Annotated Excerpts of whittiergate Conversation with Bart Brown

Bart Brown is reported on by this site, on our 'California Court of Appeal Reversal Exposes Whittier College Misconduct and Crimes to Chill Protected Speech' page. Here, Mr. Brown speaks out about his experiences with Whittier College and related topics for the first time.

whittiergate 1: First, thank you for your support, for your contributions to whittiergate.

whittiergate 2: Thank you for agreeing to talk, and to excerpts of this conversation being published online. You're the first person with the [courage] to do so. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: So far. I'm sure I'm just the ice breaker. And First with the [courage] to tell the truth about Whittier College online. (Laughter) So how is spotlighting Whittier College coming along? Is anyone reading whittiergate's content?

whittiergate 1: If Whittier College realized how many people from where are reading whittiergate content, they'd have already settled the issues raised. We're being visited not just from Whittier, from California, but from every state, and from countries all over the world. There are more important measures, like what content's being read by whom, for how long, and so on, but in terms everyone's familiar with, whittiergate's been visited tens of thousands of times, has had hundreds of thousands of hits. We'll let you know when it's a million hits.

whittiergate 2: And they said we couldn't make Whittier College interesting. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: Good news for the good guys.

whittiergate 1: Sharon Herzberger and the Trustees are consistent. Why do what needs to have been done yesterday, when you can put it off till tomorrow?

whittiergate 2: Because it becomes more expensive. Hey, isn't procrastination supposed to be a student, not administrator or trustee, problem? (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: Eventually, there won't be anyone with any possible interest in Whittier College, who hasn't visited; and there's not a single visitor who doesn't get that whittiergate's telling the truth, even if we come across a bit moralistic, and that Whittier College needs to start being honest.

whittiergate 2: Hey, Whittier College has that effect on every honest person. The bad guys are turning us into bores! (Laughter)

Bart Brown: Not to worry, there's nothing wrong with being a good guy. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: It seems incredible, even after all we've learned about them, that the administration and the Trustees of Whittier College simply fail to see the College's situation. They just don't get it.

whittiergate 2: Anyone who thinks the truth about a small private liberal arts college today can be kept quiet needs to retire.

whittiergate 1: We understand that at Whittier College, it's money that talks...

whittiergate 2: " doesn't swears"

whittiergate 1: the language understood.

whittiergate 2: Actually Whittier College is bilingual, there's money, and there's fear.

whittiergate 1: In plain language, we're going to continue telling the truth about Whittier College, no matter the cost to us or to the school, until Whittier College restores its victims whole and cleans house, puts the criminal negligence, the misconduct and crimes, that are business as usual at Whittier College, out of business, so there aren't any more victims. Enough. Until Whittier College starts being honest, whittiergate's going to continue telling the truth, and the sparks can fall where they will.

Bart Brown: Speaking for my family, the misconduct and crimes committed against us by individuals associated with Whittier College, Whittier College, and the City of Whittier, will be faced and dealt with, in no uncertain terms, no matter how long that takes. We've given Whittier College, Sharon Herzberger and the Trustees of Whittier College, numerous opportunities to be forthcoming and to make amends to my family.

whittiergate 1: As we understand it, you've given Whittier College more than enough opportunities to own up to their misconduct and crimes. We're sure the court won't miss that.

Bart Brown: The College evidently imagined they could stonewall, that we'd tire and go away, like all its transient victims have done in the past, and that their intimidation of us would have the desired effect, like it has had on those over whom the College wields some leverage. I think you've already asked and answered the question of why wrongs need to be taken care of timely.

In my case, the administration and Trustees of Whittier College have, mistake by mistake, made a mountain of a molehill. If Whittier College had simply been honest, if the administration had simply followed school policy regarding academic misconduct, had normally processed the academic misconduct report I made, that I was obligated to make, involving my original work being submitted by a chronic academic cheat, if the College had protected other students from that misconduct, and gotten that chronic cheater help with that problem, if Whittier College was what we now see it only falsely claims to be, then that would've been that, a molehill promptly and properly taken care of.

Instead, the case in a nutshell, the administration and Trustees of Whittier College violated not only their own policy, but also my and my son's rights and persons, not only shielded the chronic academic cheater, failed to protect honest students, but also prevented an Open Letter I sent to Quaker Campus regarding academic integrity from being published, planted a defamatory, a libelous, article in Quaker Campus naming me, threatened me through Whittier College Trustee and Attorney Ernie Park, who also libeled me and who was evidently the initiator and orchestrator of a conspiracy, to make and sustain a false filing by perjury seeking to chill my and others' protected speech and petition rights, and obstructed justice by instructing Whittier College administrators and students to refuse to comply with Requests for Admissions, Subpoenas Duce Tecum ,and for Subpoenas for personal appearance in court; made possible a crime wave against my family by that cheating student, and assaulted my son when he was properly making required legal service in the matter of the false filing, which case I eventually won on appeal. My family was put through all that because Whittier College imagines it's above the law. Like Willie Stark, Whittier College would help us "rise above principle".

"[Ex-Whittier College President James Lee Ash, Jr.]...thought that because of his position, he was above the law." - John Helzer, Washoe County District Attorney's office, Nevada (See new content in whittiergate's continuing coverage of the outed gay Ex-Whittier College President Jim Ash on this site's 'The InFamous and Otherwise Unlucky of Whittier College' page)

Bart Brown: This cheating scandal turned violent, as whittiergate's pointed out, overlapped in time with what whittiergate calls the Barnstone, Heldman cheating scandal turned violent. Whittier College simply decided that it was worth the risk of engaging in misconduct and crimes, against my family, to keep another scandal quiet. Well, Whittier College gambled, and lost.

All that's happening pursuant to Whittier College's outrageous misconduct and criminality in this case, can be laid at the door of the President, Janice Legoza and then Sharon Herzberger, and certain administrators, such as Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis and Dean Andre Coleman, and the Trustees of Whittier College, most certainly including Ernie Park.

To Whittiergate:

"It would certainly be good for the College to admit to...mistakes made regarding [Nicola Jagessar v. Bart Brown]."

whittiergate 1: It's unfortunate for everyone that President Herzberger and the Trustees of Whittier College have acted so, not just incompetently, but criminally, and now just sit there like the Emperor in New Clothes, sending straw bosses like Jeanne Ortiz, Andre Coleman, and John Lewis, to name a few, on damage control missions doomed to embarrass them, while more and more of the world takes notice, and disapproves.

whittiergate 2: And laughs. (Laughter)

To whittiergate:

"If you only knew the stuff that happens here... your site barely scratches the surface."

whittiergate 1: We've just begun, but you've been at this a while, since 2004?

