New Timm Browne Campus Safety Regime Spinning Out Of Control...

Whittier College's Campus Safety department is rapidly spiraling out of control. New Chief, or as he prefers, Director, Timm Browne is, on one hand, displaying complete incompetence in directing the department's protection and service functions, and, on the other hand, setting a new low standard for cronyism and corruption. Browne has already proven to be at once a public relations and an on-campus relations catastrophe. Every idea, and con men are nothing if not idea men, that Browne has announced publicly has proven to be really bad.

After insulting the community's intelligence with exaggerations and outright fabrications regarding his personal history, Browne's negligence in failing to notice the College community of a Whittier P D SWAT siege training session less than a stone's throw from campus caused a commotion. Then his dramatically instituted draconian Whittier College events alcohol policy resulted in angry neighbors and virtually the entire Whittier P D occupying campus. Earlier Browne had conned the ASWC out of thousands of dollars and more to come - those are student funds - to purchase and maintain electric carts to be operated exclusively by Campus Safety personnel. That was followed by Browne engineering the replacement of practical department vehicles with impractical electric mini-vehicles, again purchased and maintained for the exclusive use of his department (a department with a history of kickbacks related to vehicles). Browne has also gradually hired unqualified cronies, in one case creating an altogether new department position.

These concerns are only those being publicly discussed, showing us where Browne's regime is headed - the same place he led the other two departments he directed, the Rialto P D and the Palos Verdes Estates P D - to public relations disasters from which it took those departments and the larger entities of which they're parts years to recover.

Browne's unnecessary and habitual, and ultimately self-destructive, dishonesty, hallmark of the con man, and psychopath, is addressed on whittiergate's Hall of Shame page, and his negligence regarding the Whittier P D SWAT exercise and conning the ASWC is described on this site's New Campus Cop Scandals Revealed page, along with encapsulations of his earlier Rialto and PVE flame outs. In view of so many well-founded concerns regarding Browne, the College needs to make all department transactions completely transparent, and Quaker Campus needs to for once do its job, that should be first and last investigative journalism and advocating student best interests. These needs are nothing less than imperative when the idea man Timm Browne has over the course of an entire academic year done not even just one thing to the benefit of students or school, while showing himself to be a con man and a tyrant.

Browne Makes Fools of Dean Ortiz and President Herzberger

Clearly, Browne's justifications for the new e-vehicles are every bit as weak as were his justifications for the electric carts. In addition to the purchase and maintenance kickbacks issue, Browne's suggestion that the e-vehicles don't leave a carbon footprint and cost nothing to operate is ridiculous. Browne's partner in crime, Jose Padilla, claims, "It saves a lot of money because we don't need fuel for these cars." Con men must depend upon magical 'thinking' by their victims. The fuel for electric vehicles isn't free and, usually generated by coal-fired plants, leaves a significant carbon footprint. What Browne's really doing, in addition to creating kickback options, is freeing up the Campus Safety budget's vehicle fuel item for other uses by transferring the vehicles' fuel, electricity, cost to the College's general budget, increasing its electricity bill item.

President Herzberger recently said in so many words that Whittier students (recruited by her staff) aren't bright enough to understand the College's budget, so if she's right, then there doesn't appear to be anyone on campus, except con men, who do. It's not an accident that the Quaker Friends, who founded Whittier College but later on principle shifted their support to Azusa Pacific, have seen the latter school become a university while Whittier has floundered, or that Whittier College peers, like Occidental College, have endowments dwarfing Whittier's. It should be noted that Sharon Herzberger ensured students couldn't understand the College's budget by refusing to let them see the entire budget, by refusing to make the College's budget transparent, which refusal raises the question of fiscal slights of hand by high-level administrators and even trustees as well as by Browne. Certainly those responsible for hiring and monitoring Timm Browne, Dean Jeanne Ortiz and President Sharon Herzberger, are, together with Whittier College's Trustees, liable for every single consequence of Browne's actions.

