Dub C Student Quiz

Learn How Gullible You Are, Or, After Taking This Quiz, How Gullible You Were

For each paragraph (from an open letter to students from President Sharon Herzberger) below, find and explain each misrepresentation

1) "...I am proud that [Whittier College] itself reflects the varied peoples that together make up this great nation. With our diversity in race, ethnicity, nationality, religion; class and political ideology, this College is the model for all of higher education to come. Let us pause as we go about our day and celebrate the deep learning that results from our diversity and the respect we show each other on our campus."

2) "And let us remember that Whittier College did not get to this place by accident. We were founded by people who revered John Greenleaf Whittier - a Quaker whose writings against slavery inspired President Abraham Lincoln, and a poet who was prouder of his activism than any fame he might have garnered as a writer. Our namesake and our founders would be quite satisfied with the Whittier of today, and, when learning of our students, confident in our future, as a nation."

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1) Whittier College's student body makeup doesn't remotely resemble the makeup of the United States. African-Americans? Subtract athletes from the total of Black students at Whittier. Does this look, even adding the athletes back to the total, like a fair representation of Blacks at Whittier? Latinos, or Hispanics? The administration claims just above 25% of students are Hispanic, so the school can continue to defraud the federal Hispanic-Serving Institutions program, a scam started by outed gay Whittier College ex-President James Lee Ash, Jr., currently on parole from a Nevada state prison where he served time for drug trafficking, which is far from the worst to be told about Dr. Ash. The White and Asian kids at Whittier College are mostly underachievers. Many of the Latino students are overachievers. The very few foreign students are just badly informed, and some of them have shown a propensity for misconduct and criminality.

It's not that Whittier prefers Latinos to Blacks, Whittier has a long history of discrimination against Latinos as well as against Blacks, it's just that Blacks don't pay and Latinos pay twice through the H-S I scam. To get paid twice for Blacks, Whittier would have to have made itself part of a now closed list of largely Black colleges. The H-S I program's still growing. If the Black and Hispanic funding realities were reversed, there'd be more Blacks than Hispanics at Whittier College. At Whittier College, it's not about race, or education, it's about money.

Diversity of nationalities? (Yeah, sometimes they're howlers...) Yeah, campus is just overrun with foreign students. And religious diversity? Well, that went out the window with the influx of overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Latino students. Finding a Quaker would be like finding that needle in a haystack. Mostly students at Whittier, where there's nothing to do, are too busy for religion.

As for diversity of class and political ideology, there are some privileged kids, and some poor kids. Where are the middle class kids? And as for political ideology, it's all impotent liberal BS. Ask the Richard M. Nixon Republican club on campus about diversity. The Whittier College administration is bent on being 'Politically Correct', which means being shallow and wrong about everything, or as one sage put it, "half-right for the wrong reasons." Well, half-right doesn't get it, all the less when even that's arrived at for the wrong reasons, not with the challenges this society faces, now.

Whittier College doesn't even respect its students free speech and free press rights, practically every year overtly controlling Quaker Campus and quashing student publications independent of school funding. Why has Quaker Campus stopped appearing online? Oh, that was right after Quaker Campus spoke up about the silent killer artificial turf the administration and trustees had installed on campus without student or community or any science faculty input?

To claim that "[Whittier College] is the model for all of higher education to come" verges well over into the delusional, and is hilarious and frightening. This is really just wild BS. This reminds of the claim that Whittier College is the equal of Harvard University, which Whittier is not, not in a single respect, not one. Apply to Harvard and see what happens... Nothing. It's well-established that Whittier College has thrown in the towel when it comes to teaching ethics, maintaining academic integrity, or even just protecting its students. See the survey on this site's Financial Aid Scam page, which revealed that over 50% of Whittier graduates were unemployed, and that less than 33% were employed in a field related to their major at Whittier College.

And as for "the respect we show each other on our campus", that's a real howler. Every single student at Whittier College sees and hears expressions of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and contempt every single day on campus, and the administration has been exposed on this site choosing to sacrifice student health and safety, rights, and best interests, to concerns over bad P R, liability, and the bottom line ad infinitum, ad nauseum. How could an author who presumably deliberately packed so many misrepresentaitons into a single paragraph have any self-respect? But it gets worse...

2) If the Friends, the Quakers, would be satisfied with Whittier College, now, then why did the California Yearly Annual Meeting of Friends, the Quaker group who indeed founded Whittier College, conduct an inquiry into Whittier student Richard M. Nixon's mentor, Professor J. Herschel Coffin, and then gradually withdraw from any relationship with the College they founded, and have never suggested any renewal of that lapsed relationship to this very day?