Bart Brown: Actually, I became aware, over a much longer period of time, of Whittier College's lack of character. (Laughter) I was so irritated by Dick Nixon winning reelection, by a landslide, that I returned home from exile in Europe. The country obviously needed help, urgently. (Laughter)

whittiergate 2: Exile?

Bart Brown: When I first went to college, it became clear very quickly that students could accomplish none of our agenda alone. There was a moral imperative, to stop our misadventure in southeast Asia, that drew every person of conscience from whatever they were doing at that time. Look, we took 3.5 millions of Vietnamese lives, and destabilized Cambodia/Kampuchea, where another 1.7 (Western estimate) to 3.3 (Cambodian/Kampuchean estimate) millions more lives were taken. Thankfully, the Vietnamese intervened to restore order in Kampuchea and then withdrew, or even more Cambodian lives would've been lost. The Stone Age Meo tribe in Laos, talked into helping the United States, is gone.

When you lose 58,000 soldiers while taking the lives of millions of children and women as well as men, you can never be proud of having done that. Call it genocide or not, our misadventure in southeast Asia remains a national shame for the United States, just as inflicting 2.5 millions of Afghan casualties, while sustaining fewer than 25,000 military fatalities, will remain a shame for the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Look into the death tolls for the Vietnamese, and Cambodians, under Richard Nixon, and compare them with those under Lyndon Johnson. Nixon talked about withdrawing, but you may well find that Nixon's withdrawal cost more lives than Johnson's war. And all the while, the entire country was being entangled in fundamental dishonesty. My cousin served and was killed in action in Cambodia, when we weren't in Cambodia, our government was telling us and the world.

whittiergate 2: Some people never learn. Snafu at Dien Bien Phu 2. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: Those numbers, of human lives snuffed out, are overwhelming. They dwarf the more recent Kosovo Albanian, Tutsi tribe, and Darfur Christians' losses, and we refer to these, it seems rightly, as instances of genocide.

Bart Brown: Rather than have blood on my hands, a stained soul, I left school to organize workers, against our misadventure in southeast Asia and for a tolerant participatory democracy, to join with students. The village elders thought they could put a stop to my political and cultural work by having me drafted, and they did. (Laughter) And I then refused to submit to induction, between Martin Luther King, Jr.'s and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations. Both King and Kennedy had begun to emphasize this moral imperative, that we simply had to stop the killing in our name in southeast Asia.

I'd seen our boys coming home from tours of duty already. They were damaged, in every way. They were ashamed. Imagine how some of those boys felt to throw war medals honoring them back in their leaders' faces.

I reported for the induction ceremony. There's an invisible line separating civil from martial law. If you step forward and take the oath, you're in. If you step forward and refuse to take the oath, you're in... the brig. (Laughter) If you refuse to step forward, as I did, you remain under civil law. Then officers try to intimidate you, and then to persuade you, to change your mind. When you refuse a second formal order to step forward and take the oath, then you've refused to submit to induction. The military releases you, and then the FBI has to find you.

whittiergate 2: 1968... Wait a minute, those at Whittier College with things to hide have it that you're 40 years old, that Nicola Jagessar was your girlfriend, and that is your website. I'm sure we didn't draft newborns. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: I was graduated from high school in 1966, on the eve of the Summer of Love. I was 40...20 years ago. (Laughter) It was finally established by the California Court of Appeal that Nicola Jagessar was never my girlfriend. I have children older than Nicola Jagessar, old enough to have made me a grandfather. In Trinidad I would definitely be old enough to be Nicola Jagessar's grandfather. (More Laughter)

To whittiergate:

"I...remember the article in the Q C regarding Bart Brown and thought it sounded like a soap opera's plot."

Bart Brown: Nicola Jagessar simply made up her story that I was her, not only boyfriend, but, even more fantastically, dangerous boyfriend, as a red herring, to divert attention away from the undeniable fact that she obtained my original works by deceit, and submitted them as her own course work; that she's a habitual academic cheat, who clearly needs help for that, and other serious personal problems. As if Whittier College didn't know; Whittier staff had to cause an emergency psychological intervention for Nicola Jagessar.

As for, I can't sell it, it's not mine. I support, in every way I can. I've contributed, diversity material, for example, which reminds me...

I've discovered that Whittier College's Hispanic enrollment percentage is significantly lower now than it was a decade ago. The 25% Hispanic enrollment percentage required for Hispanic-Serving Institution Title V funding eligibility is a 'threshold', an indication that a school is becoming largely Hispanic. This is not happening at Whittier College.

whittiergate 2: Bleaching is what's happening at Whittier College. (Laughter) President Herzberger listed online three I guess the most famous Whittier College alumni: Richard Nixon, Fred Anderson, and Roger Lodge. Well, we know Tricky Dick disgraced himself. We know Fredo Anderson disgraced himself. But who in hell is Roger Lodge? (Laughter) It turns out a kid named Rogelio Chavez came to Whittier College, and Roger Lodge left Whittier. (More Laughter) He is or was a fluffer for some entertainment tv filler.

whittiergate 1: Making a note... Everything you've shown whittiergate, that has all then been confirmed, seems to confirm H-S I fraud, as part of Whittier College financial planning, as policy.

Bart Brown: Do remind me to give you the enrollment percentages history. It's down from over a third in 1997 to an alleged quarter in 2007. Becoming a largely-Hispanic school? That's not what the numbers say.

whittiergate 2: I get the impression that you've been involved with the working poor in the L. A. Basin for quite a long time.

Bart Brown: For the past couple of decades I've been an advocate for working poor access to mainstream sport and education. Since Basin employers brought in cheaper Latino labor to supplant cheap Black labor, Latinos have become the working poor majority here, many Blacks having moved out seeking income, to the Inland Empire, to the high desert, and beyond. Of course, Latino labor eventually begins organizing. I noticed that Whittier's Lancer Society was quite ready to cross and ask others to cross a Radisson Hotel workers picket line if necessary to put on their Erotic City travesty as scheduled. Much of what's wrong with Whittier College lies in that. AT any rate, I don't want to add 'opportunities' to access - because stressing opportunity is accepting failure. We need to agree who can be here and who can't, and then stop excluding anyone from anything for any reason. There's no separate and equal, there's only separate and unequal.