Browne's Whittier College events alcohol policy has left most students and campus safety department equivalents at other Los Angeles Basin colleges and universities incredulous. This policy, instituted at the Club T's Me November 2011 dance held at the Radisson Hotel, calls for Campus Safety personnel to make a preliminary determination of the sobriety or intoxication of a student while frisking him or her at the event entrance. If the Campus Safety employee says so, the frisked student must take a breathalyzer test. If the test result is over .08, the student is confined in a "detox room" until such time as a Campus Safety employee decides the detained student is sober, at which point in time the student is released - and automatically fined $100.00. The policy also states that students exiting an event are subject to the same treatment, and students over 21 years of age are subject to this policy along with students under 21 years of age.

Turning Whittier College Into a Pariah

whittiergate surveyed public safety departments of other colleges and universities across the L. A. Basin and not only doesn't even just one other school have any equivalent policy, but every campus public safety department spokesperson contacted expressed incredulity when Timm Browne's event alcohol policy was described. Peer campus safety equivalent spokespersons agreed with Whittier sophomore Haley Kleine, quoted by Quaker Campus' Kaitlyn Baldwin, observing, "This just seems unnecessary." But breathalyzer kits were purchased, another kickback option was created, someone has to be paid to train Campus Safety employees to carry out this procedure; it makes sense from a con man's point of view, and from the point of view of individuals who have no concept of the rule of law or our rights thereunder, nor of how to relate to and guide students. This outrageous policy was bound to fail, and in a big way, and it did...

The recently reinstated disgraced and suspended Lancer Society's much ballyhooed comeback event, Mona Kai 2012, staged on April 7th, was one of the worst disasters in Whittier College event history. While Timm Browne has been silent about this fiasco, and Societies Czar Dean Andre Coleman has vainly sought to excuse the Lancers, whom he wrongly supported being reinstated, from responsibility, these two parties are clearly to blame for an angry neighbors-driven Whittier P D invasion and occupation of campus to shutdown Mona Kai 2012 and disperse students.

Mona Kai is an event with a storied history, one of the foundations of Whittier's now tattered reputation for cool California partying. Once upon a time, 60 tons of sand and tropical decorations and plants transformed a parking structure into a Hawaiian beach scene, everything about the event was fresh and meaningful and fun. This year's incarnation of Mona Kai was none of those things. Sand covered a parking lot on campus, the music provided by D J Brass Knuckles and rapper Na Palm was inappropriate to a beach party and unnecessarily loudly drew attention to its lack of any class or merit. No college student parent would like the music presented and the tens of campus neighbor complaints are completely understandable:

"It was loud, and for no reason."

"...people walking on my yard and really loud, terrible music."

Quaker Campus' Katie Jenkins-Moss quoted LEAP Director Shauna Young stating, "Noise, trash, urination and broken bottles on neighbors' lawns resulted in formal written complaints to the City Council and the College..."

Quaker Campus published a Mona Kai 2012 post-mortem Opinion by Sean Bahar:

"...the world renowned electric dance artist Na Palm? I've never heard of him."

"Mona Kai fell short of the expectations I had, and I am sure I am not the only one who felt this way."

"A student struggled...while his wrists were being cuffed."

"...for $12,000, the event was not very impressive to me."

The Lancers persuaded ASWC and Media Council to fund Mona Kai 2012, but failed to keep up their part of the funding agreements, upsetting student organizations as well as neighbors. Q C's Celine Adame quoted Media Council Chair Matthew Grant Anson as saying, " retrospect we will probably be more prudent in the future with allocating these funds." Monster Energy only had to hand out drinks with leis to the first 200 partiers for co-sponsor status, suggesting the Lancers can also improve when negotiating sponsorships, although perhaps with a reputation like that of the Lancer Society signing on any sponsor at all may be deemed an accomplishment, and that will only now be still more difficult in years to come.

Virtually the entire Whittier P D showed up, with dogs, referred to by one Q C reporter as "drug dogs", and no one has denied the widespread alcohol and drug use at this event by students and their guests. Why did the Whittier P D respond with its small town version of overwhelming force? Because the Lancers set the tone and provided music that was inappropriate and far too loud, and because Campus Safety didn't act to lower the volume to a reasonable level and because Timm Browne's events alcohol policy can only turn out in practice to be an intolerable violation of rights or a bluff that once seen through only further discredits Browne particularly and Campus Safety generally.