Dick Nixon wrote for Prof. Coffin that "The infallibility of the Bible, the miracles, even the whale story, all these I accepted as facts when I entered [Whittier College] four years ago." And, "My beliefs are shattered..." Critic Chuck Fagers finds in this mentoring by the Sith Coffin the origin of Darth Nixon's Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde losing battle, that the young Dick emerged from Prof. Coffin's course on 'The Philosophy of Christian Reconstruction', basically how to say you're a Christian when you're not, with "the habit of concealing his actual convictions and style both from his own constituency" and "from potential foes", which predictably came to include just about everyone.

The California Yearly Annual Meeting of Friends stopped funding Whittier College, and instead funded the Training School for Christian Workers, which has grown, with the Friends continuing support, into Azusa Pacific University.

The only Quaker heritage Whittier College has to honestly tell of is having driven the Friends away from the College they cared enough to sacrifice to establish. If we're not mistaken, the Friends were among those who objected to the degrading and dangerous Erotic City event, renamed Adam and Eve, evidently as a too clever for the originator's own good insult to the Friends and other Whittier community church members who also objected to this unacceptable school-supported event.

If John Greenleaf Whittier were to somehow visit today's Whittier College, he'd have the same reaction the Rev. Billy Graham had to reading Nixon tapes transcripts, he'd puke. He'd surely be impressed by the mere handful of Blacks on campus, and we're sure, too, by the College ruining young Latino's lives for extra profit, defrauding a federal government program designed to help young Hispanics. And, what about today's Whittier College students?

Since Whittier College can be gotten into by any student with some money or willing to take on indebtedness they still can't comprehend, let's be honest and say that accepting national polls of students being identical to Dub C students is being generous to Whittier students. So 20% of students have mental problems, nearly 2/3's steal from stores, 7-9 in 10 lie to their parents, teachers, and engage in academic cheating, and, what a keystone to this dramatic collapse of morals, ethics, and any sense of law as being about responsibilities as well as freedoms, these students are overwhelmingly satisfied with themselves. What kind of fool would have confidence in our future as any kind of nation, let alone a great nation, after learning about today's Whittier College students? Every student, and professor, at Whittier knows you can count the number of students in classes who give a damn on one hand and have a finger or two left over.

And what kind of college president would mislead students to believe they're doing great when they're doing really, really badly, just when the world is demanding students really, really be on top of their game, not setting themselves up for a really bad fall? The author of the two paragraphs above (from a Letter to the Editor, 'Whittier reflects America'), Whittier College President Sharon D. Herzberger, is living it up while doing just that - to you. Face it: Sharon's just not presidential timber.

Your Gullibility Quotient

So how gullible have you been? Gullible enough to pay a lot of money to Whittier College for a degree that probably won't get you a job in a field even just related to your major, or a job at all? Gullible enough to let your College's administration install silent killer artificial turf in the Stadium on campus, and silence your student paper about that fact? The older the artificial turf gets, the more deadly pollutants it sheds into the air you breathe, into the soil you're walking and sitting on, into Whittier's groundwater.

Gullible enough to put up with Whittier dorm and dining conditions, and pay a lot for that, too?

Gullible enough to believe that faculty members care about you? Like they don't know you're going to be saddled with debt for years and years and years and be lucky to get any kind of job in return? Like they don't know most students are lying and cheating? Like the science profs didn't know the artificial turf is a silent killer? Like how gullible can you be?

Gullible enough to put up with a Campus Safety department seeing their job as keeping things quiet rather than protecting you? Gullible enough to believe that all Whittier sexual assault/rape victims have wanted to "decline police involvement"? Gullible enough to put up with Campus Safety spokesman John Lewis making this claim, and his being a Sachsen Society member and that Society's Advisor? Gullible enough to believe that the statistically significant incidences of sexual assault/rape at Whittier are ever going to decline as long as conflicts of interests like this are allowed to persist? Gullible enough to see the turnover in Campus Safety personnel and not look into what's really going on in and out of the Campus Safety office?

Gullible enough to believe anything Sharon Herzberger says?

If you've been gullible enough to now find yourself with less character, less honor, than you had when you arrived at Whittier College, failing to do what you know to be the right things, doing things you know are wrong, upright yourself, set things right; don't let flawed people like Sharon Herzberger prevent you from learning to tell lies from truth, nonsense from common sense, the bad from the good, the wrong from the right.

See Quaker Campus, Novermber 6, 2006, Letter to the Editor, 'Whittier reflects America' by Sharon Herzberger


Chuck Fager's expansive review of Jonathan Aitken's 'Nixon: A Life" at:

Fager's recounting of the relationship between the Friends and the College they founded in Whittier is a good antidote to the BS perpetuated by this completely secular and worse corrupt school about its Quaker heritage.