I've had to deal with organizations, non-profits included, before, regarding their doing the working poor, principally Latinos, wrong, through organizing, legal action, and so on. Our side has won every time. Now, it may take legal action to end the exploitation of Latino students by Whittier College, luring working poor kids into indebtedness they simply cannot afford, and which Whittier College knows full-well the poor can't afford. In a fundamental sense, there's no difference between luring working poor families into mortgages they can't afford and into education indebtedness they can't afford.

There was a recent Nightline program, thankfully Ted Koppel's still alive, so he doesn't have to roll over in his grave, that covered the Democratic caucuses in Nevada. The first interview was with the limo driver who was taking the Nightline crew to a Las Vegas hotel. The driver it turns out had lost his mortgage officer position and taken the driving job. When asked who he was going to vote for, the driver informed the interviewer that he couldn't vote - because he's a felon. (Laughter) I'm sure that felon made those he lured into mortgages they couldn't afford, feel very special. That driver should've taken work as a Whittier College recruiter instead of as a driver. (More Laughter)

There are working poor families I've come to know, whom I'm seen ruined by the indebtedness Whittier College talked them into taking on, debt they simply could not afford. And there are alternatives, that lead to a better higher education, for less money. Feeling especial isn't going to pay off those loans, mija, y mijo.

whittiergate 1: whittiergate's putting up new content about colleges and universities with loan elimination policies. Whittier College isn't among them. (Laughter) New California budget cuts are going to cause more problems for working poor students. I fear by the time this Conversation is put online, application deadlines for next school year, purposefully moved up to reduce the number of applicants during the State's newest budget woes, will have already closed for Cal State campuses. Don't end up as another victim of Whittier College because you don't know what's going on.

whittiergate 2: That new content about free college educations is on whittiergate's 'Whittier College and the Financial Aid Scandal: Buyer Beware' page. There's new content on almost every page, as well as numerous new pages. Inform yourself, and keep yourself updated. Check those pages.

So you refused to submit to induction? I like the sound of that, refused to submit.

Bart Brown: Yes. Of course, I am proud of that. The works of Henry David Thoreau used to be required reading in American high schools. And remember, Civil Disobedience was originally entitled Resistance to Civil Government. Nowadays, some students learn about Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi, and then backtrack to Thoreau, much like when I was a kid I backtracked from British Rock and Blues bands' song credits and found brilliant Black musicians in my own backyard. Civil disobedience is American genius expressed.

In the end, seven years after my refusal to submit, a conspiracy to induct me had been revealed clearly enough to cause the U. S. Attorney General to drop the charge, case dismissed.

whittiergate 1: I trust Whittier College will note your perseverance, and whittiergate's.

whittiergate 2: A conspiracy?

Bart Brown: Indeed. Suspicions of conspiracy usually turn out to be delusions, or more simply like people acting out of like sentiment, but conspiracies are engaged in. In the case of my being drafted, there was a conspiracy to remove an activist from a community by that means, that was demonstrated, and so the conspirators lost.

whittiergate 2: That's the best thing that can happen to conspirators, and cheaters. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: It's a good thing you have some experience with conspiracies. (Laughter) The conspiracy against your family by Whittier College is clear enough to us, and now to a lot, and growing number, of people.

Bart Brown: Conspiracies thrive in environments corrupted by conflicts of interest. In Whittier, Ernie Park, Whittier College Trustee and Attorney, is with Bewley, Lassleben & Miller, Dick Nixon's old law firm. Nixon used to run City of Whittier Attorney business out of that firm's offices. Another attorney with Bewley, Lassleben & Miller is now on the Whittier City Council. The Mayor of Whittier is employed by Whittier College. The Whittier P. D. Detective, Joe Rivera, who conducted the pseudo-investigation of felony electronic eavesdropping in the Quaker Campus office, was previously employed by Whittier College, in its Campus Safety office. Campus Safety's John Lewis is a Whittier College Society member and Advisor, and most of the worst crimes committed by Whittier students are alleged to be committed by Society members, and Lewis' conflict of interest is simply ignored by the College - because this has become 'normal', it's the way it has been and the way it continues to be, at the College and in the City.

How do people think it is Whittier College students aren't arrested, but instead are detained, by the Whittier P. D., and then turned over to Campus Safety officers? If you're not a Whittier College student, you're arrested. Why do you think Professors Anthony Barnstone and Caroline Heldman got no help from the Whittier P. D.? Why do you think Dylan Brown had to go to the County of Los Angeles District Attorney's Corruption Prosecutions unit before the Whittier P. D. started returning his calls? Why do you think it is that bullies appear to believe they can engage in misconduct and crimes at Whittier College and in the City of Whittier with impunity? It's way past time Whittier, the College and the City, are cleaned up.

The too small step from refusing to enforce the law to committing crimes oneself has already been taken at Whittier College.

whittiergate 1: True. The fear on the part of witnesses who are coming forward is palpable. Working on it... How is your son doing? The Campus Safety assault on your son is one might say bizarrely outrageous. What was John Lewis thinking? What were Thomas and Parra thinking? They obviously didn't stop to think how assaulting a perfectly cooperative officer of the court half their size was going to play in court and in the court of public opinion. (See 'Whittier College Safety Officers Assault Officer of the Court. Who's Next?' on this site)

Bart Brown: whittiergate's detailed the assault on my son, right after he properly made required legal service at the Campus Safety office. His physical injuries still aren't fully healed, he's still suffering from that assault, still needs further medical treatment. He came out of psychological counseling for that assault with the realization that making sure justice is done in his case is his best therapy.
whittiergate 2: Dylan Brown is definitely one of the good guys. He definitely has [courage]. (Laughter) Good job, Dad. (More Laughter) Did John Lewis actually so to speak think that assaulting your son was going to intimidate him and you?

Bart Brown: Evidently.

whittiergate 2: Everyone appreciates the concern your son's expressed for students and others who could find themselves at the mercy of Campus Safety officers. That might seem like a joke to most Dub C students - because they get away with pretty much anything and everything - but it's no joke to the victims of the anything and everything students get away with here, and with what Campus Safety gets away with here, or has gotten away with here until now.

Bart Brown: And all you have to give up in exchange for Whittier College covering your ass is your rights, your protected speech and petition rights, and any recognition let alone help when you're victimized. Such a deal. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: Students and everyone should make a note: On the Whittier College campus, do not trust Campus Safety officers. They're not on campus to serve or protect, they're on campus to keep things quiet. And if you interact with the Whittier P. D., about any complaint about any Whittier College community member, ask if the officer has or has had any relationship with Whittier College, and if he or she has, then request an officer who hasn't, before you make any statement.