Campus Safety Cronyism

Timm Browne's ideas are really bad ideas because they originate, not in a desire to protect and serve, but rather in a desire to milk every situation for all he can get, and to corrupt the department he leads (astray) for that purpose. Part of this process is getting rid of those who might oppose his dishonesty and mismanagement, and part of this process is getting his partners in crime embedded in the department.

Felix Osuna

When Browne replaced the forced out former Assistant Chief John Lewis with Felix Osuna, a retiree from the Santa Ana P D receiving a pension of $119,173.56 per year, which is outrageous but a couple thousand less than equivalent SAPD retirees who are White receive, we had to pause. Hiring Osuna appeared to make some sense given that Latinos are evidently in the process of becoming the largest minority on the Whittier campus (if Latinos aren't that already - this is the first year in memory that the College hasn't provided student body ethnicity/race stats to Quaker Campus). It is, though, somewhat disconcerting that Osuna's focus for the majority of his SAPD career was that department's SWAT team. down to see photo of Lt. Felix Osuna) Orange County Register's Online O C Watchdog

Even though Osuna's pension breaks down to about $10,000 per month, he still has business interests, for example, LEMHS Corp. LEMHS is a curious startup that offers prospective clients help in dealing with the mentally ill. When one scans the bios of LEMHS principals one sees a psychiatrist, then a judge with extensive experience with the mentally ill, ok, but then there's Felix Osuna, former SWAT commander.
WTF? If a shrink and/or legal expertise aren't getting the results a client wants, then a SWAT team's called in? The more important questions for us, though, are how much money is enough for Felix Osuna, and what will or won't he do to get more? Osuna's willingness to associate himself with Timm Browne is not an encouraging beginning to the answers to these questions.

Law Enforcement Mental Health Link:

At least Osuna has a master's degree in psychology, and has shown an interest in being supportive of young people trying to bootstrap themselves from barrios to the mainstream. whittiergate will continue to look into Felix Osuna's record, but there are more pressing Campus Safety personnel issues, beginning with Timm Browne crony Jose Padilla, for whom Browne created the new Campus Safety postion of Deputy Director.

To whittiergate: "You were right to wonder why Felix Osuna was brought into Campus Safety. Timm Browne had to bring in someone with enough credibility to negotiate the new Memorandum Of Understanding with the City of Whittier that enables Browne to expand his operations to a one-mile radius around campus and confers the power to make arrests. Previously, Campus Safety couldn't arrest anyone, just detain them, and any arrest was the Whittier P D's call.

"Now we have Jose Padilla, with exactly no experience as a law enforcement officer, running DUI checkpoints and making arrests?! The Whittier P D now just transports the arrestees to jail without question. Fines, vehicle towing charges, money, money, money, all squeezed out of student turnips, and there's a criminal offense on the arrestee's record. This is the kind of thing Felix Osuna was brought in to make possible. And we almost bought that Osuna wanted to help young Latinos trying to bootstrap themselves to success. Thanks a lot, Felix Osuna. You haven't just sold us out, you've destroyed the best part of your own reputation."

Jose Padilla

To whittiergate
: "Jose J. Padilla has NEVER been a police officer." "The closest...he came was when he was a front desk cadet at the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department when he was 18."

"Padilla...worked for Burns Security", from which he was fired. "Then Padilla worked for a company called Special Operations" doing "Loss Prevention for Vons... That's where [Padilla] met Timm Browne."

"...Browne and Padilla worked together for a period of about three years (Browne at Vons and Padilla with Special Operations working for Vons)."

"Padilla was fired from Special Operations in November of 2009. Padilla currently has a company doing Loss Prevention for Krogers in the Food 4 Less Division. The company is called Paladin International Investigative Group and...Timm Browne is heavily involved in this" company, too.

Jose Padilla "...does not have a college degree, has never served in the military, and has never worked a day in his life as a law enforcement officer."

"...Padilla is a thief who stole from his prior employers, and was [terminated] for it. Browne's just a con man trying to fleece the world."

"Timm Browne also got one of Padilla's friends named Jessica Aparicio hired on at Whittier" in the Campus Safety department.

