In an email sent out on Thursday, April 21, Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz notified the campus that Assistant Director of Campus Safety John Lewis would be resigning at the end of the year" and "Lewis could not be reached for comment."

See more on John Lewis long overdue departure from campus on this site's Whittier College Reacts to whittiergate Spotlighting page...

Update: Demetra Kimble Out, Too!

Dede Kimble, the one-woman campus crime wave, has been quietly removed from the Campus Safety department. Finally, Whittier College / Campus Safety has done something to make us safer!