Bart Brown: John Lewis and his boys made the mistake of their careers when they assaulted my son. That tore it for me. My son deserves justice, just like everyone else, and he's going to see it done in his case. You're right, it is simply incredible that Whittier College imagines they're going to get away with that assault. There you have it, the incompetence and the arrogance, the yin and the yang, of the Dub C. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: Your son's case, like your case, has the potential to spill a lot of Whittier College misconduct and crime into public view, where it belongs.

Bart Brown: We're going to see that it won't take many people digging in their heels to put a stop to what has gone on far, far too long, things that should never have happened, at Whittier College. What was done to Dr. Caroline Heldman's adopted child on campus, as well as what was done to my son, are intolerable and inexcusable assaults demanding justice and restoration. As long as and whatever is required...

I can't help but see it as a very poor prognosis for the future that Whittier College students failed to stand up for Caroline Heldman and her child, one of the most popular profs on the Whittier Campus and just a little boy, when some students terrorized them along with Tony Barnstone, on campus. Since the issue was originally academic integrity, there would seem to be only two plausible reasons why Whittier students didn't stand up for Dr. Heldman and her adopted child: Either most Whittier College students are academic cheaters themselves, or they're gutless.

whittiergate 2: Ouch. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: No good, but much harm and damage, can come of failing to do the right thing. Whittier College had leverage over Tony Barnstone and Caroline Heldman, but not enough leverage to turn them into liars, as the College has turned its administrators into liars. Well, Whittier College has no leverage over my family, and we're not liars or cheats or gutless.

Professor Heldman told Quaker Campus, after her child's Johnson House bedroom window was shot through twice, that she didn't want to leave Whittier College, but that if safety remained dicey she would have to leave. Well, she had to leave. A popular professor and her child are terrorized on campus to the extent that they're...

whittiergate 2: ...refugees from Whittier College violence. (See 'Whittier College Professors, Child 10, Terrorized by Students as Cheating Scandal Turns Violent' page with link to Quaker Campus article and interviews with Professors Caroline Heldman and Tony Barnstone on this site)

Bart Brown: Yes, they are. And the terrorists were identified and what happened?

whittiergate 1: Effectively nothing.

Bart Brown: So what students and professors were shown by the Whittier College administration is that students can terrorize professors who turn them or their friends in for cheating, or just for the hell of it, and then be back in class laughing in that professor's face. Why do you think Prof. Barnstone went on sabbatical?

Now, why is a Whittier professor going to stop academic cheating in his or her courses, when his or her car will be keyed, when his or her home will be trashed, attacked, from which pets will be disappeared, where children may be harmed, and rape and death threats, or worse, will be the outcome, not the offenders being held to account and getting the help they obviously need? Which profs or students exactly are going to stand up to bullies the administration's going to practically exonerate, and whose crimes the Whittier P. D.'s going to ignore?

"Gutless", of course, is expressive of a black and white view in an alleged gray world, but in every generation there's a, parental, expectation, that the next generation is going to be better, and, frankly, I don't see that in this coming generation as a rule, not at Whittier College, even though I want to. You know, it's gray because the coward in you calculates that'll cover a successful evasion. Well, when you fail to pay for an ounce of prevention, there's no evading paying for the consequent pound of cure.

whittiergate 2: And that's the situation you walked into at Whittier College, presuming things were normal... (Laughter)

Bart Brown: Yeah. Well, I knew, in a general sense, that things weren't normal at Whittier College, but it's one thing to know generally and another to understand with specificity. The individuals are really every bit as bad as the collective Whittier reputation. (Laughter)

whittiergate 2: Not to take us too far afield, but I'm still interested in your college age years. You were 'underground' for what, nearly four years? Wasn't that difficult, lonely?

Bart Brown: Yes, to all of that, and there were lots of unwanted adrenalin rushes. You have to wait until your family and friends, and FBI agents, have left the cemetery, where the last service for your grandmother has just been held, and then go to her grave and say goodbye and grieve alone, briefly, and then disappear, just as you appeared.

I remember one still Christmas morning, snowflakes falling in silent slo mo, blanketing the U of M diag, beautiful, perfect, and my footprints were the only footprints. You get to know yourself very well.

And you have to give up, well, everything. I had my academic and career plans and personal dreams, like every other student. I had already won Junior National Gold in Olympic flatwater kayak, and was finishing top five in regional alpine ski competition. Earning berths on both U. S. Summer and Winter Olympic teams, well, all that together wasn't worth even just one human life.

whittiergate 2: And then you were in exile in Sweden? What prompted you leave the United States?

Bart Brown: My time underground was up, it was time to go. I actually remember the day I realized that.
I had turned on the TV, and Tennessee Williams' film adaptation of his Orpheus Descending, dubbed The Fugitive Kind, had come on. Marlon Brando's Val Xavier, a Leadbelly-admiring accidental bodhisatva, stays too long. So I turned on the radio, and on came Country Joe McDonald's Air Algiers: "I can remember my picture / On the post-office wall / I can remember the day the FBI called // I got to make my connection / A one-way on Air Algiers / I think I'll go to the Casbah / Cool it for a coupla years". So I went out briefly, for some air, minutes before the FBI so to speak called. (Laughter) My younger sisters tell stories about when they were young girls, being frightened by men in black suits in black cars, surveillance and questioning of my family members, etc. Things were a little heavy-handed back in the day.

Sweden granted me political asylum. I edited an American exile community periodical funded by the National Council of Churches, routed through the Swedish Ecumenical Council, there. And, happily, I had a social life again.

whittiergate 2: Did you have any contact with the Vietnamese, the NLF?

Bart Brown: Well, Hanoi Hannah refused to play a music tape I submitted. (Laughter) I guess they must've listened to the lyrics. (More Laughter) Ho Chi Minh may have started out quoting Jefferson, but he ended up sending people to brainwashing camps. Some U. S. Navy deserters were feted across the Soviet Union on their way to Sweden. That would've made me extremely uncomfortable, I just wouldn't have been part of that.

On the other hand, it's difficult to not be sympathetic to, for example, one of my fellow volunteers there, who had escaped from prison here, after being sentenced for pouring blood on draft board files with Daniel and Philip, the Berrigan brothers, the activist Roman Catholic priests. He's now a middle age physician, and still hasn't been able to come home. Another was a U. S. admiral's son. We came from different backgrounds, but in common we all had healthy consciences.

whittiergate 1: Has religion played an important role in your life?