Jose Padilla claims that he graduated from Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California, and that he's CEO/President of Paladin. Paladin boasts online about providing clients with "World Class Personnel", yet it's top executive might be a high school graduate at best. (Paladin lists no names on its web site, but Padilla makes his claims to have graduated from Leuzinger H. S. and of being Paladin's CEO/President on his Spokeo profile.)

So Timm Browne, a guy who was busted selling confiscated weapons while he was the Palos Verdes Estates P D Chief, got John Lewis, who informed people believe was 'disappearing' drugs and paraphernalia confiscated from students, out of the way, and brought in Jose Padilla, a guy we're reliably informed has been fired for stealing. Browne and Padilla, one may fairly say, have been and continue to be thick as thieves. Former Campus Safety Chief Bernard Alex and Assistant Chief John Lewis were small time crooks and Whittier College is better off without them, but the administrators who replaced Alex and Lewis with Browne and Padilla, with much worse crooks - that would be Jeanne Ortiz and Sharon Herzberger - must be Dumb and Dumber.

Jessica Aparicio

As for Jessica Aparicio, well, even not so smart rats don't wait around to go down with the captain and his ship...and Timm Browne's Campus Safety regime is clearly on the way down...

To whittiergate: "FYI, Jessica Aparicio's evident role in Timm Browne's master scheme is to cook the Campus Safety books. Your advice to Aparicio to leave, now, is certainly good advice, and, given the shortness of Browne's other chief gigs, all Browne's Campus Safety hires would do well to take that advice themselves.

"You've also done well to link the Campus Safety budget transparency issue to the larger Whittier College budget transparency issue. It's very difficult indeed for President Herzberger to insist on departmental budget transparency when she's refusing calls for general campus budget transparency. One can only think both Herzberger and Browne have things to hide.

"Keep digging!"

Once a racist...

To whittiergate
: "What Timm Browne's doing to Whittier College wouldn't have been tolerated back at the idea stage when this was a majority White campus. These new working class Latino students are used to being discriminated against and mistreated by cops. They've been duped into coming to Whittier and paying retail. And now the new Campus Safety department's unleashed on them to rub it in.

"The Whittier P. D.'s bread & butter is keeping the majority-Latino Whittier population down for the all-White Whittier City Council. There seems to be a meeting of racist minds involving the Whittier College administration, Timm Browne, and the City of Whittier and the Whittier P. D.

"The recent Whittier P. D. "invasion and occupation" of campus would never have happened nowadays if this was still a majority White college. The once tolerant atmosphere of this campus is disappearing under a Browne cloud. Too bad the new Latino students never got to enjoy the small liberal arts college atmosphere they were told they'd find here."

To whittiergate
: "Pretty soon all the Black Campus Safety officers will be history. Timm Browne might bring in a new African-American to cover himself, someone grateful to him personally, but watch the purge play out. Blacks don't matter to Whittier College, excepting the Athletic Department. The money's in pretending to be a Hispanic-Serving Institution, so the racist Browne's being allowed to exercise a free hand, or is that fist? This is blatant and deeply disappointing, and I hope the Black officers make Browne and Whittier pay big time."


Kenneth Nelson, a respected sergeant in the Campus Safety Department, has been fired in retaliation for filing a complaint. Officer Anthony Stubbs, and even Captain Rory Cochran, good luck. Nelson, Stubbs, and Cochran are all African-American. Nelson should learn from the character and intelligence of former Whittier Law School Registrar and African-American Wayne Van Ellis, who filed an EEOC complaint alleging discrimination and retaliation and walked away with a Lot of Money (rightly) at Whittier's expense. Van Ellis is now registrar at a bigger and better school. Hang in there, Kenneth Nelson, stand up for yourself and others, and you'll be singing "the future's so bright I gotta wear shades..."

(Nelson and any other good officers wrongfully terminated by Timm Browne note that Campus Safety has a history of using recommendations to reward or punish former employees, usually the latter. So make sure that your settlements with Whittier College include prohibiting Campus Safety / Whittier College from sabotaging your career(s) through fabrication of bad recommendations.)


