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Plagiarizing Harvard student author loses books deal:

Oprah Winfrey Goes Over to the Dark Side?

WalMart Heiress Returns USC Diploma After Cheating Report:

University of Virginia dismisses 48 in cheating scandal, 3 degrees revoked:

Faculty as well as students proving unethical:

Testing Scandal in Texas Schools:

"It isn't possible to maintain high academic integrity standards if significant numbers of faculty members lack commitment to academic integrity enforcement." From ' Faculty Commitment to Academic Integrity ' - Stanford University Office of Judicial Affairs:

An Unwelcome Discovery by Jeneen Interlandi. Professor sentenced to prison time for research fraud:

And Administrators, too:

10 Indicted in transcript scam:

Three Good Old Boys and a Girl: Governor's daughter, friend of University President, and employee of school's largest Contributor, given unearned degree:

Academic Integrity Links:

GMAT Cheating Scandal Starts A Frenzy
U. S. District Court decision ends grad business school aspirations of 6,000 GMAT exam cheaters.

Duke cheating scandal shows a disturbing trend: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Duke cheating scandal shows need for Sarbanes-Oxley corporate reform law: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Duke Biz School Punishes 34 for Cheating:

Business Profs Rethinking Ethics Classes:

Visiting Peking University Professor Stephen Stearns (Yale, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) on plagiarism in China: (Scroll down through Mandarin to English version.)

U. S.-Bound Students Accused of Cheating: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

With more than 50 per cent of students cheating, university degrees are losing their value. So why don't schools put a stop to it?:

School Cheating Scandal Tests a Town's Values:

Columbia Journalism School Students Caught Cheating in Ethics Class: , published by the Institute for Global Ethics

Free Press Rights at Whittier College?

Works and Quotations from the Front Lines of the Assault on Academic Integrity, Ethics, and Civil Society:

College Cheating Is Bad For Business

"If a school becomes known as a place where you can cheat and get away with it and get a degree without working very hard, eventually that is the kind of students the school will attract." - Robert Mittelstaedt, Dean, W. P. Carey (Business) School

"If you are an honest student, it puts you at a disadvantage to be in an environment with cheating because you're going to be working harder and losing out to people who are not playing by the rules."

- From The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong To Get Ahead by David Callahan

A Professor to students: "...look up at the ceiling and think about the trustworthiness of the architect who designed the structure and the builders who built it. ...think about the ways we depend every day on the honesty of other people. And when people aren't trustworthy, others get hurt."

- Duke University POLS Professor Elizabeth Kiss

New School University's Parsons School of Design Prof. Roger Shepherd said to have copied sections of his book Structures of Our Time: Thirty-One Buildings That Changed Modern Life.

- See University of Washington Prof. Meredith Clausen's monograph 'Pietro Belluschi: Modern American Architect'

Beating the House: How inadequate penalties for cheating make plagiarism an excellent gamble
by Linda Kidwell and M. C. Woessner. PS: Political Science & Politics, 37(2): 313-320

"Every school has [rules and sanctions to uphold academic integrity], but...faculty often ignore them (even though enforcement of such rules is a pretty good predictor of whether academic honesty occurs, see, e.g., Whitely, B. E., Jr. (1998))." If "...faculty don't do anything...students...notice this and...continue cheating.

"In our department we discussed [academic integrity] and recently agreed on a departmental policy that commits everybody to applying the existing rules consistently and fairly, i.e., no exceptions."

- Markus Kemmelmeir

""Any incident of cheating in BA302 will immediately be reported to the Honor Court, I will provide the Court with all evidence relevant to the incident and serve as a witness in the case."

"Needless to say, the Dean and VPAA suffered nervous apoplexy when they discovered a faculty member who advertised his intention to process incidents of cheating in accordance with Honor Code procedures. I recommend it to one and all."

- Fitzbane Manley

" firms are already using one type of technology "to essentially troll the internet for the next Stephen Ambrose," said plagiarism detection software developer John Barrie..."

- See Barrie's iParadigms' Turnitin services online
Turnitin's Plagiarism.Org Learning Center: and Turnitin research sources at: and more on Stephen Ambrose, historian as serial plagiarist, at:

Truth And Consequences: A Navy Scandal
From Naval Academy Midshipman 30 days from graduation to Las Vegas bell hop.

U. S. military online testing scandal

Promoting Academic Integrity In Online Distance Learning Courses

Maintaining Academic Integrity in Online Education by Michael Heberling, President, Baker College

Research shows that chimpanzees "end up distrusting other chimps who often deceive...(and) develop methods for detecting cheaters." Even monkeys demonstrate a sense of fairness, refusing to participate in unfair bartering games.

- Frans de Waal, Professor of Psychology, Emory University

"Awarding degrees to inept students, or to students who have not earned them, will decrease the value of degrees in general. More specifically, it will hurt the reputation of the school and thereby impair its ability to attract other students willing to pay tuition, as well as its ability to raise money."

- U. S. v. Frost, 125 F 3d 346, 367 (6th Cir.) 1997

"Increasing numbers of employers no longer have confidence in college GPAs and transcripts. They administer GRE-like exams themselves - and more often than not, are disappointed in the results."

- B. D., Clinical faculty at Tier II college

"...coaching students on the kinds of plagiarism and its consequences ("...honest students' grades (are) pushed down, relative to (the) class mean, by plagiarism..." (Braumoeller and Gaines 2001, University of Illinois)) had little effect on deterring cheating... However, when students were made aware that their papers would be monitored using [plagiarism-detection] software...the instances of plagiarism decreased..."

- From Teaching with Technology Today, Beating eCheating: Strategies for Discouraging Internet Plagiarism by Tammy Kempfert

"It has never taken me more than a minute with a search engine to find the source of plagiarized papers (and I've turned in two dozen to my University's honor system)."

- Dave Stone

"In Italy, universities started using [cell phone jammers] after discovering that cell phone-savvy teenagers were (using cell phones to cheat) on exams..."

- Helen Terry, CNN

British students outsourcing assignments to India

- an article by that title in 'The Times of India', June 14, 2006 reveals.

"It is inconceivable to me that anyone who has reached the college level would not know that copying a paper from any source (internet, friend, or ?) is cheating. When I hear the "I didn't think it was wrong" defense, I assume I am talking to a liar as well as cheater."

- Robert Holmes

"...cheating is a matter of ethics and if you cheat you don't have ethics."

- John Rodi

Recognizing plagiarism tutorial
Hong Kong University Self-Test: Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism

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"Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity...these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing."

- From a Poster entitled "The Courage of Integrity"

"For when the Great Scorer comes
To write against your name
He marks not that you won or lost
But how you played the game."

- From Alumnus Football by Grantland Rice