Bart Brown: I was raised as a Congregationalist. You know, we're still trying to get over the vote being extended beyond property-owning Congregationalist males. (Laughter) The English Congregationalists had to go into exile in the more tolerant Netherlands for a number of years. The 'Mayflower' Pilgrims got out of port only a step ahead of the Sheriff. Congregationalists were of the dangerous opinion that getting together to discuss religious and other issues is useful as well as being a natural right.

The most important Congregationalist belief of consequence for society is that life isn't six bad days to a good Sunday, that we express our true character every day, that character is something to develop, to improve through testing ourselves in daily life.

In smaller communities especially, churches serve not only the spiritual but also the social and other needs of the community. My maternal great grandparents met at a Church social. I used to tease my very Congregationalist mother that we were the first to mess up America, the first to mess up Hawaii, and that we'll be the first to mess up near space; and that I'm a Congregationalist on the outside, but a Buddhist on the inside. (Laughter) I do believe that God helps those who help themselves. As Bob Marley put it, "If you know what life is worth / You will look for yours on Earth."

whittiergate 2: "So now you see the light / (Singing) Stand up for your rights."

All singing: "Get up, stand up / Stand up for your rights" (Laughter)

whittiergate 2: There's something I want to ask you about: Is it true that you had Bob Marley playing when your son was born?

Bart Brown: Positive Vibration. "Live if you wanna live"

whittiergate 2: (Singing) "Got to have a good vibe" (Laughter)

Bart Brown: That was the first sound my son heard in this life. I, and his mother, obviously, delivered him at home. An hour or so later, we were on a bluff overlooking Pacific islands, planting flowers over his buried afterbirth. I then took our newly-born son for a walk along the shoreline, showing him the sweep of evolution from sea to land to sky and beyond. He had to wait a few months to see and hear Bob Marley & the Wailers, and let's not forget the I Threes, at a small outdoor venue. He seemed to luv that. (Laughter)

whittiergate 2: Who wouldn't?! Do you still find time for music? Most people your age are probably listening to Led Zeppelin with their car windows rolled up. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: Life becomes more, not less, complicated, more demands are made on our finite time. The last concert I went to was, not the Led Zeppelin reunion concert (Laughter), but to see Delinquent Habits, and Psycho Realm were there, too, at the Key Club. A fun evening.

At my age, one has seen pop genres come and go, and Hip Hop is very tired. They've kept the body alive in the South, but it's pretty much brain dead, tired and tiresome pandering. You may see an occasional flash from Outkast or someone else, but something new is coming...

For the record, I did see Led Zeppelin in concert (Laughter), promoting their first album (More Laughter), at a venue holding less than 2,000, with no seats, no concessions. We had to rough it a lot in the days of yore, but the music was ours. We had commercial free FM radio free. We had little, but we knew who we were and what we had was ours.

whittiergate 1: Impressions of Sweden, Europe?

Bart Brown: Sweden has a long and admirable record in human rights, granting asylum, and for accepting refugees. Today, Sweden's accepting more Iraqi refugees than the United States. Of course, the Swedes had their imperial heyday, too. A Swedish beer brand still has a crazed Viking wearing a two-horned helmet on its cans.

whittiergate 2: Like Eric Lizer's? (Laughter) And nothing else? (More Laughter)

Bart Brown: I, unfortunately, remember that photo. Actually, exactly. (Laughter) The helmet, not the nothing else. (More Laughter)

My freedom to travel was limited. On the way home, for example, the U. K. would only land me on condition of direct transit. I saw as much of London as I could in the 24 hours I was given. There are as many foreign policies as there are countries. Another country would've detained me and turned me over to U. S. authorities. Still another would've feted me.

whittiergate 2: Was it great coming home? Don't know what kind of welcome you were given...

Bart Brown: As it's written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, "Welcome, safe and sound, to he who reaches the West." The energy level rose from Sweden to the United Kingdom, and really took off in the United States. Berry's "Well, oh well, I'm so glad I'm livin' in the USA" was in the air. Not even the FBI greeting me, as arranged, could dampen my homecoming. I was released on my own recognizance, I had surrendered, not been captured, after all, and within two years, my record intact, I was on my way to California, the end of the road. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: What attracted you to California?

Bart Brown: You haven't been back East? (Laughter) Well, Dick Nixon had said that Timothy Leary was the most dangerous man in America. I sought out Leary's Defense Committee and volunteered. (More Laughter)

whittiergate 2: Really? Isn't there a film coming out about Timothy Leary?

Bart Brown: Yes, with Leonardo DiCaprio. I was concerned - until I learned that Micheal Horowitz, with the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library in the Bay Area, is a consultant. I know Michael from the Defense Committee and I'm confident he'll keep them reasonably true to the real story.

Leary had escaped from prison, with an assist from the Weather Underground, was then detained briefly in Switzerland, after which he was put under house arrest by Eldridge Cleaver, who was running an African- American government in exile in Algeria, and was finally kidnapped from the Kabul airport by DEA agents, put in business by who else but Dick Nixon. (Laughter)

Leary was visited in his windowless Swiss cell by a nephew of Hermann Hesse, who left a painting by his uncle that was of a view out a window. That anecdote got me my third best A at U C, in a Hesse course, the second time I went to university, by the way. And later a friend brought Eldridge Cleaver by to talk one afternoon. Eldridge was personable, but had fallen into a condition of serial dependency, so even he wasn't sure who he was. Eldridge was no Huey P. Newton. Cassius Clay, Muhammed Ali, of course, was inspirational as well as being so funny, for my generation, as he still is today.

The DEA returned Leary to prison here, but only long enough to put out the false rumor that he had named names, and he was then released, with the hope by his captors that his friends would do him in, to protect themselves. Siths. (Laughter) They just don't get it. (More Laughter) No surprise to most of us, Dr. Leary lived on for quite a long time. I later invited Tim to talk at U C, on the psychological effects of high orbital life. (Laughter) Quite seriously. Did you know that the Native American Chumash have believed there's a portal through which souls traverse between heaven and Earth, right where we've built Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Western Spaceport?

whittiergate 2: Didn't know that. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: The Vandenberg commander, I think it was Lieutenant Colonel Aubrey Sloan, also spoke. Going back to college was fun. I wrote a column, 'Mind-at-Large', I think still the most responded to column to have run in that campus daily.