Officer Anthony Stubbs has been retaliated against for his willingness to testify truthfully about how Sergeant Kenneth Nelson was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated by Timm Browne and so Campus Safety and Whittier College; Officer Stubbs is now on stress leave. And Captain Rory Cochran has been put on medical leave. Timm Browne's ethnic cleansing of the Campus Safety department continues unabated. Where's Sharon Herzberger? Where are the Whittier College Trustees? Shame on Whittier College!

A question of all African-Americans associated with Whittier College: Where are you?! Your silence is allowing Timm Browne and so Whittier College to get away with this appalling blatant racism and ethnic cleansing. Don't dare cry when you are discriminated against or get the boot - and your turn will come... unless Timm Browne is booted from Whittier College first...

To whittiergate: "Latinos at Whittier have already played the fool, we're here! Whittier isn't in love with Latinos. We're treated no better here than we have been in the barrios most of us are coming from, and it's getting worse and worse here, not better. Whittier recruited us because this school gets extra money from the Hispanic-Serving Institutions program for our being here. That's what's so special about us.

"Cuts are coming in federal as well as other governmental spending. The H-S I program will be capped, just like the programs for Native American and Black colleges have been, and then cut. You don't need to be a political scientist to see that coming. And then we'll see just what's happening to Blacks on this campus now happen to us.

"Don't wait and see what happens, then it will be too late. Help stop what's being done to Blacks on this campus, now - because if these racists aren't stopped, our turn will come. This is Whittier, the place where not so long ago not just Blacks but also Latinos couldn't rent housing or eat in a restaurant, and where Latinos are a majority but are still under a completely White city council.

"Why are any other minorities going to help us when our turn comes, if we don't help them now?"

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin


The question is how many members of this community are going down with Browne? If the answer to this question includes those responsible for hiring Timm Browne, that might make having suffered through the worst Campus Safety regime in the history of Whittier College worthwhile.

To whittiergate: "did anyone else notice that whittier claims in its catalog that campus safety has a "...fulltime staff of 14...complemented by a student work force of well as 4 reserve officers"? even counting the new hires brought in by timm browne there aren't 14 full-time staff, and there most certainly aren't any 24 students working with campus safety. who knows about reserve officers? either whittier college administrators can't add or they're engaging in false advertising. but the way campus safety's going the fewer officers there are the safer we are."

To whittiergate: "It looks like the administrators who hired Timm Browne didn't even Google the guy. The quality of a school's administrators says a lot about the quality, and value, of the education offered. You have to wonder how many more times these incompetent administrators are going to be allowed to embarrass this school and still keep their jobs, and how many students at least smart enough to Google Whittier College will want to enroll here anymore?"

How Breathalyzer Testing Works / How To Lower Your Breathalyzer Test Result / How To Contest Breathalyzer Test Results

To whittiergate: "The German war memorabilia Timm Browne displayed in his Rialto P D office must have been Nazi memorabilia. Browne's breathalyzer testing won't last, but in the meantime the following links may be helpful to students attending events:




To whittiergate: "...this isn't about DUI, there's no implied consent law for walking. If I'm told I have to take a breathalyzer test by anyone from Campus Safety when I'm walking into a dance or whatever, I'm going to tell them to f*ck off in an obscure language and refuse. What are they going to do? Impound my shoes?."

To whittiergate: "What's most distressing about the breathalyzer testing is that this liberal arts college administration sees this highhanded invasion of privacy as consistent with this school's mission, and thinks it'll work. This is the last straw for me. This will be my last term at Whittier College."

More on Whittier College and Alcohol

'Binge Drinking Escalates On Campus' by Q C's Chris Frisby documents what we've all been learning: the more Timm Browne invades student privacy, the more Campus Safety assaults students' rights, the more bad science Browne promotes, the worse the problems he says he's trying to resolve become. Nearly twice as many Whittier College students were transported to hospital for alcohol poisoning before the end of Fall Term 2012 than during the entire 2011-2012 academic year.

Even Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz, who seems to see her job as minimizing if not denying campus problems, admits that "hospital transports have increased." Many high schools manage to present effective alcohol education programs, but that seems beyond Ortiz's competency. Whittier College alcohol education is so bad students walk out on mandatory sessions.

