Inside the Sachsen Society

The Sachsen Society has recently lured more pledges than have the other Whittier College secret Societies. The Sachsen Advisor is Campus Safety Assistant Chief and Spokesperson John Lewis, himself a Whittier College grad and Sachsen Society member. It was Lewis who persuaded incoming Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger to reinstate the Sachsen Society on campus. The Sachsens had been banned from the College but continued to operate as an off campus organization. John Lewis, despite denials, has been involved continuously with the Sachsen Society since his undergraduate days.

Lewis was and is a protector of the Sachsen and other campus secret Societies, which are all promoted by Whittier College, despite the Societies known immoral, unethical, and criminal activities - because Societies members do more as students for and contribute more to the College than do non-Society-affiliated students and graduates, the overwhelming majority of students. Sachsens know that any crimes they commit will be covered up, which is attractive for the criminally inclined, and from their pledging process that includes pushing alcohol - and in dangerous quantities - on minors, sexual coercion, and other violations of criminal laws, in addition to anti-hazing law passed to protect students, onward, the Sachsens and other Societies members are plainly speaking criminals.

"The too small step from refusing to enforce the law to committing crimes oneself has already been taken at Whittier College." - Bart Brown

To whittiergate: "I think John Lewis smokes pot."

To whittiergate: "I've seen John Lewis drink (alcoholic beverages at society functions where minors were drinking alcoholic beverages)."

To whittiergate: "There was a rumor going around the Sachsen Society that John Lewis owns one of the most impressive bongs around Whittier."


To whittiergate: Regarding John Lewis' "impressive" bong - "...I never saw it...but with all the bongs i lost to campus safety it might have originally been mine!"

The fact is that John Lewis has not only known all about but has, more, been part of the Sachsen Society's immoral, unethical, and criminal activities, while he has been Campus Safety Assistant Chief as well as before that time. Lewis has not only refused to do his duty, to enforce the law, he has, more, participated in his Society's activities. You will find John Lewis' 'mug name' in Sachsen Society pledge books for years during which he has been sworn to uphold the law; Lewis has not only refused to enforce the law, he has been breaking the law. Only the most corrupted and corrupting college and community would tolerate John Lewis' conflicts of interest and criminality for a single day.

All Whittier College Societies are interrelated, each seeking to brainwash their pledges into seeing their Society as their new family, and these new families together as a clan. This is what the big brother and big sister, little brother and little sister, talk we hear are about, part of what the Societies call their lineage. Pledging is a brainwashing process through which young students are bonded to their Society and the other Societies, like Patty Hearst was reimprinted on the so-called Symbionese Liberation Army. A former Whittier College student, Nancy Ling Perry, did indeed become a SLA member and was shot to death by the LAPD.

Decision-making capacity is neutralized through toxic levels of alcohol consumption and physical, emotional, and mental stressors, and, key in these Societies' pledging processes, humiliation, resulting in the pledge giving up his or her sense of individual integrity, of right and wrong, learned through the protracted efforts of their real families. The Sachsens, however, stand apart by their consistent use of sex to bind students to that Society, although they have no monopoly on this clearly criminal coercion of teenagers, by design suffering diminished capacity and exhaustion, away from home for the first time and wanting to please, to be accepted.

This Is Not The Red Hot Chile Peppers' Flea Rehearsing.
This Is A Sachsen Society Pledge Shaving Pubic Hair Before Audience

There are increasingly vigorous anti-hazing laws being passed across this country - because every year students across this country die from collegiate hazing, and it's only a matter of time before a Whittier College student is killed by Society big brothers and big sisters. Physical injuries, like broken bones, as well as emotional and mental stress and humiliation, are suffered by pledges at the hands of Whittier College big brothers and big sisters. With John Lewis ensconced at Campus Safety, and the well-known liar Associate Dean Andre Coleman, the administration's overseer and promoter of these secret Societies, this could already have occurred and been kept quiet.

Coercing underage students to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol

The Sachsen Society has been associated with alcohol and too much of it from the Society's earliest years. The first Sachsens were returning World War II veterans; older than other undergraduates the vets were of legal drinking age - and the Sachsen sensibility has always been coarser than appropriate for kids who haven't been through killing fields, sex for chocolate bars, etcetera, etcetera. In more recent years, the Sachsens have also been associated with illegal drugs.