Leary's last slogans were 'No More Secrets', no more manipulation possible, and SMILE, the SM for space migration, the I squared for intelligence increase, and the LE for life extension.

It was probably Dr. Leary's reducing the recidivism rate of a study group in comparison with the general population of a Massachusetts state prison, by 75% on his first try, that worried Dick Nixon. What would he do for associates? (Laughter) Did you know, Tim Leary's dad was Dwight Eisenhower's dentist?

whittiergate 2: No, didn't know that. (Laughter) I do know that Whittier College's assumptions about you are all wrong, though. (More Laughter) They really don't understand you. It doesn't take long for Whittier to corrode the goodness in people. At what kind of place can Barnstrone, Heldman and Jagessar v. Brown scandals happen, and not completely shame the community? You know, if Whittier College is proud of itself, then it should be grateful to those who honestly spread the word. If Whittier College isn't proud of itself, then it needs to change.

Bart Brown: In reality, Whittier College is a small private liberal arts college whose chance to survive, to succeed, lies not in the pop marketing speak that's replaced administration-student communication and a sense of tradition, and continuing to cover up a reservation mentality vis-a-vis its residential life, nor in marketing Societies "product" to kids too smart for that, but in a rejuvenation energized by facing itself, creating a last chance to balance the school's Quaker founders' values, which the College has laughed at, and an ethical modernity supplanting the corruption and Dirty Tricks characterizing Whittier College.
whittiergate 1: I want to ask you about the planted Quaker Campus disinformation article that defamed you...

Bart Brown: Well, when the Whittier College administration stonewalled my report of academic misconduct involving my original works...

whittiergate 2: The cheater being Nicola Jagessar...

Bart Brown: Yes, but I didn't name her or even divulge her gender in the Open Letter I sent to Quaker Campus that Q C didn't print (Editor's note: But which Open Letter whittiergate has put online: See 'No awards for Quaker Campus' page on this site), but Q C did print a planted article in which I'm defamed, libeled, in which Andre Coleman claims an investigation showed no academic misconduct had been committed, and John Lewis admitted I hadn't been been on campus since the year before and was no threat to anyone. Yet John Lewis soon thereafter took Nicola Jagessar to and directed her at court, where she perjured herself in practically all her testimony, to Lewis' evident satisfaction.

Andre Coleman just plain lied. Anyone can go the California Court of Appeal and find, in the Nicola Jagessar v. Bart Brown case file, open to the public, for example, an original work of mine on Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup, submitted by Nicola Jagessar as her own course work - with the comments of Ms. Jagessar's Whittier College professor between the paper's paragraphs. Andre Coleman, whether you were set up or not makes no difference to me; you're, plain and simple, a liar. You see how it works? Dean Coleman denies cheating takes place, which encourages still more cheating, and then Assistant Chief Lewis covers up the resulting cheating scandals. These scoundrels keep one another employed. Sharon Herzberger has known all about this all along, just as has Janice Legoza. Herzberger was fully informed when she was still at Trinity College, before she had even taken the reins at Whittier College.

To whittiergate:

"I'm disturbed to hear how well Herzberger (has been) informed"

whittiergate 2: That planted article also made it sound as though you wanted the cheating student punished, and that's it. But I've read a copy of an email you sent to a Whittier College administrator, filed by the Court of Appeal in Jagessar v. Brown, in which you were seeking help for Nicola Jagessar.

I read the point that every criminal has a sad story to tell, on the jumbiewatch blog. (See link to jumbiewatch blog (regarding Nicola Jagessar and her father, Patrick Jagessar) in the links section of this site's 'California Court of Appeal Reversal Exposes Whittier College Misconduct and Crimes to Chill Protected Speech' page). I have to say, I hope I'm so understanding as you of people who've lied to and stolen from me, threatened and tried to harm me, by the time I'm your age. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: Thanks, I think. You know, I'd like to use this vehicle to address the 2004-2005 Quaker Campus staff...

whittiergate 1: Be whittiergate's guest...

Bart Brown: Listen, 04-05 Q C staff: If you were duped by the administration into refusing to print my Open Letter, and into publishing the planted article defaming, libeling, me, apologize. If you were part of a conspiracy, then apologize. There's no honor in failing to apologize, whether you were duped into or knowingly defamed and libeled me. Refusing to print my Open Letter was wrong, and publishing disinformation and defamation, libel, is wrong. The only thing honest, honorable, people in your place can do, now, is to explain yourselves and apologize.

whittiergate 1: Come on, Quaker Campus staff, do one honorable thing. It'll ennoble you, and God knows you need ennobling.

whittiergate 2: What Q C could do is simply stop regurgitating disinformation and outright lies. Certain individuals have been proven to be liars, as Quaker Campus staff well-know, yet the paper continues to print those known liars' red herrings and lies. How does a newspaper expect to have any credibility at all, to be taken seriously, to be read, when they don't resist being made part of disseminating disinformation, and even defamation and libel, let alone be real student journalists? Talk about gutless...

Bart Brown: Can apologies be sent to me care of You already get threats, right?

To whittiergate:

"Didn't I warn you" - Eric Lizer

whittiergate 2: Absolutely, and absolutely. (Laughter) 2004-2005 Q C staff, send your apologies to, and put "Bart Brown" in the subject box.

I have to tell you that whittiergate received an email from an 04-05 Quaker Campus editor, who thought's a put on. (Laughter) Not kidding! (More Laughter) whittiergate won't divulge the name, unless we don't receive apologies to you. (Still More Laughter)

whittiergate 1: Quaker Campus still hasn't mentioned whittiergate (Laughter), neither this nor last year. (More Laughter)

whittiergate 2: Well, Quaker Campus is now off the Whittier College website, and on College Publishers Network, so Q C's running out of excuses for failing to stand up, instead of continuing to stand down, on their knees. And what marketing genius redesigned Whittier College's website? (Laughter) They must be aiming for the Nickelodeon crowd. (More Laughter) How embarrassing.

whittiergate 1: That boner must've been motivated by the 2007 'California Colleges and Universities Web Popularity Ranking' results: Whittier College was ranked 62nd, that's between CSU Monterey Bay and the California Maritime Academy. How are we doing? (Laughter)

To whittiergate:

"why does whittier just plain suck at everything it does?"

whittiergate 2: And the new Poet mascot design scares children (Laughter), but not opponents. (More Laughter) It seems Whittier College would be more accurately characterized by a snake eating its own tail: Endless BS. (Still More Laughter)

Hey, I have to ask, who is Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup?