And now - it seems some Whittier not quite rocket scientists have noticed that sexual assaults sometimes involve inebriated perpetrators and/or victims - Timm Browne and Assistant Dean of Students Andre Coleman are promoting the notion that alcohol causes sexual assaults. Only at Whittier can completely unqualified administrators go unchallenged promoting bad science. (As usual, not a peep from Whittier's pathetic professors.) Meanwhile, Whittier College continues to rank well above the national average in both alcohol abuse and sexual assaults, and quack science certainly isn't going to help solve any problem - but then its real purpose isn't to help but is rather to justify Timm Browne's control freak agenda.

Sexual Crimes

The single bright aspect of Timm Browne's Campus Safety regime is also a damning indictment of John Lewis' former shadow regime: Campus Safety accepted four rape reports last year, the first under Browne.
One of the most outrageous aspects of the Bernard Alex - John Lewis Campus Safety regime was their discouragement of rape victims from pursuing justice for themselves and the safety of other would be victims of the rapists. Lewis and Alex effectively silenced victims and protected rapists. This was supposed to be in Whittier College's best interest. If that's how Whittier College sees itself, then everyone needs to know that... That four rapes were reported by Campus Safety last year doesn't just mean Whittier College is above average in this regard, this puts Whittier College in the far above average range, which is completely unacceptable.

whittiergate wants to know how many of those rapists were Whittier College societies members, and how many rapes were committed that might have been prevented by removing those rapists from, not just this campus, but more from society - so there wouldn't have been more victims and the perpetrators might have gotten help learning how to control themselves. whittiergate has called as loudly as possible for an end to Campus Safety victimizing rape victims a second time by preventing them from asserting themselves and protecting others, after failing to prevent, and it needs to be made clear, encouraging, those crimes, and their repetition against other victims.

John Lewis, member and advisor of the Sachsen Society, banned from Whittier College for many years until Lewis persuaded Sharon Herzberger to restore the Sachsens to campus, failed to take any action against societies who coerced pledges into sexual acts, which felonies were widely known by societies members, presumably including John Lewis, and even by community members outside the societies. The sexual crimes committed during pledging got so out of hand, under the glare of whittiergate spotlighting, that the Dean of Students office had to suspend two societies, the Lancers and Mets (Metaphonians), but still no perpetrators were arrested let alone prosecuted, nor were those pledging-related sexual assaults reported by Campus Safety as required by law.

While we'd like to give Timm Browne credit for something, anything, even helping rape victims is twisted by Browne to suit his own agenda: sexual assault is used by Browne to create still more fear in this college community, and then alcohol is tied in to help justify his frisking and room search and breathalyzer and detainment, and DUI, assault on students' and everyone's rights and this school's private liberal arts milieu. Alcohol was present in the four reported rapes last year, and so was breathing air and perspiring. Alcohol does not cause nor does drinking necessarily lead to rape. Rapists have a sexual imprint they need to learn to control. Alcohol and any number of other factors may contribute to but do not cause rape.

We note that whittiergate has also consistently spoken out against not only binge drinking but has more asked why anyone needs to drink alcohol at all, while Whittier College President Herzberger was signing on to the Amethyst Initiative, which effectively encourages under age drinking.


Previous Whittier College Campus Safety regimes have largely turned a blind eye to marijuana use by students. whittiergate has repeatedly called for an honest drug policy from the Whittier College administration. In unguarded moments, Sachsens can be heard talking about marijuana confiscated by former Campus Safety Assistant Chief and Sachsen Society advisor John Lewis later showing up in his legendary bong. One of Arnold Schwartzenegger's last acts as Governor of California was to reduce possession of less than an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a (mere) citation. Many states, including California, have medical marijuana laws on their books, and now states are beginning to simply legalize marijuana use by adults. Yet Timm Browne seems to take Reefer Madness as a serious film, not the low camp, but consequential, zaniness it has always been.

The following incidents of over zealous policing are becoming common at Whittier College:

A search of a female student's purse at the Campus Center, itself requiring justification not given, turns up a small amount of marijuana. This student's dorm room is then searched (not even real police departments do this), but only marijuana residue is found.

While receiving a vehicular citation in a campus parking lot, a small amount of marijuana and Swishers are "found", which leads to another female student's room being searched.

