Dub C Paparazzi Competition

Welcome, to the Dub C Paparazzi Competition! Photos of anyone or anything related to Whittier College, past or present, that you send to us, will be judged and the winners announced, or not announced, as you wish. Whether with your name or with your nom de paparazzi, your candid shot(s) will be featured right here for all to see!

Bonus points will be awarded for candid photos of the following current or former Whittier College community members: Ernie Z. Park, John Lewis and/or Campus Safety Officers or Dr. James Lee Ash, Jr., in or out of uniform (in Dr. Ash's case, that would be a prisoner's uniform (See ' The InFamous and Otherwise Unlucky of Whittier College ' on this site)), Janice A. Legoza, Andre Coleman, Nicola Jagessar, Eric Lizer, Rickey McDonald, Adam Steinbaugh, and members of the Poet Justice League or those students they so to speak inspired in action.

Bonus points will also be given for Erotic City-related photos, for photos of Society pledging and hazing, shots of older administrators, faculty or non-students partying with younger Society members or students, and for dormitory shots of "violations of Whittier College policies and state and federal laws" and crowded and unhealthful conditions, including resident rodents.

Still more bonus points will be awarded photos of any misconduct, like assault, or incompetence, like pepper spraying student bystanders while suspects get away, by Campus Safety officers.

The Dub C Paparazzi Competition judges will be impressed by any photos as outrageous, as examples, as those previously published on this site of Eric Lizer wearing only a pseudo-Viking helmet, Rickey McDonald wearing only his boxers, Nicola Jagessar wearing a little more than handcuffs, Penn Society paddles, those many wild Erotic City and crazy dorm shots, photos the College would never put in its promotional materials but which show the reality of student life at Whittier College. That said, surprises always have the greatest impact, so surprise us! Paparazzi are creative, cunning, get fresh results. So be the best paparazzi you can be !

Then email your best shots to webmaster@whittiergate.com - with the name for and a brief written description of each photo with your signed and dated permission for whittiergate.com to publish each one. Do not use a Whittier College ISP email address for correspondence with whittiergate.com. If you prefer a nom de paparazzi be attached to your published photo(s) instead of your name, which is required for your permission to use your photo(s) to be effective, then provide your nom de paparazzi in a separate paragraph within your email.

A picture can be worth even more than a thousand words. Through this competition, your photo can be worth a numbered whittiergate.com Graphic Tee ! - and the satisfaction of striking a blow for the truth, which makes all other good things possible, just as lies make good things impossible. (See the Hall of Shame on this site) You can do something to make Whittier College a more honest and so much better college and place, make yourself feel better about, even proud of, being a Poet, despite the present state of things - by, yes, being the best dub c paparazzi you can be !

Coming: Do you have video of the Whittier College community that has viral potential? Watch for the Dub C Video Competition...