Bart Brown: Who he was. Crudup was precociously, if you can use that term in relation to someone who was in his 30's when he began playing, amplifying his guitar and making the first rock'n'roll, from the late 40s, but his recordings were so-called 'race records', marketed exclusively to Negroes. Nicola Jagessar didn't have a clue as to who Crudup was, and, turning my work in verbatim, she probably still doesn't. (Laughter) Andre Coleman probably doesn't know either. (More Laughter)

Elvis Presley's first hits were Crudup covers, like It's Alright Now, Mama, and Presley's estate finally paid Crudup, late in his life, royalties that had been due him for many years. The young Elvis had seen Crudup perform live. I got my second best A at U C in a music course just for turning the prof on to Crudup. He did a draft protest song, during the Korean War. (Laughter) And, it could be, the first anti-nuke protest song: "I'm gonna dig myself a hole / Go down underground / And when I come up / There won't be no one around." (More Laughter) The prof thereafter properly started his Rock course with Crudup's original, seminal, work.

whittiergate 2: What was your best A at U C?

Bart Brown: My best A was for a course on Shakespeare's Sonnets. Shakespeare was brilliant, no doubt, but just not my thing. But I was stuck with the course. A double major doesn't allow of many choices.
First day of class, first assignment: What's this stanza about? Second day of class: Well, this stanza's about a couple of things, and one of them, the bisexual sandwich, is probably what's made me uncomfortable with Shakespeare. (Laughter) The prof exclaimed that no student of his had ever seen that, that I was receiving an A for the course, and didn't have to come back. I said, thank you, and didn't go back. (More Laughter)

whittiergate 2: That's a good best A. And that's probably Nicola Jagessar's favorite Sonnets stanza. (Laughter)

From Jagessar v. Brown Court of Appeal document:

Nicola Jagessar to girlfriend Kate Maiorano: "erections are overrated, like uh forbidden fruit, it's alllll overrated"

Bart Brown: It's awfully sad when one's so young and so jaded, has lost the good and true, before one's really begun one's own life. Nicola Jagessar imagines she's proclaiming, "All shall love me, and despair", but "Help me, please" is what the decent person hears. Unfortunately, Nicola Jagessar doesn't attract many decent people. Still, there can't be excuses for her harming others. I've neither ever threatened nor done anything to Nicola Jagessar. No one threatened her and walked up to her and put a handgun in her face and pulled the trigger.

whittiergate 2: But that's exactly what happened to you.

Bart Brown: "Hey, I can't help it, if I'm lucky"

whittiergate 2: I've read that Nicola Jagessar was the only person to threaten your life, and that the would be hit man appeared to be an ethnic Indian.

Bart Brown: That's right. If John Lewis didn't see that Nicola Jagessar and I were never girlfriend-boyfriend, then he should give up security work, but Lewis knew Nicola Jagessar was lying, about most things, and still saw his duty as engaging in misconduct and crimes to keep another cheating scandal quiet, so he should give up security work. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: John Lewis should resign or be removed from his Campus Safety position because of conflicts of interest, even if he hadn't engaged in misconduct and crimes.

Bart Brown: Agreed. Nicola Jagessar may have done and still be doing many bad things, but she was victimized when she was young, and even though she has to be stopped, and helped, she's like everyone else a human being, worth more than P R, a school, any 'things'. Whittier College knew Nicola Jagessar was dangerous to herself and to others. College staff had to cause that emergency psychological intervention, she was known to be engaging in academic misconduct, lying and cheating, and threatening those who reported her misconduct as they're obligated to do; she was loudly drummed out of a student volunteer group, she had come to the attention of Campus Safety. But Whittier College didn't get Nicola Jagessar the help they've known she needs; instead, the College covered up her wrongs, and it appears directed her in a criminal conspiracy to deny my exercise of protected rights, and so further harmed her, not just my family, in the course of keeping another Whittier College cheating scandal quiet.

whittiergate 1: Whittier College, from criminal negligence in the Barnstone, Heldman case, to criminal conspiracy in the Jagessar v. Brown case. As we've come to see what's happened, if Nicola Jagessar was manipulated by Whittier College, then she would apologize to your family, and approach you and your son about joining together in a legal action against Whittier College. Whittier College did sacrifice Nicola Jagessar's, one of its student's, best interests to the school's fear of bad P R, over another cheating scandal entailing violence. That's her only defense against possible criminal charges. Doing anything else just makes her guilty as hell. Nicola Jagessar has everything to gain by apologizing and being part of holding Whittier College to account, and everything left to lose by letting the College continue to manipulate her, to her still further detriment.

whittiergate 2: Seeing Nicola Jagessar spiral down and out of Whittier was a sad sight.

To whittiergate:

"I remember Nicola Jagessar and her disastrous run at Whittier College. She definitely had issues and her grades were terrible."

whittiergate 2: And then she went from bad in Whittier to worse in New Orleans. What can anyone say when she's sleeping, when she had other, secure, housing, in an old van parked in a devastated New Orleans ward with a parade of transients, claiming she's 'molested' by them, night after night?

whittiergate 1: It's the same story one would expect from a so-called exotic dancer: abuse produces a twisted, predatory and self-destructive, second nature.

Google search term: "nicola jagessar topless"

whittiergate 2: But Nicola Jagessar can't dance. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: It would appear she doesn't understand dance, the distinction between self-expression and communication, but then that's a generalized problem for her.

whittiergate 2: She has like one move. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: She's never learned how to respect, to honestly communicate with, another human being.
The leading authority on domestic violence in Trinidad says Nicola Jagessar needs protracted therapy in an institutional setting. You know, I find Sharon Herzberger's and Whittier College Counseling failures to diagnose and treat Nicola Jagessar as just incredible, just awful, completely incompetent and uncaring. And my family members' lives aren't worth as much as some money to Whittier College, nor are anyone else's.
whittiergate 1: What do you plan to do from this point in relation to those individuals named in your appeal, and Whittier College?

Bart Brown: I've written to Sharon Herzberger, and the Trustees of Whittier College are aware of that letter, requesting that she address what was done to my family, by Whittier student Nicola Jagessar and Whittier College. If we receive a sincere response, then we'll see about that. If Whittier College continues to stonewall, then we'll have to take steps to have the College compelled to make set things right.

whittiergate 1: Do you have a timeline for legal action?