A Campus Safety officer sees a "flickering lighter" in a student's car in the Haverhill Parking Lot, makes students exit and then searches the car, finds paraphernalia, then causes an Area Coordinator to conduct a search of the students' rooms.

The smell of burning marijuana leads to a dorm room search, which turns up an "excessive amount" of marijuana. This male student is handcuffed and taken to the Whittier P D. - after being told to report to the Campus Safety office after his release. If it's known that this student will be released by the Whittier P D, then the amount is for personal use, not for sale, isn't "excessive", is it?

A Quaker Campus Crime Log entry for November 7, 2012, expresses the student view of Timm Browne's overzealous anti-marijuana campaign, stating that "A narc called Campus Safety to report the smell of marijuana..." instead of previously used identifiers such as A student or An R A called Campus Safety to report.

These and many more student victims of Timm Browne's reign of terror now have these incidents on their transcripts and some now have police records. WTF?! We're talking about a victimless 'crime'. Thousands of students die every year because they drink alcohol, yet President Herzberger signs the Amethyst Initiative seeking to lower the legal drinking age back to 18 (against good science) anyway. Not one student has died from smoking marijuana, but Herzberger still authorizes Campus Safety to completely disregard student rights in pursuit of this relatively harmless substance. We're talking about simple citations; you know, like a parking ticket, but a citation that can still be damaging on one's record. Timm Browne's approach to marijuana is the same as his approach to alcohol - he's using it to increase fear and his control. Meanwhile, real criminals are overrunning our campus, and some of the real criminals appear to be associated with and even within Campus Safety...

Inside Job or Inside Job ? !

"This has greatly impacted my image and view of Whittier College. I now have trust issues not only with the school but also the security at Whittier College" says a Chapman University football player quoted by Quaker Campus' Katie Jenkins-Moses.

The theft of personal belongings worth thousands of dollars from visiting Chapman football players' travel bags in a Graham Athletic Center locker room (during the first half of the Whittier College v Chapman University (Sept. 29) 2012 football game) looks like an inside job, and Whittier's Campus Safety chief Timm Browne's comments only further fuel this suspicion...

According to Whittier P D Lieutenant Bryan Ellis, the victims "left their items...someplace that was supposed to be secure" and "I certainly can't blame this on the victims in this, this is not their fault."
Yet according to Campus Safety chief Timm Browne, "Nobody dropped the ball. Somebody had intent to do what they did."

The criminals who committed this crime appeared to know that valuables would be accessible once inside the locker room, the Campus Safety patrol schedule, and what would be necessary to breach the room's locked door. This crime, this felony (forced entry and theft of approximately $3,000 worth of laptops, phones, and wallets with contents), was not a crime of opportunity, rather it appears this felony was enabled by insider knowledge. And the other implications of Browne's statement are also really astonishing...

A felony was committed on campus, and Campus Safety at best failed to prevent this crime, and at worst needs to be investigated in regard to its commission, yet Timm Browne says in so many words that his department cannot prevent, nor solve since, surprise, this crime, among most others, remains unsolved, any crimes committed intentionally. If that's correct, then why is Whittier College funding a Campus Safety department at all? Isn't crime prevention the most important function of any campus safety department, its raison d'etre? So who isn't finally getting that having Timm Browne and his cronies on this campus is resulting in increased crime here? Not only do we see, since Timm Browne's arrival, these embarrassing thefts of visitors' property, but also students and staff on campus likewise being increasingly victimized - by assaults as well as thefts by criminals who never seem to be apprehended.

Sharon Herzberger and Jeanne Ortiz have been so incompetent as to invite the fox into the chicken coop, and that the Whittier College Trustees are sitting on their hands while this College's reputation is progressively destroyed by a con man and his band of thieves, suggests Whittier College's incompetent, corrupt and corrupting leadership needs to be swept out pretty much across the board, and, it needs to be explicitly stated for a school that replaced a bad safety chief with a worse safety chief, replaced by competent, ethical and law-abiding professionals.

The Whittier College Athletic Department, since it needs other schools' teams to continue to visit Whittier College, has reportedly agreed to compensate the Chapman football team victims for their losses at Whittier, but it is clearly the Campus Safety budget from which compensation should be deducted - because Campus Safety, not the Athletic Department, should have prevented or failing that at least solved this crime.