The current Sachsen Society President has a locally notorious MySpace profile as Whitney Cocaine. If one goes to the official Whittier College web site, one can find a link to the official Sachsen Society site, on the main page of which you'll see that the Sachsen's current President presents herself as Whitney Co.Cane. This doesn't seem to displease Campus Safety Assistant Chief John Lewis when he signs on to the Sachsen Society site with his 'mug name'. A lot of people are very interested in getting a straight answer out of John Lewis about where all the drugs confiscated from students by Campus Safety end up - after they're removed from the storage room in the Campus Safety office...? Talk about illegal...!

whittiergate has received reports of at least one female Whittier College Society coercing its pledges to perform fellatio on big brothers, and some pledges have clearly been traumatized by the humiliation they've suffered during pledging. The Sachsens, however, stand out as the Whittier College Society in which coerced sexual acts during pledging are a consistent feature of their pledging process year after year after year. Female as well as male students who've depledged have been harassed to the point that they've in some cases had to transfer to other schools. The reality of Whittier College's secret Societies is more like criminal gangs than any kind of decent society.

Another reason why Sachsen Society recruiting has eclipsed that of other Whittier College gangs is that the Sachsens are the only society with both male and female members, all the others restricting their membership to either males or females. The Sachsens have cultivated an image of sadistic pledging and orgies. The sadistic Sachsen Society pledging turns out to be much less severe in reality than that image suggests. No doubt those WWII vets who started the Sachsen Society were violent men, but Sachsen pledging has over the decades indeed become less physically painful than that of at least the other male Societies.

Interestingly, former Sachsen Society President Adam Steinbaugh, who was thrown out of Whittier College only to return along with the Sachsen Society through John Lewis' influence, exaggerated the sadism of Sachsen Society hazing so he could take undue credit, which he was quite willing to share with John Lewis, for curbing Sachsen sadism - and therefore masochism. Steinbaugh's careeer at Whittier College was largely constituted of his assumption of credit for things others did or solving non-existent problems.

The image of Sachsen orgies, however, is accurate. Pledges, again, exhausted teens with diminished capacity away from home for the first time wanting to please, are coerced into group sexual acts. All the years of love and moral instruction lavished on these kids by their real families is destroyed in a few days and nights of immoral, unethical, and criminal brainwashing - carried out by big brothers and big sisters, with their Advisor and Number 2 cop on campus involved, and all overseen by a Dean assigned to this role by President Sharon Herzberger. This isn't disgusting only to the Quaker Friends who founded this College and walked away from their Frankenstein Monster, it's disgusting to every decent agnostic and atheist as well as religious individual.

whittiergate previously published photos of intoxicated Sachsens disrobing while dancing around a mattress about to have an orgy. Those photos had already been published by Sachsens themselves on their open MySpace profiles. Adam Steinbaugh conferred with John Lewis and Steinbaugh went to those Sachsens and persuaded or coerced them to exercise their 'copyright' on those photos, even though they were already published for the general public, and whittiergate complied with requests for those photos to be taken offline.

Steinbaugh did the same thing regarding photos of other Societies' members, including those of two Lancer Society big brothers, Eric Lizer and Rickey McDonald, both pushing 30 years of age and openly preying on teens just out of high school. Lizer bragged about providing illegal drugs to kids as well as physically hazing them, and both Lizer and McDonald openly reveled in destroying the lives of kids not much more than half their ages. Whittier College even employed Lizer in the campus bookstore, facilitating his criminal activities. Only Prof. Chuck Hill (Advisor for the Penn Society, known for the 'corporal punishment' meted out to pledges by heavy paddles openly displayed on thePenns' walls) may be a creepier dirty old man. The only prof at Erotic City?!

Erotic City AKA Adam & Eve grew out of the Lancer Society, like the infamous Duke Lacrosse team, hiring strippers, objectifying, the basis for abusing, females. Sharon Herzberger is supposed to be an authority on abuse, but she must be trying to give the lie to that notion, completely failing to educate and protect Whittier College students, who've proven they don't know where their own best interests lie, at least not after a few drinks.

How dumb are Whittier College coeds? Well, they're dumber than strippers, who at least get paid for their T&A performances. And Whittier College's male students, who get excited about coeds being dumber than strippers, are just as pathetic. And when the inevitable abuses occur, who's responsible? Knowing one Society is knowing them all, all of them being part of the Whittier College Societies clan. Whittier College's female Societies and the Sachsens as well as the male Societies support Adam & Eve and the other Societies activities demeaning to females. After pledges are humiliated as part of their Society initiation brainwashing, they're clearly stipped any sense of decency and mutual respect they may have had when they arrived at Whittier College.