Bart Brown: At this point, Whittier College still has time to respond to our request. Soon, however, given continuing dumbness on the College's part, we'll have to assume the College must be compelled, and act accordingly. Logistics issues related to witnesses and so on may compel us to make a decision soon.

whittiergate 2: Imagine: Subpoena power...! The revelations would tumble out, one after the other. That'd be more fun than reading the Nixon Library and Museum White House tapes releases under NARA direction. (Laughter)

whittiergate 1: It would be perfect for Whittier College, through trying to keep things quiet, instead creating a kind of ultimate P R nightmare.

whittiergate 2: It looks as though Sharon Herzberger wants to outdo Jim Ash, who killed Nevada's only private liberal arts college, Sierra Nevada College, which was a really interesting place. Whittier College could go out of business. That's definitely possible, unless the administration and/or trustees change its course. According to Whittier College lawyers, the ABA extending Whittier Law School's probation, which the ABA did, would "ruin" the school. We'll see if a Whittier College attorney actually told the truth about something, that would be refreshing.

Bart Brown: Well, for the moment, that's up to Whittier College, but not for much longer.

whittiergate 1: Is there anything you'd like to say about or to Nicola Jagessar here?

Bart Brown: I've nothing to add to what's already been said here. If people want to understand Nicola Jagessar, whittiergate's put the Opening Brief from Nicola Jagessar v. Bart Brown online, check it out. The 'Preface to Statement of Facts' section of that Opening Brief provides a quick sketch of the origin and formative experiences of Nicola Jagessar. She's just acting all that out, in a downward spiral, as the many other documents filed in that case confirm so clearly. (See link to Nicola Jagessar v. Bart Brown Opening Brief on this site's 'California Court of Appeal Reversal Exposes Whittier College Misconduct and Crimes to Chill Protected Speech' page)

whittiergate 2: It's interesting how, once you get that she was abused when she was younger, everything Nicola Jagessar does is practically predictable. She's obviously drawn to corrupt places, like a fly's drawn to dead meat. (Laughter) She goes from Trinidad, which is about as corrupt a place as there is on Earth, to Whittier (More Laughter), then to New Orleans... (Still More Laughter) And in each place, her self-destructive behaviors intensify, and that just can't go on forever, that's why it's called a downward spiral. The photographic record of Nicola Jagessar from Trinidad to Whittier to New Orleans is all downhill. She's like Dorian Gray without his Portrait.

The truth is that you, and, are the best friends Nicola Jagessar has had in this country; you have and this site has told the truth to and about Nicola Jagessar. Her family, her so-called friends, her schools, have all lied to and about her, have all used her for their own purposes. It's difficult to feel any sympathy for her - because she can't distinguish a person from a thing - but the simple truth is where every good thing begins, and so, sad as it may be, we are indeed Nicola Jagessar's best friends.

whittiergate 1: And, again the truth, Whittier College's best friends. When Whittier College understands that, then we can retire here. Until then...

whittiergate 2: ...back to work. (Laughter) We've really just started...

Bart Brown: Let me just say I'm grateful for If not for this site, who'd have known?

To whittiergate:

"I marvel that I knew nothing regarding [Jagessar v. Brown] until I read it at your site as I felt I was fairly well connected with the "pulse of the campus"."

"I had always assumed that I "knew" everything that happened at Whittier College... I knew absolutely nothing of the [Jagessar v. Brown] issue until I came across your site."

Bart Brown: And, no one knowing, we wouldn't be able to make our cases. Now, censorship failing, the truth coming out, we'll see whether Whittier College is going to set things right and move into the future the better for that, or whether Whittier College is going to be ordered to set things right and moves into the future the better for that, if it still can.

whittiergate 1: Well, when individuals associated with Whittier College are being prosecuted for crimes, and sanctions are being imposed, when a P R disaster puts the College on the ropes, when the costs of making amends to victims who've been turned from amenable to ice cold are tallied together with the loses attributable to the P R disaster, then the administration and Trustees of Whittier College won't have anyone to project responsibility for that debacle onto but themselves.

whittiergate 2: Elementary school kids make better decisions everyday.

whittiergate 1: We'll see whether whittiergate has to put up a page covering Whittier College lawsuits, in addition to the Whittier (Law School) v. ABA page.

whittiergate 2: Hey, how much did it cost Whittier College to lose to the ABA? Whittier College student families are supposed to pay for these losers daring to ask a federal district court to order the American Bar Association to keep Whittier Law School's continued probation status hidden from prospective students? It's damned difficult to shame the Whittier College student body, and the administration and trustees, impossible. (Laughter)

Bart Brown: It's mostly hard to believe, even if you believe it, but that's Whittier College. Where's a Whittier administrator with integrity? Where's a Whittier College trustee with integrity? Censorship at a liberal arts college? Trying to deny mistakes, covering them up? Treating victims of its criminal negligence, its misconduct and crimes, as acceptable collateral damage for corrupt as you say business as usual? Shielding bullies who terrorize faculty, Society depledges, and the random unlucky student? Campus Safety officers using assault under color of authority to intimidate people?

Whittier College is the frontline in the attack on academic integrity, and there's not a more important issue in this society. The simple truth is that Whittier College faculty know students are engaging in academic misconduct, lying and cheating, as does the administration, and they've evidently agreed to generally accept cheating, and if necessary to keep up the pretense of integrity, to themselves engage in misconduct and even crimes.

To whittiergate:

"I completely copied a paper from the internet and [recited it] out loud in class... the prof said he noticed and that someone would be in big trouble. I was sort of scared but nothing happened..."

whittiergate 1: And Whittier dares to claim it's graduating leaders?

Bart Brown: This is all in consequence of the Barnstone and Heldman scandal, of the Whittier College administration backing students terrorizing professors upholding academic integrity, instead of the other way around. So now Whittier faculty have been enveloped in that web of corruption that entangles everyone at Whittier College sooner or later. Anyone who hires or does business with a Whittier College graduate, well, good luck.

whittiergate 1: whittiergate's 'Hall of Shame' page should never have had to be put up, but then whittiergate should've never have been necessary. Shame on Whittier College.

Ah, our time's up, for now. Let's call this Part One of our Conversation. Thank you for sitting and talking with us.

Bart Brown: Da nada. It was almost fun. (Laughter)

whittiergate 2: This is as close as we get to fun around here. (Laughter) This Conversation is copyrighted and for entertainment purposes only. (More Laughter)

Bart Brown: Keep up the good work, and take care.

whittiergate 2: We're motivated: We just can't stand bullies.

whittiergate 1: We really, really can't stand bullies.

Bart Brown: I knew there was something I like about you.