Six weeks after this apparent inside job, Q C's Katie Jenkins-Moses reported that investigation of this crime "has been suspended" - because no leads have been generated. The only justice in this case so far is that, despite the half-time chaos in the visitors locker room, Chapman beat Whittier 49 to 35.

Two weeks before the locker room theft, an unprecedented brawl erupted in the Stadium that required a joint Campus Safety - Whittier P D response to quell. Yet again, WTF?! Since Timm Browne was installed as Campus Safety chief, Whittier College can't seem to get through a semester without disturbances so serious they require joint Campus Safety - Whittier P D deployments for the restoration of order. What on earth has to happen before Whittier College stops and turns around this rush to ruin?

No one whittiergate has queried can recall either such an out of control Campus Safety regime, nor such a wave of crime overwhelming campus. A number of observers suggest a link between the current Campus Safety regime and crime wave, and it is becoming increasingly clear that Timm Browne's focus on turning students into criminals and getting everything he can out of this school before he's expelled leaves little time for serving and protecting the Whittier College community from intruding criminals.

And it's not only property and students' clean records that are now endangered on the Whittier College campus...

Strong-Arm Robbery and Attempted Carjacking on Campus

In The Quaker Campus Crime Log one sees dangerous incident after dangerous incident reported, from uninvited homeless people found in dorm showers to unidentified men carrying iron bars and baseball bats (frightening Campus Safety officers as well as students and staff) to men carrying "camoflaged rifles"
(frightening everyone). A recent strong-arm robbery and attempted carjacking shows what the Whittier College community is facing on campus since Timm Browne's reign of terror began... It seems Browne's Campus Safety crew is too busy ripping Whittier College off and tagging students with police records to deter or apprehend real criminals, and it has become more and more difficult to distinguish the criminals from outside this college community overrunning campus from the criminals now in the Campus Safety department.

To whittiergate: "How bad is Timm Browne? Timm Browne's new Campus Safety crew is so bad they're making us nostalgic for the small time crooks of the Bernard Alex regime during which we at least felt safe on campus."

6' 2" dude and senior Whittier Lacrosse goalkeeper Robert Bazlen was the victim of a broad daylight strong-arm robbery and attempted carjacking on campus adjacent to the Shannon Center during which he suffered a lacerated lip, scrapes and bruises. Quaker Campus' Sean Bahar quoted Bazlen recalling that, after he was sucker punched and jumped, he managed to break free of his assailants, but that then one of them pulled out "a shank, and I was like fuck that. Then I booked..." (A shank or shiv is a homemade weapon usually associated with prison inmate violence.)

Fellow student Ben Binder commented, "Can you believe it? This happened with Campus Safety right fuckin' there..." (The Campus Safety office is literally adjacent to Shannon Center parking.)

A Whittier College employee who asked to remain anonymous noted that "It usually takes Campus Safety 15 minutes to respond, and that's at warp speed."

Robert Bazlen was smart enough to call the Whittier P. D. first.

Senior commuter and Iraq War vet Maria Basulto says, "I'm scared to park there now."

The two strong-arm robbery and attempted carjacking suspects were later observed entering a vehicle and driving up Olive Street, then disappearing into an alley near Broadoaks Childrens School, associated with Whittier College's Education school and for which Campus Safety is also responsible. Fortunately, no children were reported to be disturbed or harmed in relation to this incident.

Students Protesting Timm Browne's Campus Safety Regime

Not surprisingly, students are becoming more and more concerned about Timm Browne and his new Campus Safety hires. After tens of students descended together on Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz's office to complain about Campus Safety - stating that "harassment of students by Campus Safety is a systemic...issue that affects all students on campus" - Assistant Dean Andre Coleman suggested Timm Browne's "tremendous turnover" of Campus Safety personnel is, as Q C's Emily Baeza writes, "at fault for the uneasy student-officer relationship at the moment." Ah, that small liberal arts college milieu... Remember that?

The salient question regarding Campus Safety is how much more harm President Sharon Herzberger and the Whittier College Trustees are going to allow Timm Browne to do to students, who are already paying too much for declining degree values, and so how much more damage to what's left of this school's tattered reputation?