Abu Ghraib?
No, Sachsen Society Hazing


Now, students, including Sachsen Society members, are coming to understand what was done to them by these secret Societies and want to do what they can to make impressionable incoming Whittier College students aware of how damaging the Societies are in reality. The photos now on this page have been provided by Sachsens who learned better the hard way; whittiergate holds the 'copyright' to these and other photos, and we will publish them all if necessary to raise the awareness of and to protect young students from Whittier College's secret Societies that are so relentlessly recruiting and harming students, aided and abetted, and one may fairly, indeed anyone who honestly cares about students must, say orchestrated, by this Whittier College administration.

An orgy one might argue by some stretch of an impaired imagination be attractive to a desperate student in the middle of nowhere, but you're not going to marry and raise children with anyone who has been in one, nor is anyone else, nor does anyone want their children to be part of such sordid activities. No wonder STD rates at Whittier College are so high.

Even the slowest amongst us in most cases understand that indiscriminate sex is for losers; college students should know this full well and have developed enough character to keep themselves on a trajectory that takes them to the future they want for themselves, and their children. And if anyone believes the crap about how big brothers or big sisters at this little school are going to help with a career or in any other way, then that person is a moron, at best.

Eric Lizer was pushing 30 and working in a little college bookstore, and renting a corner of someone else's one-bedroom apartment living room because Whittier College Societies get you big career opportunities? That's all BS Whittier College puts out only because Society members contribute more to the College than non-Society grads. And if you're putting out sexually for some benefit, then you've made a whore of yourself or let someone else make a whore of you. Whittier College teaches you how to be not only a prostitute, but one so dumb you don't even get the promised benefits.

Some Societies big brothers and big sisters continue to defend their immoral, unethical, and criminal activities. You know, they've been harmed and misery loves company. Today's pledge being humiliated by corporal punishment or performing a sexual act in front of or on others imagines that he or she gets even by hurting and humiliating pledges in his or her turn. These are the students who could only get into Whittier College. For more intelligent, and all decent, students, things that are wrong, and harmful and dangerous, must be circumnavigated and ended.

If you weren't wise enough to decline to pledge, or if you weren't made wise enough by experience to depledge when you personally saw what the Societies are really about, or if you've never come to your senses, well, there are losers in this world. Andre Coleman spun an unexpectedly small pledge class by saying that the College's Societies want only the best of the best. When a notorious liar like Coleman, whose income depends on his successful marketing of Society product, says best of the best, he means students who can be manipulated into buying into the Society product he's selling hook, line, and sinker. Get smart, write-off Whittier College's Societies just like those Societies and the Whittier College administration write off your best interests - and maybe even your life...

Sachsen Society pledges passed out.
Someday one of them won't ever wake up.

Whittier College, by taking over these secret Societies, saving some of them from extinction, and orchestrating recruiting, putting the College's seal of approval on these Societies, including the pledging processes that entail illegal hazing and other criminal acts, and defending them, has put itself in the position of being ultimately responsible for these gangs. whittiergate predicts that all the money Whittier College gains by marketing Society product, and more, will be lost through successful legal actions against the College over the College's creature organizations', their Societies', predictable, inevitable, consequential criminal actions.

No matter any 'safeguards' allegedly put in place for P R reasons, a student will not only die, he or she will have been killed, and Whittier College will be to blame, and will be held legally and financially responsible along with the Society. (See whittiergate's 'Whittier College Societies Endanger Students' and 'You Might Be Surprised To See What Happens When You Stand Up For Your Rights' pages to see numerous successful lawsuits against 'Greek' organizations and colleges violating anti-hazing laws.) For those students who, despite all this, still insist on pledging, be true to yourself and your best interests, and if the Society doesn't like it, then they can reject you, which you'll come to see later was the best thing that could happen to you in that respect. You can, for example, refuse to drink alcohol, to let big brothers and big sisters endanger your life. Whittier students do end up in hospital for treatment of alcohol poisoning, and eventually a Whittier College student will die, if one or more haven't already. Refer the big brothers and big sisters, and their advisors, like John Lewis and Chuck Hill, to their Society's constitution, which specifically prohibits consumption of alcohol by minors, which also happens to be the law of the State of California, in other words by not only virtually all pledges, but also most full-fledged active Society members.

You can refuse to do anything illegal, anything that demeans, humiliates, or endangers you, and why would you do otherwise?! In fact, anti-hazing laws are very clear about pledges not being required or allowed to do anything full-fledged members don't do, period. Actives can't even have you fetch them a drink. That's the law, law passed to protect you from criminals like the Whittier College administration and its secret Societies.

If any depledge is harassed by the Society he or she left, he or she can come to whittiergate with this problem. We'll make it so hot for the creeps harassing you that they'll wish they had never been anything but really nice to you and will never bother you again.

Which Society will be turned inside out next?